Lil Wayne Gets Yet Another Release Date

Lil Wayne

May 19, not a chance. June 9, forget about it. June 16, keep dreaming. Lil Wayne’s Rebirth has a new release date.

The Cash Money rapper’s first foray into rock is now set to arrive on June 23, has confirmed. This is the latest pushback for an album that had originally been scheduled for April. As we type this, Rebirth is probably getting moved again.

In case you missed it, watch Weezy F. Baby hang with the ladies of “The View” on Friday.

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    Oh well.

    While you’re waiting cop the hot new Ciara album Fantasy Ride in stores on May 5th!!


  2. taylor

    i love u


  3. taylor



  4. khrissy

    ayyy we gne fuck tehehe hell naw mrs.carter


  5. J Good

    Fuck the rebirth fuck that cash money shit 50 Lloyd banks look out for those albums coming in June GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG-unit.


  6. J Good

    Ya’ll need to look out for that 50 cent and lloyd banks in June GGGGGGGGGGGGGGG-unit.


  7. ciara_husband

    poor lil wayne ……oh well fantasy ride in stores may 5th!!!


  8. Catie

    I think he’s just waiting for one of the singles to take off but i don’t know if that’s going to happen. It’s clear that people are just not into Lil Wayne’s rock sound compared to his usual one.


  9. BV

    im a DJ and to im feelin the 2 lil wayne rock track, does seem like he waiting for them to do better on the charts, which might not happen. prom queen debuted at 17 on the hot 100 which is very good, but as slide off the charts completely as well as hot revolver. I think he should release a 3rd single or just drop the album. the push backs could lead to never dropping at all. i know people not feelin his rock as much as tha carter 111. but weezy gonna put out what he want. and he is still weezy. he still droppin tracks as young money, so i dont see whats the problem, drop rebirth sell , 100,000 first week then slowly sell another 3-400,000 more. let it do what it does and prepare for carter IV.


  10. BV

    hate push backs


  11. Nick

    OMG! He just needs to shelve this sh*t!


  12. JOEY

    wow to da person who said we shud look forward to 50 cent hahahaa wht a clown, think of it this way 50 cents 2 singles havent even hit top 50 in billboards and both of weezys 2 singles have topped 15h and 33rd wow weezy is beating 50 and hes not even rapping , so as for tht u shud wake up my friend 50 cent died a long time ago


  13. JOEY



  14. JOEY

    as for rebirth itself, we gotta give the guy a chance, if u think bout it its the same weezy, listne to the new tracks:
    im not human, spit ( feat kevin rudolf), fix my hat, amazing love…. these all have rock beats but rap verses, if u look closely weezy had some songs on carter 3 which were like tht: comfortable, shoot me down, you aint got nuthin etcc…. its just bc hes titled it rock that everybody is freaking out, even his smash hit lollipop has guitars and drums so stopp freaking


  15. ugh

    i was hoping you were going to say never. that would be the best release date for his album. i wish he would go back to his carter I and carter II ish, cause thats when he was actually good.


  16. shoop da whoop

    Push backs = flops. R.I.P. Lil Wayne’s career.


  17. Similarities

    this just mean…people are tired of lil wayne…didn’t his album just come out last year…give it time (another year) for people to want another album…

    Well good luck with that.


  18. Similarities

    beyonce doing the same…that’s why her album flopped. yes I say flopped because everyone expects her whole album to debut on tv…so it’s not worth buying when you get it for free.


  19. Jay

    Man, I was lookin forward to his new album. I agree with Joey, he should just release it…I think it’ll sell.


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