Tupac is Alive…and at Lil Wayne’s Concert

A Tupac Shakur look-a-like was spotted at Lil Wayne’s I Am Music tour. Check out the look on homegirl’s face. Priceless.

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  1. hello

    he looks embarassed


  2. Kyle

    that’s kinda creepy.


  3. Liss

    Man, I miss Tupac :(


  4. Keith Carey

    LOLLOLOLOLOLOL….Wow That’s Interesting That 2pac Was At Lil Wayne Concert,If It Was Him,It Would Be a Miracle…..LOL…That’s One Of My Favorite Artist!


  5. myspace.com/washington_aka_therealdub

    homie need his ass whopped…

    b u, not pac!


  6. Giselle

    Why would he dress up like Pac? He does look creepy though.


  7. joey

    thats really weird. like woah. and that girls face was so funny, i think i would have the same expression


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  9. Tupac Shakur

    I’m Alive


  10. Tupac Shakur

    Im’ Under FBI Witness Protection.

    I’m Rarely Seen On The Street.


  11. Tupac Shakur

    he lies im dead


  12. Lyubomyra

    oh dam…. is it really him??? would he be in that much crowd??? thats probly a look alike.. only he does look like real Pac… dam i miss him :(((


  13. ally

    i know that guy, his names nash he’s my moms friend


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