Chris Brown Reveals Tour Plans

Chris Brown Tweet

Hot on the heels of his new single “I Can Transform Ya,” Chris Brown shared plans for a 15-20-date tour via Twitter on Monday night (Oct. 5).

“BOUT TO START A SMALL TOUR SOON.. 15 TO 20 DATES.. MY FAN APPRECIATION TOUR. just for yall.nothin bigger than 4,ooo seaters”

No official announcement has been made from his label Jive Records.

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  1. Brandon

    Hell no! Go away!


    Keesha Reply:

    @Brandon, He’s never going to go away. Sorry. Deal with it.


    Isis Reply:

    @Brandon, U R funny LMAO!! Why don’t you do us a favor and U GO AWAY!! LOL!Hater! Lame!!


  2. amy


    and ^brandon^..u mad??dnt buy his tickets then..



  3. rebecca

    i hope he will come to australia


  4. iC

    he reeks of desperation.. he’d be forgiven if he had a lil Kanye in him..


    wtf Reply:

    @iC, you are soo dumb..chris does not need to beg for your forgivenss..this is not about your hating asses.. its called being smart..he needs to start promoting his new single and album and this is the best way to get it out and radio would be nice but they will just ask him same old stuff and this is the next best thing to do promo..only stupid people are dumb enough not to see what they are doing and call it desperation..smh @idiots..after this he will release his cd and will back to doing the 90 000 venues he has filled before..yass yass, 90 000..POWWWWWWWW..get it breezy and us fans are loving it..haters will look and hate while you are slowly comming back..cant wait breezy..its about time you start getting out there and getting the hang of things…cant wait!!! transformers here we come and about to burn up the charts and takeover the world!!!!yasss!!!!


    Lizzy Reply:

    @wtf, I like your answer


  5. Isis

    I pray he comes to North Carolina!!! Please!!!


  6. Facebook User

    4.000 seaters cuz he probably can’t sell more than that LMAO
    Transform Ya is crap and if that’s what’s to come from that woman beater, then he can keep doing his comunity labors


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