Video: MTV VMAs Japan Performances

The Black Eyed Peas took their futuristic flow overseas. The Peas performed “Boom Boom Pow” on the MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2009 on Saturday. Their introduction is not to be missed either. LOL!

Ciara brings “Love Sex Magic” to Asia and BoA performs “I Did It for Love” with Sean Garrett below.

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  1. jj3309

    GO CICI…hot performance just wish she would have recorded different songs and put them on the album(not the ones that leaked) trust!!.. yall know it would have sold more(that was the problem) but I STILL LUV FANTASY RIDE(it just got old quick)…


  2. UHM

    doesn’t matter. fantasy ride will last longer the evolution when all is said and done


  3. Muckie

    Ciaras performance was hot, & even though her CD wasn’t successful, I truly believe Ciara, Rihanna & Beyonce r the 3 leading ladies of the urban music industry, however ciara is the queen as beyonce switched style & rihannas more pop than urban, so becuz Ci kept the hood n her 2 make some pop songs, she’s amazing, however I truly believe she’s really under-rated & rihanna is way over the bored, over-rated, Go Ci!!


  4. BP86

    HAHAHAH that asian man went CRAZZZZZZZZYYYYYYYY!!!!!

    “kwen-a-shangshe!!! BLACK-A-EYEEE-AA-PEEEEEAASSAHH!!”

    that’s what he sounded like. hahaha little man was WILDIN’ OUT! haha


  5. An0thrDream

    Ciara Killed it* She’s gettin it ; )

    BEP is always off the hook, N that girl Boa is pretty cool too


  6. hello

    LOL @muckie,stop being delusional,i feel sorry for you,but ciara is the queen of nothing at all,of course shes can dance but people are just not interested by her music,i like some of her songs though


  7. Jay

    Ciara killed that performance and man she look good!!! BEP killed it too!!! Loved it!!!


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