Pink Is Not Picture-Perfect Beyoncé

Pink and Beyoncé

Pink will never be picture-perfect Beyoncé. When it comes to the two pop stars, Pink claims the difference is black and well, Pink.

“The best I can gather is that Australia likes their artists to be rugged and raw and authentic, and America likes their artists to be glamorous and a little more packaged and glossy—like the difference between me and Beyoncé,” the “Sober” singer tells Rolling Stone in the magazine’s September 17 issue.

Although she respects Beyoncé, Pink says she lacks the polish of her peer. “She’s beautiful, she’s multitalented, and she lives this jet-set lifestyle,” she explains. “And then there’s me: You would picture me out in a field boxing a kangaroo with makeup running down my face, crying about something that happened a week ago.”

The North American leg of Pink’s Funhouse tour kicked off this week. She will make stops at Los Angeles’ Staples Center (Sept. 18) and Houston’s Toyota Center (Sept. 24) before closing at Madison Square Garden on October 5.

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  1. keyjhad

    tru,both are really different and i luv them,pink she’s crazy i like her,my scary crazy rockstar









    Pucci Reply:

    @BEYDABESS, you are such a an annoying, mechanical troll. she didnt say anything BAD about beyonce. If you knew how to read, you would understand that.


  3. Dominicano

    beydadess sit yo tied ass down


  4. dabadest

    -I heart pink and beyonce. beyonce dat bitch but that beydabess is def trippn she prolly dnt even kno yu homey lol


  5. S Hood

    You are a dumbass! There is a difference between being a fan and being an obssessive freak. You’re the latter. Learn how to spell too! Makes you appear even more stupid!! :)


  6. wateva

    Beyonshit image is manufactured and engineered by a marketing team.

    Pink, at least we know your real…don’t worry Ma, we know that bey is a fake.


  7. Julez


    ahh, your a fucken idiot. like, seriously. learn how to spell. Beyonce is human, not God.


  8. Andre Le Dale

    Awwww Pink we know you can’t stand Beyonce you made that very clear after you, Britney Spears, And Beyonce did that Pepsi commerical back in 2003.


  9. SwaggerAreUs

    Now that Pink has said something about Kanye, does she think she can go and say outlandish sh*t about the whole Roc Nation and this includes Beyonce.

    1. Just because Beyonce is well mannered doesn’t mean she fake. If anything she’s very real. Beyonce never strays from the craft that she likes and can feel. Be that as it may, she will talk about money and glamorous lifestyle (Upgrade U) or sex (Kitty Kat), or even being the best (Diva). But she remains humble. Beyonce had a potentially better childhood than you. She had both of her supporting parents living averagely happy.

    2. As I can recall, Pink was an R&B singer as well. She just started doing Pop-Rock. Then, there’s you. As far as your records is concerned you’ve had a pretty hectic life within just the past year. You’ve had a problem with drugs and alcohol…You attack those of the celebrity lifestyles you wish you had.

    I really like Pink, but I love Beyonce. I think she has a big mouth and she’s calling Kanye West a douche bag. At least, he not trying to judge someone’s personality and this is what she is doing. Pink, you don’t know Beyonce…and BTW I couldn’t image you fighting a kangaroo because you’ll definitely get your ass kicked, but I can definitely see you crying about you taking drugs before this interview.


  10. Giselle

    Every chance I read “Beydabadass” comments I literally laugh out loud. You are seriously pathetic. If Beyonce seen the way you speak of her she would get a restraining order against you. Get your OWN life.


  11. Harvey

    Lol. P!nk is so cool to me. And by the way she’s not throwing shade at Beyonce. She’s just giving a comparison.


  12. lame

    yo you guys are reading this all wrong. She’s not hating or talking trash on Beyonce…she said that their different that’s all. Bey’s mor glamorous and she’s more rugged. That’s all she said. Calm Down.


  13. Bijan

    Beyonce is the epitome of a diva. The good AND the bad.


  14. Burmy


    If you’re the one who got Kanye to do what he did, you are in DEEP sh!t girl…


  15. Joyams

    The biggest difference between them is that beyoncé is good and Pink is shit. That’s all.


  16. LOL

    ^ Pink is shit? YOU WISH. The comparison she made between them is true.


  17. jbug

    i’m not a big fan of neither. but beyonce, don’t go around runnin’ her mouth. my opinion pink is fake as hell. quit wit the tough rocker girl act. you ain’t rock or tough period. your music is soft as hell. a real woman probably beat the crap out of you. like beyonce. don’t underestimate the sista…


  18. Theodore

    Wow thats just scary.beyonce stans awl ova da place lol. But i like pink so much. But bey bey beyonce is the QUEEN! i love her more than mj even now.can u believe it


  19. Carl


    you are just too much. I can’t believe your a real ACTUAL person. It’s sad to know.


  20. nic

    LMAO why do ppl want to hate on P!NK so bad??!!
    Its funny how even the most sensible stuff said is taken the way some ppl ^ took it . The hip hop community/fans seem to want to think she’s nothing, when she’s been regularly selling more CD’s than your favs. Beyonce sold more than 3 million in the U.S for B’Day and 5.8 million Worldwide, but couldn’t outsell P!NK’s Im not Dead which sold 6.5 million WW. I’m citing this as examples since they were released at the same time. And to “jbug” calling her a fake rocker, if Guns & Roses, BonJovi, Aerosmith, Queen band members like Brian May, Slash, Richie Sambora, etc have praised her abilities as a rock singer, then she sure as hell is legit.


  21. nic

    and one more thing, P!nk is way more prettier and relatable than that fake ass wannabe “queen of pop” *barf* Beyonce. How many times is she gonna just thurst her hips/bootay around on stage calling it original?gurl ive seen that move from you a million times. Bring something new to the stage like P!nk and Lady Gaga.


  22. An0thrDream

    she’s not even talking crap about beyonce!!!

    SIT DOWN you outrageous bey-stans

    she’s just saying Beyonce is a picture perfect superstar and she herself is a more rugged raw superstar. NO insults, no nothing. Damn


  23. Vha

    why on earth do peeps hold beyonce like she’s from another planet ? end of the day she drinks water , sleeps and sh*ts juss like the rest of us . so them stans need to realise there’s only one God and not Beyonce and God !
    oh my word . but love pink to bits :)


  24. jbug

    for one NIC, do you think any real legit underground rock fan see’s pink as a gifted rock artist???(not) beyonce sucks and pink is a phony. she was a rnb artist b4, she became so called punk rock. pink try’s to act like she’s not like the pop girl. when she is that pop girl. she came through that crappy pop era w/ britney and beyonce. stop w/ the tough girl act. you’re not courtney love.


  25. Unknown

    Pink is right Beyonce fans are horrible to create more than 1 user name to say the same shit u people need a life 4 real .


  26. Kyle

    She’s right, she’s not bashing her by any means. I will always respect P!NK, she is the definition of REAL.


  27. i love ciara

    i always knew pick didn’t like beyonce


  28. lol

    whatever beybadass is,tell her he or she had me laughing i mean seriously?


  29. bass_man

    That’s true. But they do make different music, so that could kind of make her argument invalid…


  30. drtash

    And this is the no.1 news story because….? Calm down people. It’s really not that serious. But people trying to turn this into another drama ala Keri Hilson or Etta James scenario. SMH.


  31. Harvey

    LMAO @ jbug. You say P!nk is fake and needs to quit the tough rocker chix act? Yo, tell that shit to Rihanna!


  32. Harvey

    Some of y’all so stupid. P!nk has no reason to just outright try to diss Beyonce. That’s not what’s she doing.



    Beyonce Is gorgeous I hate her damn weaves tho..she need to fire her mom cuz she been f*ckin up her doo’s since day 1…P!nk sound like a hater right about now..she’s never gonna reach bey’s level of success so she throwin salt..or just wants sum attention


  34. lynne

    Pink is exceptionally popular in Australia and Beyonce is just tolerated here…Pink is correct in her comparison. It seems that Pink is just tolerated in USA…


  35. Keri

    The difference between Pink and Beyonce is…Beyonce is still SELLING RECORDS WORLDWIDE…Pink is a Has-Been..the only love Pink gets is on MTV, nobody respects her…tell Pink to sit her trailer park ass down…she forgets that her record label had to clean her ass up and get her prepared for the music industry because she was so dirty and trailer park trash when they signed her. Honey, go and try something new, because music is not your fortee’ at this point, your music is pointless, and the only true SUCCESS you’ve had is from Lady Marmalade… can never hold a candle to Beyonce bitch.


  36. Bryxxx

    In France, Pink & Beyonce are two huge artists!!

    I Don’t think P!nk Said somethin’wrong because when you look all the picture and videos of Beyoncé, She is sooooo clean, everytime. She Never have something wrong on her hair or make up. The Image of Beyoncé is a perfect woman (a dream).
    In Other hand, when you look to Pink’s Pix or videos, she’s more natural. She’s not have everytime a good hair cut or make up. Sometimes she’s trash but it’s her.

    Beyoncé wants to show (and shows) her best side everytime, P!nk is like she is at the moment.

    I Love her both

    They have to be careful because Rihanna is mix of Beyoncé and Pink! You have The Rock style, the R&B Style, The Pop Style.


  37. Ashlyn Bethel

    pink needs to shut the f*c up for real…..why wud u even say anything about beyonce??? ur dumb. and i think your low key jealous!! i bet u wish u were as big as her…ur life wants to be glamorous but your jus a knock off u by at the corner


  38. selina

    i live both pink & beyonce
    but pink always has too talk shit
    i think she needs to just shut up man!


  39. wayne

    Message to Nic, I remember hearing that B’day sold 7 million worldwide.


  40. Panihaaa

    People must keep in there mind that Beyonc is not perfect AND NOBODY IS!!!
    She is just a girl (young lady) who loves to sing.
    But she was not created to save the world.
    We all people togheter must work togheter and make a beter world!!!

    Stop acting like she is God!!!

    any ways peaceout


  41. E



  42. april

    Pink in no way dissed Beyonce, if anything stated the obvious. Beyonce isn’t anymore spectacular than any living breathing human being or earth . In reality without air she would die, if you prick her she will bleed . This is coming from a Beyonce fan (not worshiper).

    P.s I think Pink has the better voice , her voice is soulful and original , I vcan find 300 girls in my city that sound as good or better than. Ehhh


  43. Tiffany

    when i think of looks, beyonce wins, music, beyonce wins, voice, beyonce, best dancer, beyonce. so i don’t really care what pinks says. i think beyonce is awesome. and plz stop saying she’s fake. then that means every pop star is fake even your precious rhianna. also i can remeber when pink was r&b and now she’s rock.
    if you say b is fake because she wears weaves, then damn i’m fake too and 90% of women in the world, famous and non famous! hooray, we’re all fake!!


  44. Chloe

    P!nk is real, and so is her music. love her. She has more singing talent than Beyonce does, to be on Beys “level” she would have to dumb down. She’s a singer, not an entertainer.

    . . And no where in the article was P!nk trying to throw shade at Beyonce.


  45. Ruben

    Pink has always thrown shade at Beyoncé because she is jealous of her . Remember when she made this “stupid girl” song to make herself seem
    Better than the simple blond valley girls and then she did the single ladies dance on stage implieing that Beyoncé was a “stupid girl”. Well Beyoncé is the complete oposite of a stupid gir she is highly talented independent smart and succesfull and oh yeah SHE IS KIND AND HUMBLE unlike you Pink! pink acts like she is this down to earth alternative chick because she is underachieving But whenever she gets the chance she is mainstream as fck


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