Family Portraits: Celebs & Their Dads

John Legend and Ron Stephens

John Legend and his father, portrait artist Ron Stephens, collaborated on a series of greeting cards to honor dads and other “men of impact” this Father’s Day. The cards feature images of iconic male leaders, including Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., and President Obama.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! Check out more dads and their famous offspring below.

Fergie and Patrick Ferguson

Fergie remains close to her dad, Patrick Ferguson, a former principal.

Beyoncé and Mathew Knowles

Beyoncé wrote the song “Daddy” for her father/manager, Mathew Knowles.

Robin Thicke and Alan Thicke

Alan Thicke was famous before his son, Robin, stepped into the spotlight.

Ciara and her father

Ciara’s dad calls his famous daughter Suga.

Lil Wayne and Baby

Though not biologically related, Birdman considers Lil Wayne his son.

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  1. Letoya FAN!

    Matthew is the one who told BET, that Letoya is not allowed to perform at the BET awards. he’s crazy.


  2. Joana

    LOL @ Birdman and Lil Wayne


    taneshia Reply:

    @Joana, i see u lol i don’t see what’s funny u don’t have to be someone’s biological father to be a dad look how he has taken care of him over the years and not just on a professional level so my opinion is that he is his father


  3. TOYAFAN#1

    Matthew kNOWLES is crazy! why he dont want toya perfoms to 09 BET? i dont understand!!! battle Bee-toya is over since longtime!!!!! why he do that? Moth// F*ck.



  4. KingMo

    Happy Fathers’ day to all those fathers and for raising wonderful ppl.

    It’s amazing how, despite the post just being about Fathers’ Day and how they raised great ppl, some of u ppl go on and dwell on the negative.

    Again, I’ll say Happy Fathers’ Day to them. Keep it +ve.


  5. bass man

    I seriously started busting up laughing when I saw Birdman&Lil’ Wayne


  6. king

    @ letoya fan y u had 2 bring that bull over here..
    u shoulda left it where u found it
    n letoya is gonna be there so calm down..

    I thought this post was bout celebs n fathers..
    good riddance..
    —CONFIDENTLY—i’ll be up there soon..


  7. malcolm

    why would BET need Latoya to perform of all the other artist who have hit music out and she doesn’t?. every time she has an album coming out she and her ppl bring up Matthew and Beyonce’s name to get some press and get sympathy. This girl cannot get no press unless she brings up Beyonce or Matthew’s name. The accusation is just a rumor started by her ppl to get buss for her flop single and push back album.


  8. Catie

    The whole Mathew Knowles/LeToya situation is still a rumor. Even LeToya herself didn’t hear about anything until a radio interview.

    Robin + Alan look exactly alike, it’s funny.


  9. `shawt-aye.

    LMFAO @ Birdman and Wayne …

    Hmm not kissing eachother this time aye?

    Showing eachother ‘Father and son’ love.


  10. libertyreeses

    Letoya don’t bring up stuff of the past the interviewers ask her those questions if she don’t answer people gone think she is bitter when she does answer people still think she’s bitter if that was the case letoya would talk about bad about beyonce but she doesn’t. ya’ll beyonce stans would know if you ever paid attention to anything she has ever said. but ya’ll be all up in beyonce’s couchie, if she take a piss ya’ll want to be the first to swollow. As for the bet awards they have fabolous who’s song probably isn’t on the chart performing, they have the dream performing did his cd even go gold.Ya’ll need to think before you start saying stuff.


  11. itsmeniccas

    @ malcolm u need 2 shut up and stay feedin on rihanna’s clit u sound like a dumbass y wud letoya and her team bringing up rumors 2 create some sort of publicity u sound like a fool if someone sed what u sed about rihanna u wud ave gone like a psycho


  12. sexiikiim09

    lol @ birdman and wayne no comments tho


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