Album Cover: Whitney Houston – ‘I Look to You’

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston is looking regal on the official cover of her seventh studio album I Look to You, due Sept. 1. Whitney held a listening for the album in London on Tuesday with more to follow next week.

Click below to read about the nine songs that were previewed.

1. “Million Dollar Bill” (Swizz Beatz/Alicia Keys)
2. “Nuthin’ But Love” (Danja)
3. “Call You Tonight” (Stargate/Johnta Austin)
4. “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength” (David Foster/Diane Warren)
5. “Like I Never Left” (Akon/Claude Kelly)
6. “For the Lovers” (Danja/Claude Kelly)
7. “I Look to You” (Harvey Mason/Tricky Stewart/R. Kelly)
8. “Worth It” (Eric Hudson/Johnta Austin)
9. “A Song for You” (Stargate/Leon Russell)

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  1. Kyle

    wow, she looks great!


  2. AAWesome

    She looks different. I THINK I like it! L-O-V-E the hair and the dress! The facial expression and the earrings (they’re hot, but, IDK) I’m questioning.


  3. Michael

    Rap-Up was the first source to mention Mill(ion) Dollar Bill, so good call there! A nice refreshing break from the slut of so many recent divas (possibly except Beyonce’s latest album cover).


  4. exk

    She looks weird as hell now.


  5. Giselle



  6. arietis

    her airbrush is a big mess …
    photoshopped or plastic surgery in her face ?


  7. blackrds

    yeah i saw this on i think she looks beautiful and i wish her much success.


  8. Tynisha

    the writers & producers on the album sound AMAZING, just by looking at the producers it looks like a Beyonce track list or a more “hip” R&B singer..but IM BUYING THAT ALBUM, it LOOKS GOOD, SHE LOOKS GOOD!!


  9. Terry

    Whitney looks good… Go Whitney, Go Whitney


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  11. nippymyluv

    my girl is back and i’m so excited. I already preordered the cd from amazon. can’t wit for September 1st. hope you tour Whit because I am so there :)


  12. Jay

    Man, Whitney looks great! I’m real happy for her! I know she’s glad to be back.

    Can’t wait to hear the album!


  13. dan

    danja? interested what he gave to her


  14. andy0666

    Im so glad she’s finally back, it’s time for some real music. BTW she looks great, we’ll see if she can make her comeback…


  15. Candiegal

    Looks nothing like Whitney Huston, a whole other person in my opinion.


  16. dan

    maybe cause she’s older?


  17. Love La

    Looks like she’s tryna conform. Idk, but I have to wait for her first single to really get the vibe of the album & she’ll beat Beyonce’s a$$ back to into her daddy!


  18. Love La

    Oh and it looks like both Letoya Lucket & her took inspiration from each other, idk. (I’m No Hater, just curious)


  19. Flavio

    Great photoshop work, great she’s back.


  20. specialinsight

    whitney you look great out of this world gorgeous.You are back girl


  21. AJ

    check the facts please because none of the producers for the songs have been confirmed expcept for “like i never left” and “million dollar bill”. also album will be released august 31 in the uK BEFORE the US!!!


  22. drtash

    She has done hiphop-inspired music before when she did it’s not right but it’s ok and Fine. She wasn’t always doing ballads, even though those are her forte. I think people should wait to see what else she does first before they criticize cause you never know what she has in-store for us. I might be the only one but I definitely can’t wait for the album. THE DIVA OF ALL DIVAS IS BACK!!!!


  23. Jay

    I agree with drtash!

    and I’m excited to get her new album…it’s gonna be great!


  24. DJ Triumph

    thank for the update


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