Album Cover: Shakira – ‘She Wolf’

She Wolf

You’ll need a glass of water to go with Shakira’s scorching cover for She Wolf, her third English studio album, due October 13.

“I have music from India, the Middle East, dancehall, a little bit of Colombian influences,” the Lebanese-Colombian singer told Vanity Fair. “I always loved disco, so the new record has disco elements, but also house—it’s electropop.”

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  1. samantha

    I like it


  2. Jacques Theprophetblog

    I think this is fanmade because a ton of sources reported the other cover as the official one.


  3. Giselle

    She’s pretty without even trying.


  4. jay

    damn she done stole beyonce weave lmao!!


  5. Viki

    If this really is official cover, it’s perfect


  6. MaZ

    I like the cover. She’s gorgerous. She probably was inspired by french actress Brigitte Bardot. She looks just like her.


  7. ummmm

    Stole Beyonce’s weave? Isn’t that Shakira’s real hair? DEATH


  8. dan

    its shakiras real hair! and she rocks it since years…so why bring beyonce into this topic?

    its a cool cover

    but electropop…not really shakiras style, isnt it?


  9. Henri

    Shakira está mais linda do quue nunca!
    BRASIL te ama!


  10. Connie

    I personally don’t like the background color, in my opinion. –Green– but I have to agree that she looks pretty as always! :) I think that cover could be perfect with a better background!


  11. pandho

    ok! the colours are a little distortioned but… yup.! that’s the real official cover… =D

    Algo distorsionados los colores… pero si! esa es la cartula oficial real… =D

    [[x si se preguntan, los colores son mas claros, lo que se ve verde es mas bn un azul pálido]]


  12. Eddi

    The Cover is real, it has been posted @

    Though i think its a rape to the occupation of graphical designer, she herself looks freaggin good, but the font and the background are POORLY photoshopped.

    Love her new songs! Espesially Did it again and Why wait!


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