Drake Reveals Wish List of Collaborators


When you’ve worked with Eminem, Jay-Z, and Mary J. Blige, who else is left? Drake tells Rap-Up.com which three artists he would most like to collaborate with.

Drizzy desires to connect with a certain “Smooth Operator” for his full-length debut Thank Me Later, due in early 2010. “I really, really wanna do a joint with Sade,” he shares.

He also has another elusive rapper and a rock band on his short list. “I really wanna get AndrĂ© 3000 on the record. And I really wanna do a song with Kings of Leon.”

The “Successful” 23-year-old has already reached out to some of them about making his dreams a reality. “Yeah, slowly, but surely. We’ll see…”

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  1. Rated R

    I would love to hear another song, in general from SADE…love her…and a collabo would be nice from drake but he hasn’t been in the game long enough to collaborate with someone like her.


    . Reply:

    @Rated R, ok but he’s been in the game long enough to collab with eminem and jay z???? and mary j??


  2. NdNVixen

    Well, he’s got good taste. Can’t fight that.


  3. 100% Nikehead

    Yooooo Drake and Sade would probobly be one of the dopest collaborations ever. Drakes album is gonna be on a whole other level. If he wants to work with Sade u can see that hes serious about making this album timeless!!!


  4. mad

    damn cudi couldnt get andre on his lets see if drake can! hopefully! pray that rick ross or birdman arent on his album


  5. ugh

    i thought andre 3000 was somewhere in the mountains conceptualizing his new album and writing songs for it. andre 3000 has and always will be one of my favorite artists because his creativity is so far ahead of everyone elses. drake and andre would be a nice collabo. drake and sade would also be a great collabo. is drakes leaked song king leon and attempt to bring about that kings of leon collabo?


  6. Giselle

    That would be dope. I hope he doesn’t have too many features though. That would be a fail.


  7. LIL Al

    Drake And T.I. = hit song, when t.i. get out,


  8. Jordan

    Future Collaboration – Drake & T.I., Drake & Wale, Drake & J. Cole, Drake & Nas, Drake & Game, Drake & Ludacris & Drake & Lupe Fiasco


  9. Snowman

    Drake and T.I. would make a smash T.I. had 2 singles from his album that reached #1 and 1 that reached #2 and swagga like us was #5 on Billboard 100 FREE T.I.


  10. mmkayy

    are yall talkn about ‘Off That’ by Jay-z ? thats hardly a collab.. he just on the hook


  11. joey thompson

    drake n ti lik i’ll like that


  12. dough mino

    Hov scrubbed drake’s verse on off that,appearently drake murked em..listen to light up,hov gt burned by drake again jus to prove a point,but not close to renegade thou


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