Christina Milian Goes Blonde

Christina Milian

Christina Milian has a new blonde hairdo to go along with her new album title. The “Us Against the World” singer was seen rocking blonde locks and sunglasses (again) at the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Atlanta Hawks game at Philips Arena in Atlanta, Ga., on Sunday. She was joined courtside by her on- and off-the-record collaborator The-Dream.

It looks like the blonde hair is just one of the many changes Milian has in store for fans after announcing her deal with Dream’s Radio Killa Records.

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  1. Rushawn

    No offense but she does not look so good. She should go back. But I still love her.


  2. BP86

    She seems to be acting kind of funny recently….her last youtube video….she didnt seem happy at all, and then said that changes were going to be made. Maybe her hair is a reflection of that change, but I don’t like that color. It looks a mess. Hope her album is good.





  4. wameezy

    ehhhh idk who am i to judge but im def not feelin that blond hair especially on her i think shes been under a lot of pressure to produce a hit song since us against the world hasnt been doin good on the charts as expected so shes trying new looks. Shes beautiful either way but she shoulda kept her hair the way it was.


  5. Giselle

    i love Christina but that hair is a HELL NO!


  6. Randy C

    I think she’s a little too impatient and puts too much pressure on herself and that leads her to making bad decisions instead of following her heart and instincts. I think she should believe in herself more instead of the cool & dres and dream & trickys doing “bulks” of her albums. She has a sexy independent aura and thats starting to fade a little. I still like her but something just hasn’t seemed right with her and she doesn’t seem like her bubbly self lately.


  7. Fresh Prince22

    why does she look like Lil kim? lmao

    BACK 2 BLACK!!!!! plz


  8. i.l.

    Her being passed around publicity hoppin not a good look. the hair has potential but the lipstick made her look cheap. whatever her and the dream trying to pull off is dry because he dont look straight. whoever is guiding her is running her in circles, but she can make it, but this really is her last chance. when will she perform her single? if she needs to sing on the train so be it! she has to jump that single.


  9. LOL

    For a minute there I could’ve sworn that was Amber Rose with a blonde wig.


  10. Facebook User

    plz Christina Milli, go back to dark brown or black it fits your tone….no black woman should go blonde thats why we don’t naturally have blonde hair unless they light skinned lol….come on C….let’s go back to the shop babe


  11. dan

    personally, i think that kind of blonde on black women, even if christina is not really black, looks always cheap… a middle tone between brown and blonde looks good on her

    and why the sunglasses? i wondered why she wears them in her youtube video, too…

    christina, you are so damn beautiful and talented, but that hair…no

    ans one said…she looks like lil kim…

    but looking forward to the album…love her


  12. Lil' Nello

    I love Christina but I agree I think something is up because ever since we have been seeing her around The Dream she been seeming to act kind of weird & strange & shit! Damn you Dream first you take my lady then you have her dye her hair so f***ing blonde she looks almost unattractive now! I probably wouldn’t mind if she did a semi-blonde like in she used to have before but this right here is way to much! WTF is she thinking?!


  13. Galil (Pinoy baby!!!)

    NOOO WHY??? Christina is hot with her normal black hair.


  14. Rap-Up-Player

    Love her but this is horrible.


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  16. f

    this blonde hair thing is just wack….


  17. jaja

    IEHL! ugly


  18. bass_man

    the hell…?

    I still think this is just a PR stunt to gain buzz for the album along with the Dream relationship and strange YouTube vid… idk about her..

    I still want that album and love the single.


  19. Ms.Momoh

    I agree with “Randy C”…i think she still does look cute but the look is toooo much for her. And she sorta look white.


  20. LaMont

    She looks great no matter what color she dye’s her hair.


  21. Chica1

    I love her, 1 of her bigest fanz but I do perfer black becuz she looked more natural! She alwayz look good but she is tryin 2 hard! So im hopin and wishin she go back 2 black!


  22. Catie

    I think it’s the makeup that makes her look bad. She looked gorgeous with blonde hair back in 2004, i think she went too light though.


  23. chrisafc81

    love c milli but wtf is up wiv da hair babe u should come 2 london & hook up wiv a real man nt a day dream


  24. david

    Who cares.


  25. Autumn

    WOW!!!! her hair looks very um…. mid 90s circa?? i love her hair! the only reason why it looks bad is because of that ugly outfit! and why is she wearinqq sunglasses inside??



    Christina milian goes blonde.. Keen :)


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