Amber Rose Puts On a Show in Vegas

Amber Rose

Amber Rose stripped down to her bikini while hosting TAO Beach at The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas on Saturday (Aug. 29). Kanye’s girlfriend wore little more than light-blue contacts and chilled poolside with her brother Antonio Hewlett.

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  1. samantha

    Her eyes look nasty..

    I do usually think she looks pretty..
    she got a good body..


  2. Vaun

    WTF is up with the contacts?? A Mess!


  3. Burmy

    I seen pics of her with hair before…I hope she grows that back! (Before you come at me with the “unique” factor, SHE JUST LOOKS BETTER WITH THE FULL HEAD OF HAIR!)


  4. MACH

    I don’t really grasp the significance and/or relevance of this trashbox…


  5. Who cares about that Bitch?!

    Why is rap up posting about this hoe?
    She has no respect for herself!
    So why are we supoosed to respect her?
    Why dont you post about talented people instead of these attention whore?


  6. Catie

    Yeah..i could care less about her.


  7. Jaelani

    I want Amber Rose’s body, it is sick! Why does it look like she’s purposly posing in every pic? Oh lawd…


  8. MaZ



  9. shiraz

    she is just a super B*****h


  10. Shalie

    World Swimwear has that bikini.. it is sexy. I like the monokini that they have over this 2 piece.


  11. Shalie

    o yeah, the bikini is called Palms.. love it


  12. Dee

    ya’ll some fucking haters and are very closed minded; let her do what the fuck she wants. It ain’t like you paying her bills. Worry about yourselves.


  13. Neshia

    Yall stop hatin on dat bad bitch!!!! Dat bitch is bad


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