New Music: Mr Hudson f/ Kid Cudi – ‘Everything Is Broken’

Mr Hudson and Kid Cudi

Kanye’s pal Mr Hudson breaks bread with another member of the G.O.O.D. Music family, Kid Cudi, on a new track from his sophomore album Straight No Chaser. Read our interview with the British singer here.

Mr Hudson f/ Kid Cudi – “Everything Is Broken”

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    i’m in love with mr hudson ;~~~


  2. listen



  3. mac

    im a big cudi fan. i gots the cds, i dress like him, i bang his music out my car at every oppotunity i even found myself talkin like him… i did what every crazed fan did, i went home put on my cudi cd and uppercutted myself in the bathroom, did a somersault and woke up to realise how gay and obsesed i became. im now normal again. kid cudi still sick though


  4. Shipoopie

    Great song! Cant wait 4 d album


  5. Quint

    cudi is the future


  6. sexiikiim09

    @ mac no comments but anyways yea cudi dope tho!


  7. Dayhaaler

    the beat is hot, the kid cudi verse is great as always, but hudsons voice is whack! dont get the hype bout him anyway…


  8. brianna reynolds

    be more dresser


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