Album Cover: Chris Brown – ‘Graffiti’


Armed with a spray can, Chris Brown tags in outer space on the cover of his third album Graffiti, dropping December 15. The partially animated cover blends the pop star’s passions for music, fashion, and art.

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  1. -Joana

    I LOVE IT!


  2. Dominicano

    WOW!!!!!! that is fuckin hot!


  3. jONaTHaN

    its Crazy cuz imma buy this album n ain’t buying that Ri Ri album Lol


    -Joana Reply:

    @jONaTHaN, Haha T-R-U-E! xD


  4. KingMe

    this is real epic to me! Chris is coming hard this time around. TEAM CB!!


  5. Frank

    Def. buying this album….cover matches the singles…awsome…


  6. javonscott



  7. Danielit0

    tHz Sh!t Iz D0p3n3zs In Da sPaC3 & Mo0n LiT3 Gr@ffiTi Iz Up Ta ParT. n0t SuM 0l’ ScHo0l FuLgY aSz Chul0 ArT


  8. ouchhh!

    theres somethin really feminine about his body posture…maybeee its those damn skinny jeans lol


  9. Well...

    …I’m buying both. :D


  10. DJ Triumph

    love it chris brown did a great job/


  11. B-Rad

    I’m not a Chris Brown fan at all, I think he’s extremely over hyped these days by young teenagers with no appreciation for real talent just by his looks, but this album cover is one sickest album cover’s I’ve ever seen.


  12. EDWARD

    i luv it, dont know kinda how but i feel like this one gonna be his best ever done, go man, do ur things


  13. Bhe



    aj Reply:

    @Bhe, how are u doin dis aj and u


  14. 100% Nikehead

    WOW! Yeah in my opinion this is probobly one of the best album covers ive ever seen. Shit is dope!


  15. Meeks

    Chirs looks gay. Sorry try again. Love RapUp


  16. Dillon_68

    I’m speechless! This cover is a masterpiece!

    Way better than that crappy Exclusive cover….


  17. Justin D Dot



  18. 100% Nikehead

    This is gonna destroy Rihannas album i mean have u seen the tracklisting for rihannas album and on top of that the 2 singles she has released smh. Horrible just Horrible. Def jam is tarnishing her name hard lmfao. CB is commin hard for this album.


    what? Reply:

    @100% Nikehead, how can you tell her album is going to be bad by a tracklisting ?


    Taijmonae Parker Reply:

    @what?, thank you…n plus who cares which album is better damn like honestly…


    DIllon_68 Reply:

    @Taijmonae Parker, I swear, why is there a need to compare? They are two individuals who are giving all they got in their own ways. Yall just some close-minded fools…Think positive for once!


  19. miss mystery

    yeaaah cb :D its HOTT


  20. Pinoy

    Graffiti on Rihanna’s face.


  21. EDWARD

    lol how straight u guyz wanna c this cover? with hoody and gun in the middle of the ghetto? plzzzzzzzz


  22. dan

    hell ya !!


  23. lissy

    i love it, diffrent


  24. Alicias a homewrecker

    Teyana Taylor is better than Rihanna, Beyonce, Jay-Z and Chris Brown.

    Teyana is better than these devils.

    Teyana is the best at what she does. She looks 10x better than Rihanna and Beyonce put together. Beyonce is giraffe looking sh*t face. Rihanna is a swollen rhino.

    Teyana is 12x better than chris beater. Teyana is 20x better than camel face Jay-Z.


    kanye Reply:

    @Alicias a homewrecker, omg hoe pathetic can you possibly get you fool or were you paid to talk trash about this people.


  25. Jay

    This album cover is so dope!!! CB lookin Fly!


  26. Brandy4ever

    @ alicia keys is a home wrecker(!)
    Thanks teyanna taylor for your input.

    I love the theme on the album cover. But chris should lose the skin tight jeans


  27. Mike

    Chris got some sexy ass thighs…damn…i bet his ass is phat and crazy! The tights on a dude is crazy sexy yo…


  28. eddy

    dat’s great…i think imma buy dat album…the cover is just well done…just waiting


  29. Blake

    Let me start by saying I love Rihanna and Chris Brown.
    This album cover is sooo dope.I love everything about it.I love that Chris is what everyone should be..themselves. He doesn’t have to put on baggy jeans hanging off his azz to try appear as something he’s not to appeal to certain people,c’mon its almost 2010,the future is now and we need to move on from certain things from the past and except the now;music,style,fashion,people,etc.This album cover is beyond creative and his outfit is outter space phresh!!lol-(although it maynot be for everyone) Seeing things like this gets me crazy excited..seeing the evolution of hip hop and pop culture right before our eyes.Its time for the haters to clock out and embrace the now-future.


  30. LMAO @ Alicia home wrecker

    Lmao @Alicias a homewrecker-no you didn’t say Teyana Taylor looks better than Beyonce and Riri put together lmao..You need to be smacked in ya face with a jagged project building brick for that. I don’t know how you got out of your straitjacket to type that but hopefully the men in white coats strapped your mentally disturbed azz back down bytch. Can’t nobody say nuthin about Beyonce around me or I’m goin in!!
    P.S.If anybody saw Teyana’s Halloween costume,she was Shenaeneh from Martin”,she looked EXACTLY like her/him and umm…she didn’t have to do much to get just sayin…I love that swaggerific girl tho*


  31. Lisa

    Get it Sasha Fierce!


  32. Elijah

    THRILLER!!!! THIS IS CB THRILLER ALBUM!!! IT WILL SELL MORE THAN THRILLER!!!! THIS IS HIS THRILLER ALBUM!!! based on the cover- this cd will DESTROY THE CHARTS with #1 all across the board


    buying the single
    buying the album
    buying the concert tix….


  33. aj

    dat shit wat he got on


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