New Music: Nina Sky – ‘Beautiful People’

Nina Sky

Nina Sky starts the summer off right with their club-ready jam “Beautiful People,” the first single from their sophomore album, Starting Today.

The Stereotypes-produced song features lyrics from the CoverGirl campaign, “Easy, breezy, beautiful CoverGirl,” that will be stuck in your head all season long.

Nina Sky – “Beautiful People”

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  1. carl

    still trying for a hit?


  2. Bobi Peru

    Wowww, S E X Y


  3. e.ton

    i used to be a huge fan but this song needs a new direction.Nina sky are some singing girls but this song lacks vocals, the concept is run of the mill…I wish they would evolve their style instead of following the euro-pop trend..they have the voices, personalities to be huge..yet they fall flat..Im waiting on a real singlre nina sky becuz this has to be a buzz track..i loved flippin that, curtain call, surely missed, your time, secrets, chapters closed, tempertures riding etc.i hope you guys will be able to match move ya body’s success u.. I just feel like you guys always put out the mediocore tracks instead of quality tracks u ladies can put out.I hope the real single will top move ya bodys success Good luck girls


  4. Boyplaya

    Move Ya Body was a 1 HIT WONDER. girls stop it please..


  5. ninaskyfan

    dis song is so different in my opinion yall never satisfied wif anything.damn
    i love dis sung
    potential hit


  6. sam

    brilliant song!!! best out of the leaks!!! will be ahit!!


  7. dfdydy

    it samples that horrible dance song :|
    pretty lame


  8. Kid Fury

    Is that a DJ Sammy sample? Yes, ma’am.


  9. supermusicfan

    this song is incredible!!!! super smash hit…i dont know what some of you haters on here are talkin bout…you might wanna go kill yourself…yall pablo picasso mf’s ..wit no ears!!! This song is gonna put Nina Sky back on the map fasho….”Beautiful People”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Catie

    Loves it! It’s probably the most pop influenced song that I’ve heard from them. I will admit that “Curtain Call” and “On Some Bullsh*t” were better though.


  11. UNE (305)

    wow this is a nice nice nice joint! wow


  12. Kyle

    This song isn’t that bad. I really like the beat. But regardless, I’ve read some interviews with Nina Sky and I really respect their artistry and they really are on their grind. When their next album comes out(hopefully soon), I will definitely BUY my copy.


  13. fresh prince22

    @ e.ton
    girl bye, they had a one hit wonder…nothing more so don’t try to pump them up to be this ”superstar” group when in actality there not…


  14. exk

    This song is so hot.


  15. Jay

    This is different for Nina Sky…I gotta say I love this! I think it could really do something.

    That production is dope and they sound amazing! Lovin the way they build up to the hook. This is real nice!!!


  16. Mila

    People just love to hate!!!!
    This stuff is better than most fo the MESS thats been coming out lately….


  17. DJ Triumph

    this is a great song i love it.


  18. ThaRealest

    Lyrics –> Nina Sky Beautiful People Lyrics


  19. Songstress09

    I got a chance from their webdesigner Migel 2 see NinaSky’s new website n it’s really really hot. this is a great SUMMER anthem for the girls like me!


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  21. Dayhaaler

    This song is superhot! lovin it!!!!


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