Tracklisting: Amerie – ‘In Love & War’

In Love & War

News flash! Someone in the building said Amerie’s back starting November 3 with her fourth album In Love & War. is the first place to bring you the official tracklisting and production credits per her management.

1. “Tell Me You Love Me” (Teddy Riley/Amerie)
2. “Heard ’Em All” (Eric Hudson/Sean Garrett)
3. “Dangerous” (Jonas Jeberg/Amerie)
4. “Higher” (Warryn “Baby Dubb” Campbell/Amerie)
5. “Why R U” (The Buchanans/Amerie)
6. “Pretty Brown” feat. Trey Songz (M-Phazes/Amerie)
7. “More Than Love” feat. Fabolous (Del Pearson/Len Nicholson)
8. “Swag Back” (Jim Jonsin/Rico Love)
9. “You’re a Star” (Amerie/Len Nicholson)
10. “Red Eye (Fly With Me)” (Bryan-Michael Cox/Amerie)
11. “Different People” (M-Phazes/Amerie)
12. “The Flowers” (Karma/Amerie)
13. “Dear John” (Trac Nova/Amerie)
14. “Heard ’Em All (Remix)” feat. Lil Wayne (Eric Hudson/Sean Garrett)

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  1. Big-A

    “Swag Back”. pleeeease. I so hate the word “swagger” already, this album has to be a fail if she puts a song like this one on it


    Harvey Reply:

    @Big-A, Oh please hush.


  2. SHo-tiiiiiime

    Wow this girl produced some of her own stuff ….some of her best work on the album…I’m very optimistic about her album…lets make her a trending topic for promotion on twitter


  3. Lebo(CaribbeanBoi)

    “Dear John” is the shit !! she needs to release that song .. I love that


  4. Dave

    YESS, I can’t wait. NOVEMBER 3RD!!!


  5. Kyle

    I am still in awe of the album cover, let alone the tracklisting. I am crossing my fingers because I really hope this album sticks to its Nov. 3rd release date and doesn’t get pushed back again.


  6. Dave

    So talented, produced most of her stuff, and wrote most of her stuff, Who else?!, lol


  7. Vaun

    OMG Cant wait…


  8. 100% Nikehead

    Pretty Brown definately needs to be the next single, i swear if they play it on the radio people will fall in love with that song instantly, it got that 90′s feel and its so different from anything thats out right now!


  9. LaMont

    She work with a lot of unknown producers.I hope they brung their A game cause if not this album is gonna flop! :x


  10. Me

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Amerie!!! Shes so talented…I really hope she get the record sales she deserves…Everyone knows if you don’t dress up and go random places for attention, no1 checks for you.


  11. Harvey

    Thanks rap-up! The tracklisting looks good to me. Can’t wait. 1 more month!!!


  12. RaydeeohCity

    im REALLY diggin Red Eye. That joint is on point.


  13. CeeCee

    That Red Eye cut is amaziing and Pretty Brown but the cut that is 100% fire is Higher.
    Can’t wait NOV.3rd!


  14. LadyLawliet

    LOVE this album cover; so artistic!


  15. || Single Cover: Amerie – ‘Pretty Brown’

    [...] is feeling blue on the cover of her third single “Pretty Brown” from her fourth album In Love & War, releasing November 3. The M-Phazes/Amerie production features R&B man of the moment Trey [...]

  16. Giulietta

    Both “Dangerous” and “Pretty Brown” were written by Edwin “Lil Eddie” Serrano too bad he ain’t getting credit!!!!! I absolutely LOVE “Swag Back”, that song is so beautiful! Wouldn’t be surprised if Eddie wrote that one as well :P lol


  17. EP

    The CD is da bomb. Alot of goodness on this joint! Go cop…


  18. macaliah

    love you ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerie


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