Trailer: Lupe Fiasco – ‘Lasers’

Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco introduces his third album Lasers (Love Always Shines Every time Remember 2 Smile) with the tagline, “We are not losers. We are lasers.”

The first offering, “Shining Down” featuring Matthew Santos, will be available on iTunes this Tuesday.

Watch the album trailer below.

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  1. mad

    number 1 album im waiting for this yr…second, drakes


  2. valentin

    kinda wack how he takes off his glasses at the end


  3. @valentin

    kinda WHACK how you wrote that


  4. valentin

    nooooooooooooo i forgot the “h” noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    quick write a comment to correct me


  5. DJ Triumph

    great music and great video.


  6. DJ Triumph

    i mean trailer.


  7. DJ Triumph

    love it or not lupe is makin good music.


  8. WPG

    in hip hop it’s spelled ‘wack’


  9. Willemijn

    I can’t wait for the album


  10. Produk

    Lupe is a fcking Fiasco…. cant wait for the album.


  11. D J ET

    I think that’s wonderful great work he always delivers


  12. sincere

    lupe you are one of the most realist hip-hop artist since nas in my opinion I love your music your music has got me threw alot since uv’e came out keep it up fiasco!!


  13. christian

    all your other albums was great why wouldnt this one


  14. christian

    we are not losers we are lasers lmao


  15. jay

    He puts the music on the radio to shame! The radio has become the enemy and the real stuff isn’t appreciated! I don’t care when and where, if it’s a Lupe Album out, then I”M THERE!


  16. jinx



  17. Sumzz

    Thee album of the YEAR ! Lupe Fiasco is fuckinnggg ahhhh-maaaazzee-inggg ! Jheezzeee ;)


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