Video: Kanye West Returns to the Stage

Kanye West

Kanye West took the stage for his first performance since the VMA debacle last night at the Common & Friends Benefit Concert at the Hollywood Palladium. ’Ye, along with Common, ran through “Good Life,” “Run This Town,” “Flashing Lights,” “Make Her Say,” and “Get ’Em High” with Mos Def and Talib Kweli.

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  1. bass_man

    i really thought that was Queen Latifah that came out for Flashing Lights lol


  2. Pinoy

    Kanye went out there screaming and acting like a girl when he is on award shows.


  3. dc84

    i woulda lost my shit if i saw kanye, common, talib and mos on stage together live.. that set looked crazy!


  4. hautmess

    boooo, go on tour with chris brown!

    no respect for either… they’ll get what they deserve.


  5. kyladreamsmusic

    The piiiink shirt! Yasssss Kanye.


  6. Harvey

    LOL @ Hautmess. Good one.

    Looking forward to the Fame Kills Tour.


  7. Travell Johnson

    @hautmess, so u telling me what chris brown did was equilvalent to kanye west….

    neither event affected u, so why are u complaining like he killed a family of four…some people are so stupid..


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