New Music: Eminem – ‘The Warning (Mariah Carey Diss)’

Mariah Carey and Eminem

Just when you thought it was over, Eminem goes back at Mariah Carey after she alluded to him on “Obsessed.” No one’s safe this time. Em calls Mariah a liar, an alcoholic, and shares vivid details from their alleged relationship. He even has some more words for Nick Cannon. Damn!

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  1. Lilly

    This getz a double side eye!
    Next please………..

    I’m just keeping it 100


  2. THAk!NG



  3. Curt

    Damnnnnnnnnn Eminem went in on Mariah !! i kinda think he was a little much because Mariah doesn’t wanna start no shit but he just stirred it up even more. Damn …..


  4. okdoksmok

    Poor EM, these voice messages don’t prove anything! Mary Ann Tatum was there too! Come on EM, were u bored at the studio? Get a life!!! If u got alluded…that’s because u think u are obsessed! LOL You are not a man! NO WAY!



  5. Es

    Real talk…Eminem needs to quit. Work on your career.


  6. So0oSickWitIt

    wow… Poor Mariah. she shouldna been talking shit


  7. okdoksmok

    really he’s behaving like a child, and that’s nothing new! POW


  8. marlene r.

    Eminem has no reason to lie on the whole hook-up with Mariah. However, she does. She started ish long ago. Bagpipes from Baghdad wasn’t that bad..She should’ve just ignored it. I hope he gets her. Honestly, I loved both Em and Mimi but after this whole thing then her little BOY Nick trying to beef with Em as well…come. This isn’t EVEN a battle…
    Poor Mimi…


  9. BV

    damn, mariah u got owned. and for a min i thought mariah got the best of em since “obsessed” was getting alot of air time. but shit em just fucking killed u. this shit the better than any song off relapse.


  10. lolollmfaolmfaolol

    LOL. Best diss track I’ve heard in a while; Em should consider pulling a Chris Brown on Mariah but this time finish the job!


    Poor Mariah :<


  11. tell'em

    Dudes going at chicks is a cool thing? LMAO @ society. This kid is a pussy..


  12. hellosinjin

    Eminem sucks still anyways.


  13. BudMcGreen420

    em is sick as fuck. i cant wait to see what nic cannon has to say


  14. mnmgrly1

    if ANY1 is pathetic here, it’s Mariah. Please you can’t go toe to toe with a rapper like Em. He is behaving like EMINEM! As far as him working on his career or being obsessed with her or hatin’, STOP WITH ALL THAT NONSENSE. AGAIN I Loved Mariah too but give me a break. She’s just embarassed that she dissed him one time and he aired her dirty laundry. If anyone still believes that Mariah can count the men she’s slept with on one hand, you just like her are funny! The voicemails are REAL…sorry people. Mimi went creepin’…and now she went and opened her mouth (again). As for Nick Cannon, please, I think I hear Nickolodeon calling you want-to-be ass Keenan & Kel.


  15. SweetAssCandy

    Eminem killed it is was messing wit him i remember way back she was but people so stupid they think she would never do that she fucked him i believe him . I love her but she is human 2 i’m sure he wish it was him that married her……… Mariah thinks she sings better than all the chicks in the game she ia a legend but she knows christina can give her a run any day………….. Any Real fan of mariah know she always say she’s mary poppins…………


  16. An0thrDream

    haha this is what a soulful r&B diva gets for going in on one of the worlds most succesful Rappers*

    I Love obsessed – but the Dream and Mariah’s sparkly lyrics cant touch eminems natural talent.

    wut a mess


  17. Giselle

    Childish. they’re both icons in their own right. this is silly.


  18. nikehead

    Eminem went innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!! this was highly expected!


  19. SweetAssCandy

    Eminem killed it !!!!!!!!!!! She fucked him she’s human people think she won’t do that pleaseeeeeeeeeee. I remember when she was fucking wit him way back 1 of her interviews she gave him a shout out. I guess shit didn’t work out next thing was the song clown where she went in. I love mariah she is a legend but she acts like she’s the best singer in the world and she knows in her heart christina can give her a run…………


  20. ...

    oh wow, eminem is such a hard rapper. he goes at women, pop stars, clowns, techno artists, and puppets. he’s so damn tough and creative, y’all. he just owned that ho.

    but for real, this shows how big of a pussy eminem is. he’s got a good flow but he spits garbage; nothing ever creative, intelligent, classy…just crude, nasty stuff. you can diss somebody without resorting to juvenile stuff like he does.

    plus if those voicemails are real (which i highly doubt), he’s a stalker. who keeps voicemails for like 10 years?

    damn marshall.
    you lost.


  21. ron.e

    wow. how old is he again?
    no respect this guy whatsoever.


  22. dj

    Damn Em ethered the sh** out of them…best diss track sense Ether


  23. BP86

    THIS.IS.AWESOME………………………………………………….. I mean for real…….Em is MAD. lol i love Mariah but hearing this makes me laugh. lol he is not PLAYING. so funny that he clowns nick cannon. i hate nick cannon.


  24. MACH

    Mariah is somewhere cackling DOWN… FEMinem sounds upset.. oh well! Did he know that this is more promo for “Obsessed”? Epic WIN for Mariah.. and yet FEMinem still looks OBSESSED talkin about “photos” and “messages” that he has.. He got stuff archived from that long ago? POOR HIM.


  25. jesse

    this is shit em why would you do this stupid shit
    be a real man and start some beef wth a guy i mean this is sad really name one beef between a girl singer and a male rapper other than this and what is he trying to prove other than hes a bitch


  26. King

    Damm mariah got punkd get that bitch em


  27. Jay

    I usually don’t like to call people names but seriously Eminem is a f#@ He really is. How the hell he gon act like this was unprovoked!?!? He’s the one that came back after being on his cracked out binge to diss Mariah and her husband Nick.

    Eminem is straight wack for this! He ain’t no man! He a punk!!!

    LOLOLOL!!!! But I guess that song really got to him!!!!

    I knew he didn’t think Mariah had it in her to go hard back at him! Oh my bad, I forgot it’s ok for the FEMINEM to dogg anybody he wants even dress up like them and it’s all in good fun. He was just using their names because it rhymed with something. That ‘s the LAMEST excuse I’ve ever heard. Oh so when a girl comes back at you for calling her a bi#@$ and a cu*% she can’t say nothin!?!?!? For real!??! and that’s supposed to be gangsta.

    Man I’m tired of this punk always whining about his past and what he been through and then hating on other people like he’s such an outcast and a rebel. GET THAT WEAK ISH OUTTA HERE!!! GROW UP BE A MAN Heck BE A FATHER!!!!

    Since the beginning of his career he been hating on Pop stars and Females What a LOSER!!! Moby, Britney S, Christina, Justin, Mariah yeah that’s real tough!

    AND if it were true about the relationship they had! Em you a punk and a snitch for airing out business like that!!! That is if it was true. Must’ve been crying all night over her!?

    Get a life and go and cry on Moby’s shoulder!!!


  28. Shane

    What a childish move!

    Eminem can’t handle people who attack him, yet Mimi is supposed to?


  29. nikehead

    well id be fuc***n damned if i was messin with a chick and she tried to deny it and made a song saying i was obssesed with her. Mariah asked for it and Eminem had the right to go in on her. What she gonna say now…….hes lying? Well we shall see when em releases all that stuff then it will really be a wrap!


  30. all in my George Foreman

    Mariah is gonna laugh all the way to the bank with this. exactly what “Obsessed” needed for promotion. This is gonna be great promotion for Mariah and pathetic image for the homophobe feminem (using the “F” word, really?). He trying to acvt tough when he is a nerd as Gucci Mane put it. Mariah wins this one by a landslide


  31. J

    Wow em jus went hard on a chick. Sho sum compassion man she jus a women, he dissin her like she sum dude. Nick cannon can’t do anythin about dis cuz he has no skillz


  32. Curvaceous

    OBSESSED thats what it is. Obsessed and who caares. Obsessed sick white boy pig. Hes done.


  33. Substantiating

    Eminem, if this is all you’ve got to give to Music, go retire and go be a FATHER! What a role model are you giving to your daughter, the one you proclaim to adore, proclaiming violence aganinst women just ’cause they told you NO? Please grow up and be a MAn, be a FATHEr and retire. Your time is over


  34. Fun Time

    I’ve seen some people here asking Eminem to do a ChRihanna and beat up Mariah, just for their fun. That’s what violence towards women is today, fun entertainment for some retarded misogynistics. It’s really sad. But I don’t think Mariah needs any help. Eminem needs it. Mariah is hard as they come and she knows very well what she is doing. Do you think after living the hell of the music industry mafia (Mottola) she is scared of this joke? Please This is a joyride for her. When Eminem was licking asses in some suburbian club to try and get a chance of taping snything (even some racist slur as he did) Mariah was the queen of music industry and was living the most dangerous live


  35. sexiikiim09

    i hope she kills him em stinks wack ass rapper @ everybody staying he talented f***k outta here!


  36. bass_man



  37. Dominicano

    Uh Oh! Mariah u betta go ham on him!!


  38. Stomp

    get that slut emeniem. expose that fake ass fraud em. and fuk everyone who said Em is chilish. Yall know damm well em lyrically murder nick and mariah. and yall know damm well This wat em does. so live with it or die from it. GO shady/Aftermath


  39. Jay

    FEMINIM is wack! Of course he’s a dope mc, but that doesn’t negate the fact that he’s a girl fighting pop star hatin punk! One min he talkin bout how he wants nothing to do with beef and the next he comes out swinging at girls. Then he gets a dose of his own medicine, in his case it was probably illegal meds, and he can’t take the heat. Coward! He should just take it like a man and shut the hell up. He should give her props for goin hard on him like she did. I know he didn’t expect that. He just wants everybody to feel bad for poor ol Em and spit out flames at people and expect no repercussions. Calling Em a bottom-feeding, woman bashing freak and deranged, self loathing, obsessed, punk is an understatement. He’s soooo much more than that.


  40. Jay

    …MC wins hands down cause she did it with class and ease. Eat it up!


  41. Jay

    and by the way after hearing that one song on Ems album making light of a kid getting molested by his Dad I’m DONE with Em that’s just wrong and disgusting!!! Any human that finds that type of talk and behavior amusing is sick and deranged just like him. You can say it’s just word all you want but you know it ain’t right. So Mariah defending herself all of a sudden isn’t just words?!?!? It’s sooo uncalled for!??!? and him talking like that this generation is sad and pathetic! I feel sorry for the next generation of kids that come after this one. Making light of a woman getting rap and killed and also you people on here talking about CB finishing her off!!!! The world seems to just be goin down and down. SAD


  42. nikehead

    Jay shut the fuck up how did mariah win? u sound stupid sit down. Eminem ethered mariah and nick cannon watch when he releases those voicemails ur ass is gonna be quiet!


  43. LilWayneHQ

    Eminem killed this, what y’all chatting!


  44. nikehead

    Jay needs to shut the hell up u sound stupid how did mariah win? Sit ur ass down! U MAD??? this diss went hardddddddd this is what eminem does who cares if shes a woman. r woman supposed to get a pass if they make a diss in a video! id be damned if i was em imma go hard back and i can give 2 shits!


  45. nikehead

    oh and just a side note- what is Mariah and nick cannon gonna do now cause u kno damn well nick cannon cant rap for shit lmfao and mariah needs the dream to write her records so yeah just sit down and weap. Eminem:1 Mariah Carey:0


  46. angie

    I love Mariah but she is not as innocent as she would like to portray. I think Em went in because she is lying. Like someone else said, she has every reason to lie. I commend Mariah though for even coming out with Obsessed and not cowering in some corner. That’s why she is a superstar. I don’t feel sorry for either one of them really. This has simply become publicity for both of their albums.


  47. nikehead

    oh and listen to a line in warning: Enough dirt on u to murder to u, this is what the f**K i do mariah did it ever occur to u that i still have pictures, however u prefer to do and that goes for nick too fa**et u think im scared of u.


  48. Cari

    LMAO Eminem is a fcukin lame.. this track just proves Mariah`s point , he really is obsessed. Even tho Em went HARD on this , im glad Mariah stood up for herself in Obsessed. && he is a loser , he actually went thru interviews to find audio from Mariah that fits the track. NO LIFE ! WORK ON YOUR CAREER EM !



  49. Cari


    Mariah writes/cowrites all of her songs. She doesn’t really need The Dream to write a record.. she was writing successful records way before he came out .


  50. nikehead

    i kno mariah writes her own songs but she damn well didnt write obsessed. The point im trying to make is that theres no way in hell mariah or nick cannon will be able to make a diss record with the amount of magnitude of eminems, its simply IMPOSSIBLE! and we all know inside eminem 8miled Mariah lmfao! This diss track is everywhere just as much as obsessed is so think about the boost in eminems record sales hahahahaa and relapse 2 is coming out end of this year early 2010. You think eminems career is over smh! think again real hard, u think his career is over? Lmfao!


  51. tomatoes

    wow, just heard the diss record and all i can say is Mariah says it all with one word.. Obsessed


  52. emil

    lol at all the Mariah stans here. Eminem killed it though.


  53. Cari

    LOL maybe you misread what I wrote.. Mariah cowrites/writes ALL her songs. On EVERY album and EVERY single. Mariah and Nick dont really need to respond to Em .. they already said what they had to say. He`s obsessed and cant get over her.. hes a loser LOL !!! Thats the ONLY way Em can make $$$ dissing others.. especially women.. hes a lame who needs new material!


  54. nikehead

    and this is new material carl hahahaaa i swear all these mariah stans sound sooooooo dumb, stupid, all these other words i cant say on here. Eminem is gonna pull out so much dirt to the point nick cannon and mariah will be finished. Hes not obsessed, hes standing up for himself as should anyone else. What is he supposed to stay quiet. Fuk outta here!


  55. MACH

    It’s actually funny that all the FEM supporters sound just as childish/obsessed as he is. Only people with low self esteem listen to FEM.. Probably tryin to make themselves feel better by laughin at people who are actually doin much better than you. FEM made a career off worryin about what others were doin because he doesn’t have a life of his own. He needs to stop acting so ignorant for his daughter’s sake.


  56. jorge

    i mean em kilt the track but why is a grown man mad she denies being with him, and why he coming after a r&b pop chick we all know she aint gonna be coming hard like that come on people. i think its conry for a dude to come at her, and why does em still have pictures and voicemails of her from years ago! haha i guess he is obsessed.


  57. billfromgreece

    Who do Eminem think he is?

    what if he is a rapper or a man? he think he can just make songs by humiliating people or judge them or think he is a smarter?

    Mariah didn’t mention Eminem’s name in Obsessed, but he gotten really too far with this song.

    He does not only approve that he indeed is obsessed with her but for me he is not even a man by trying to prove with everything he can that he is someone.

    He is just a nonbrain small/tiny man.

    Get a grip on yourself Eminem and try to have the same fame that you had at your first albums.

    You are so 1900.


  58. nikehead

    oh and mariah stans thanks for making this the number 1 post on hahahahaahaaa cause we kno damn well yall r the reason lol!


  59. brandon

    just because she doesnt mention his name doesnt mean everybody dont know its about him. lol, and mariah should have just left it alone, cause everybody know eminem talks about everybody for album hype. geezz!

    obssesed makes my ears bleed anyway.


  60. LeToya singles: Not Anymore & She Ani't Got... REQUEST NOW!!!!

    They’re both wrong. Mariah claims the song has nothing to do with Eminiem…BS. I love Mariah but she shouldn’t be wasting her talent on this smut. I’m not really into Eminiem but he really does have talent and he shouldn’t be wasting his either. They could be putting useful music but instead they waste theier time. Ppl would kill for their talents and yet they’re making their talents irrelevant. MC and Eminiem needa get a life. BOTH 30 something yrs old, GROW UP!!!!! You know what maybe they should be together, they fight just like a couple. lol

    This is why I stay on LeToya bc LeToya isn’t with that drama. I LOVE YOU LETOYA!!!

    August 25th “Lady Love” by LeToya drops!


  61. Green

    Isn’t Eminem proving he is “OBSESSED”? I would say so.


  62. IAMTy

    Eminiem… SMH!


  63. Makeitstop

    Mariah isn’t a diss rapper. Leave her alone. She is the most successful female artist EVER. I don’t think what Eminem does, says, etc. is going to make much of a difference to her. This is the entertainment industry. Just relax Em.


  64. Kilyan

    + MC never has denied she use to see him out for dinners and chill with him.She admitted she was seeing him as a friend and confident back in 2001.
    So thoses meSsages doesn’t mean anything.And You can use someone else voice from a song and with the technology do wateva U wanna do !!

    Eminem iS just fooling himself onCe again..Now whos mad..uh ??

    Just show how frustrated and how obseSsed he iS.

    I never have had any respect for him but now im truly done with that man.

    and he should realise he’s far from being the Star MC is ..s he shud stop trippign and attack someone of his leveL.

    She can still sit on his ass with all the money shes making …

    20 years in the biZzzneSs..He shud respect that !!


  65. Jay

    @nikehead you just mad that what I say is true. You’re mostly just as ignorant and lifeless and Em!!! I personally would just leave it alone YEAH because a REAL MAN would just let it go and give the chick a pass. I actually would’ve found it funny that she came hard in the video dressing up as me. But then again I would’ve started this lame beef with a girl any way. It ain’t that serious!!! He came at her so she came back!!! Yeah and why don’t you come at me with some intelligence. A little more than shut the f*%@ up. Cause I know very well a lil punk ass B%#^& like you wouldn’t even say that ish to my face!!! I can say what ever the hell I wanna say just like your lil butt buddy Em can!!! Em act just like a girl!!! Real men don’t play a punk ass tit for tat game with a FEMALES unless they in kindergarden or a don’t like woman, if you know what I mean. So once you get off Em’s d*#% YOU sit down punk!!!!!!

    And even if he did release tapes of them so the hell what!!!! Like ain’t nobody in the industry ever sleep with another celeb?!?!? Thing is if it was true then Em is straight weak for that! That’s a real B*#@% move! for real! The fact of the matter is SHE DON’T WANT HIM!!!! You’re probably one of those insecure whiners just like your “GOD” Em is. You probably listen to his music because it makes you feel tough or something. Well guess what? You ain’t!!!! LOL Man you weak as hell. Don’t try to disrespect me like that! I would’ve respected it if you came at me with some logic or something a little more concrete than shut the F%#@ up and sit down. Take notes from your lame “Master” Em and use your brain next time.

    and Mariah wins because who’s the one that’s pissed and angry EM is!!! She chillin while he’s scrambling around to get to a studio so he can record his comeback! WOW what a perfect example of a real man LOL!!!! I wonder what his daughter is saying about this. I’m really sure Em would flip out if any dude came at his little girl like that. I know he would! All he doing is sow a seed of hate in the world. You reap what you sow.


  66. CARI

    Nikehead u think so soo fcukin smart LMFAO! new material as in doing something else other than dissing other people and then gettin mad when someone stands up for themself. Mariah shxts on eminems whole career LOL !!! Mariah will NEVER be finished , she`s been around since ’90, shes a legend with loads of lasting power. She doesnt even need to respond to this asshole cause she will still be selling millions of records. EM-IN-MEN needa shut the fcuk up, cause he soundin like a man scorned, obsessed and whipped


  67. Jay

    and yeah Kilyan you are so right!!! I remember her saying that. You right about the voice mails meaning ish. I’m sure people like Diddy got messages from just about everybody in the biz so what!? But I bet he would tell business like that and make up stories. Diddy got class

    and another thing I just thought about! Who the hell saves voice mails for years!??! LOL that is hilarious now that I think of it! They probably talked for a bit and then she started to see who he really was inside and was like I don’t think we should date. Em probably flipped out! Guess he doesn’t take rejection very well. Hell we all get rejected, but we all don’t become crazed and obsessed with the person. Saving emails and VMs, maaan that’s weak! He must’ve been playin her voice over and over again so it could be like she was really there with him. LOLLOLOLOL!!!!! CRAZY!!!! Who does that!?!?

    and CARI I completely agree with you. She really ain’t gotta say nothin back. With this whole rap and the voice mail thing just shows how OBSESSED he really is.

    Show some respect for the Queen!

    Mariah still #1!!!!


  68. nikehead

    Jay wrote like a whole page hahahahahahaaaaaa and ur tellin me i dont have a life smh…..what a hypocrite!


  69. nikehead

    so jay cause u say mariah wins thats automatically supposed to mean she won. what are u god lmfao! and by the way i think the definition of a life is working hard,traveling, friends, money etc which is what i do and have. a well paid job so jay what r u doing with your life? i really would want to kno. Dont get it twisted im at work while typing this meaning im making money lol and after this im gonna be laughing to the bank while your ass is probobly home broke.


  70. Kilyan

    and if im not wrong..Theres no waY U can keep VM for that long..Its gonna be erased automaticllY after a certain period of time..

    + if he has kept those ones..He really had something to prove to himself !!!

    Im sure if MC would have had any kinda sexual fling with him..she would have say something going that waY..but she wrote CLOWN and shut that lil Eminem down !

    and 6 years after ..He needed to brag around again !


  71. Jay

    yeah that’s right nikehead just skip over all of the facts I threw in your face and just point out me saying get a life. Actually I don’t even remember saying get a life, but now that you say it GET A LIFE! hahaha Yeah a have a larger vocabulary how dumb of me!?!? hahaha I can write more than one run on sentence woow How dumb of me.

    Oh wow you have money and a job who the hell doesn’t!? Haha yeah me too. LOL I could be on a yacht right now, typing on my blackberry! When did I say get a life?? and just cause you have a job doesn’t mean you have a life retard. LOL plenty of people have a job and don’t have a personal like duh!!! For your information son I been working since I was 11 years old making money and trust I got money. But any way me having money or you havin money has nothing to do with the debate.

    So while your out working and sweating make sure you take the time to think about me sitting back chilling paid up and deciding whether or not I wanna make some more money today!!!!! Put that in ya pipe and smoke it!!! LOL :) I’m obviously on your mind enough for you to stop doing your oh so important high paying job to comment back to me. You’re the one that told me to shut up and I responded! DEAL WIT IT!!! And keep me on your brain! REMEMBER, me, sitting back chillin PAID UP!!!! laugh at that!!!!! Trick ;)


  72. Jay

    ^personal life


  73. nikehead

    Again jay writes a book lmfao. And for your info I’m skipping most the facts because I’m not like u who writes a fu*kin 2 page essay lol. And when u say out sweating and working smh I’m in a air conditioned building on a computer answering calls lmfao. No disrespect to those who have heavy labored jobs cause that use to be me but don’t talk if u don’t kno my life. I have one outside work believe that! Now I’m done so go ahead and continue writing your essays on a blog site lmfao!


  74. Nick

    LMAO Jay & nikehead are turning into Mariah & Eminem. Whats with all the beef, chill out guys.


  75. Jay

    LOL!!! I don’t know Nick maybe nikehead is Obsessed with me! LOL He seems to be the only one that reads my essay as he puts it! I’m flattered but I don’t swing that way lil homie LOLOLOLOL Go listen to an Em record or something. and I just love how you keep putting words in my mouth. LOL like how old are you, 8??? “I’m in an air conditioned building” LOLOL you soundin real lame right now. I guess now you’re gonna tell me how comfy your chair is!? LOL Like humans are incapable of sweating. Damn you must be a superhuman or something. Ha You act like I said your doing hard labour or something I don’t know what you do and don’t care. And don’t belittle people who do hard labour cause they make real good money and a job is a job. This is actually kind of fun though, this little debate. I ain’t even breakin a sweat. I’ll just leave you alone though. Don’t wanna stress your small mind to much. LOL and YOU’RE the one that came at me just like ya boi Em came at MC. I guess people like you are use to getting your way or getting the last word. So I’m sure you’ll say something after I’m off this. I’ll just let you feel like you win. LOL Have fun playing with yourself. -Peace LOL

    P.S. An Essay or a book is a lot more than just a couple of paragraphs. :)


  76. Stomp

    Re : Jay and nickhead

    Eminem kills that bithc

    and jay stop writing them long ass paragraphns ni**a you starting to look like you obssesed with her. and yall look like kids arguing


  77. Stomp1

    RE:Jay and nick

    Eminem kills that bithc

    and jay stop writing them long ass paragraphns ni**a you starting to look like you obssesed with her. and yall look like kids arguing

    I dont even thinck her husband gay nick would write this much for his slutty ass wife

    but Eminem deffetnely kills them both.

    Im luauing at them(as I hear the song)


  78. nikehead

    Ok I will be the one to call this a wrap. this isn’t going anywhere and I agree debates are always great entertainment especially on blog sites but the reality is beefing over the internet is dumb so let me be the one to say nothing personal it got out of line and we were just defending our points we all have the right to our own opinions. So jay its all cool!!


  79. JaMaMa



  80. Pretty

    SHe might not have wanted to start shyt but she was tryin to be funny clearly just because she’s a female doesn’t mean she should’ve just been able to say whatever. Bump that I don’t blame him and that song goes hard.


  81. thip

    so i just heard the song and followed the lyrics, if you guys say eminem is being a child and has no career, lol thanks for adding to his hipe =p
    as for acting like a child, hes just acting like a rapper, as for attacking a girl, hes just treating her as an equal, as for poor mimi yes poor mimi, but still shes supa sexy and she should have known not to go after a rapper like eminem, who raps about anyone, lol poor christopher reeves still gets shit from em haha, much <3 to them both, theres no real winner or loser in this, just sit back and enjoy


  82. D

    Obsessed much?
    Seriously, he should just give it a rest already.
    Mariah’s career and overall status definately surpasses Eminem’s by a long shot.


  83. EminemFAN

    OMG! That song is fire and she better watch out. IDK why she even made that Obsessed video about him, jeez, your married chic!!! Anyhow, the song is fire and its in my ipod rotation now, lol… GET ‘EM !!!


  84. Whaaa

    RE: D

    But Eminem is considered a legend and he is the best selling rapper of all time. So I thinck for a rapper he beats mariah I mean Eimenem can sell way more than her these days

    and Eimenem is a rapper
    and mariah is a R&B singer

    so you cant compare who is better so therfore Eminem has some good status. His album could have done better with more promotion and way better singles like the MC diss

    I bet you if he did he wiould proablbly sell 1 million in the 1st week.

    But He still did good for a album with not to much promotion and he is the best selling artist of 09 behind MJ. plus on the 1st week he sold more than 1 mill worldwide.

    Plus MC never went gold on her 1st week . do your research its true

    Plus Eminem lyrically murder her and his husband that never had a carear

    Im not going to lie she has sold more than Eminenem but Eminem is a rapper. and its rare for a rapper to sell that mush So ther you have it

    Plus you know damm well he killed her your just such a MC fan that you wont let it go. It dosnt mean you cant stop liking her. and listning to her just agree plus all yall people that are saying Eminem this and Eminem that.. Yall know damm well this is wat Eminem does so live with it or die from it

    Keep taht dope music coming Em


  85. Lucky

    I feel so sorry for his daughter. What a pathetic excuse for a man and a father. If my dad did something like that, I would be beyond humiliated. He is a middle-aged nobody full of hate. Grow up.


  86. Kilyan

    to Whaaaa..

    Are you serious…?
    Mariah can sit on his aSs eating PopCorn while her album will sell 5 millions…

    He used to be gOod.Dont get me wrong.I never liked the man but he used to be someone.He’s not anymore.

    So U should get over it !


  87. dj

    i agree wih Whaaa

    Eminem will easily outsell mariah. I guarantee u Her new album wont sell 600,000 copies in the first week like EM’s did. If you mimi fans think otherwise, yall need help. Matter fact, her album prob want even surpass Ems second week sells that were like 300,000.

    yall know em killed her just admit it!! doesnt mean u dont like her anymore. Facts are Facts regardless how you feel about it.



    Damn EM said n 6 months he smashed once correct me if I’m wrong but I heard the diss at a party so couldn’t really hear. And the only loser here is Nick. That’s ur wife and if my wifes ex even bumps about baby that will b the last time he spit box’s fuck a diss rec box that pussy at least call him out gain some respect. Fuck ur card got revoked u could get put back on 30 day probation……naw I’m lie’n u sould have called him out as soon as Warnin came out. Str8 disrespected


  89. (T) iN tHe ZoNE

    i ent even heard the song and TBH…i wouldnt bother giving the time for any of it…i think its all childish but i would hav to stay with mariah…SHE WON..NO DOUBT


  90. lady luck

    Nikehead: You’re so lame it’s unbelievable.

    Grow up and get a life!

    And stop cursing at people like you know them.It’s really not that serious.


  91. nikehead

    bitch i do have a life u dont kno me fuk outta here!


  92. Whaaa

    TO: Kilyan I thinck you should agree that MC is a liar and a fraud and her husband nick is a lil punk for not saying anything. You are dumb MC cant sell shit no more she defetnely wont be selling more than em i say abot 300 – 400 1st week. plus she isnt that famuas anymore. with R&B singers like RiRi Beyonce and Keri Hilsion I Doubt no one would care if she did another album face it her time has come she is 40 and these days all the boys and girls proably dont even know who she is sorry weare in 2009 MC was tha shit back in the days. We are in a new generation like I said know a days people are listining to keri hilsion beyonce Rihana Ciara and all the new artist that are coming out. the only people that would buy her album is older fans that remember her from back in the days. And maybe new people that are just discovering her. but other than this MC is done no one cares if she drops another album. Rihana is the new MC. IM sure people would rather have Rihana drop a album. Then MC Drop one yall know it


  93. D

    get all defensive why don’t you.
    you took my comment way too serious.
    geez…defend him like you’re his own blood.
    i just find the whole situation lame and just wanted to fire you up and see what you had to say.


  94. dan

    @ WHAAA

    no one is listening to keri hilson…

    the situation gets on my nerves…who cares if the fucked or not?! em is too childish, he is like…36? grow up man

    hopefully mariah will not reply…otherwise there is no end in sight


  95. Whaaa

    TO: Dan and D
    look I dont really care about this to me all this is Entertenment for me people fhiting on blogs and the MC and Em its all entertinment. and Im not wasting my time beacuse Im gettin money I have a job. Yall are the ones wasting your time.

    and Dan WTF you mean no one listing to Keri Hilsion her song Knock You Down peaked #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 So that ovisly proves that people listing to her.

    People on Here do your research before you say something

    Like I said Rihiana is the new Mariah carey


  96. drizzy

    LMAO @ whaaa MC is still relvant and no one can still even touvh her after 19 years damn. We belong together is still this decades biggest song 14 weeks at #1 she’s also the only female to hold down the #1 and #2 spots on the charts with we belong together and shake it off and she still has he most played song on radio ever achieving all this when rihanna was in the game. lets see if your rihanna will ever pull that off. MC is still running huge game on rihanna who has mediocre achievements if any. at least mariah writes and produces all her own shit. she’s a living legend everyone else is just a fool in the business.


  97. Kilyan

    OMG !!

    I didn’t see that whaaa write that Rihanna is the nexT MC…

    Maaaaaaaaaaan..they shud not even be in the same sentence !!What a freaking joke !!
    Rihanna a legend..HaHaHaHa !!! She will just remain cause errbody will be like ” Oh that poor non singer that was beaten by her bf…”

    Mariah sitS on Rihanna’s career just with the sales of DayDream which was like..hmmmmm..14 years ago!!! and even currentlY Emancipation of Mimi sits on Rihanna’s face..while MC is overseas on a yacht doing her nails…

    You cannot compare wats not..Compare Rihanna with Ciara or real..and stilL…to me Ciara has more talent.

    As far as busineSs is concern..MC is stilL the Most Respected and Honoured singer in the game..after 20 years…Much preSsed uh…?


  98. Ja

    hahahahaha i liked mimi comback but come on u didnt think em was gonna just sit there nick cannon should keep his mouth shut b4 he tears up eminem will completely end his career whats left of it.


  99. Mj

    To the Mariah fans… what is the definition of a real man? he has to give woman a pass? he has to keep his mouth shut? he cant say something, because he has a daughter? I agree you dont chris brown a woman…I agree you take care of your family… It’s time though a man can say something to woman without her crying about it, and a women can say whatever the hell she wants as well.. We should all be able to get anything off our chest in WORDS if we choose to.


  100. Mary Lodu

    Eminem has been in the spotlight for many years now, and yet his message and methods remain the same and now there is a new song by him that trashes a woman, well I’m not surprised?
    it isn’t new or interesting at this point; it’s boring
    the only thing I hear Eminem saying is that he thinks women on television should either have sex with him or be murdered (or both)
    I don’t like him and I’ve never liked his music
    especially after his racist song “foolish pride”
    which of course wasn’t only racist but targeted towards women, once again
    he’s a woman-hater, and loves all the attention it gets him and to the person above me the definition of a real man is a man that knows how to commit and be responsible for him and is respectful to everyone else around him and throughout Eminem’s whole career, seems like he hasn’t shown much respect to anybody but tho those who bow down and suck his dick, he’s like the bully in the music industry, he’s probably just insecure that’s why has false sense of being superior to other people
    just because he can rap a couple of bars and verses
    and he’s probably gay too which is why he bashes women because of course to a gay man like Feminem, penis is the greatest thing since sliced bread and pussy ain’t shit


  101. taz718

    Mariah didnt deny that she slept with Eminem one time, just like he said. She said it in her song. So what… I dont think she’d care if he brought out some voicemails. She just made the point that she left it alone and he couldnt. I would say that Em made a fool of himself by “telling all”. He only hit 1 time in 6 months, and spoke on how he dried humped her and she made him get a towel after he was over excited and nut on her belly?? He’s so swole he dont even realize he is obssessed. As a woman I know what it means when you dry hump and dont want the dude to enter. I would say that any man that sticks around for 6 months, gets a tattoo on his back of my name and only got the goodies one time is OBSSESSED and I would be scared. Eminem is just mad that MC got with Nick over him. I dont think Nick is worried not even a little bit. After all, he got her. So he wins. Its just like she said in the song. ” finally met a girl that you couldnt impress last man in the world and you couldnt get this.” Mariah wins by much more the a landside. Em is in denial.


  102. ASID

    one of the best disses ever

    and the guy above

    mariah did deny sleeping with her in 2004 at the letterman show


  103. britteny

    thats wats up eminem


  104. coco

    Eminem is a loser then and now. Total fail. The best disses of his career are agains women. Wow, he is so powerful, but now he claims he almost dissed Wayne and Kanye, but was afraid they would murder his career. His ego about obsessing over a woman are greater than his skills at dissing one of his peers. He is still that scared little boy who got raped by his step dad. Poor little psychopath.


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