Video: 50 Cent Jokes with Jimmy Kimmel

50 Cent and Jimmy Kimmel

50 Cent appeared on a special Game Night episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Sunday. He talked about playing basketball as a kid (“I sucked”), hanging out with Bette Midler (“She’s the new head of G-Unit”), creating his fragrance, Eminem (“I’ll do anything for him”), Pimpin’ Curly, and his new album Before I Self Destruct, due in September.

Say what you want about 50, but he makes a hilarious talk show guest.

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  1. bijan

    haha that was pretty funny


  2. the land down under

    rick ross got nothing on 50 cent


  3. pw

    did 50 remove all fo his tattoos?!! at least those on his forearms and neck?


  4. JRJRbaby

    hahahah this makes me love 50 so much more


  5. Paul Rota

    yerrr Fif, got them laserly removed!
    New album dropping 8th Sep!


  6. Kalvir Bahia

    damn boy! 50 back on the streets


  7. Furqan Ali

    looking forward to the 50 album!
    hopefully its the GRODT formula!


  8. Moin Sayed

    50 is hench like me!


  9. Nadia Nayyer

    ummm I think 50 can drop a classic album
    if he uses Eminem & Dr Dre
    a lot of it depends if he gets the right tracks on the album.
    we shall see…agreeing with Furqan I hope he uses the GRODT formula & uses a Marvin Gaye sample!


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