Teairra Mari’s Million-Dollar Assets

Teairra Mari

Cassie and Rihanna have revealed their prized possessions and now Teairra Mari gives us a peek at hers.

Sorry to get your hopes up. Teairra doesn’t have any of those photos on the Internet. But she is posing with a $1.6 million Lamborghini Reventón. Only 20 are in production worldwide. That’s a close second to Cassie and Rihanna.

Teairra Mari Teairra Mari

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  1. ugh

    haha you guys are a fool for this. i was about to say this is just gettin ridiculous, where are the men at? haha

    she looks like superhead with that hair. she needs to put on that nivea wig she has on in the ’cause a scene’ video lol

    does she own those cars?


  2. scorpio1028

    I really do not believe she own this car


  3. Jaelani

    Scorpio, you took the words straight out my mouth.


  4. hiphopaintdead

    wow..she sexy


  5. louisiana girl

    Nobody said she owned the damn car! She is simply posing with the car…there is a difference lame ass!


  6. Lil' Nello

    Lol @ tricking people into thinking she did a Rihanna & Cassie! She still sexy as hell though & look much better then the other 2!


  7. Giselle

    Somebody needs to tell her that wig is not working for her. Seriously.


  8. anonymous

    louisiana girl, yes it did. If you’re not a lame ass, you would know what assets are.


  9. duh

    You r all du tty. South moooorrrooooonnnzz!! “It u kno wha- assetts izz?”… Jerkz I tell ya !!!


  10. Duh- troit

    Her grip? Unnn be- weave- able (skan-ky)


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