Mary J. Blige Renames New Album

Mary J. Blige

With little over a month to go, Mary J. Blige is making one last change to her album title.

The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul’s ninth studio effort will now go by the name Stronger withEach Tear, has exclusively learned. It was previously just called Stronger. The set is still due December 22.

A new single “I Am” will be released to iTunes on November 23. She will perform the song live for the first time at Sunday’s American Music Awards.

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  1. Darrell H-Town

    Mary cant waith 4 the album and u proform live this sunday


  2. Baron

    Would she just go ahead and release the damn thing already?!


    Harvey Reply:

    @Baron, Hush fool, it’s coming. Don’t worry. They gotta set everything up just right.


  3. ouchhh!

    CANT WAITTTTTTTTTT! ps that new single is so dope.


  4. HarryJBige

    my sister will let have on this one…


  5. Lucas*

    Mary, I love you. Can’t wait to buy your new Cd.


  6. Cameo

    I like the title stronger more. Its simpler and has more meaning I believe


  7. Elijah

    this cd is going to flop!!!! im sorry i love mary j but its going to flop

    no hit singles no promotion she just changed the album name

    just put out the damn flop cd already

    only mjb fans will cop this cd this time around- just like alicia keys cd as well


  8. Darrell H-Town

    Mary never flopp even on her worst cd”s she really never get a hit single but every song ive heard been good everybody make sure u copp the queen cd Dec.22……….


  9. dan

    mary had just a few big singles…correct me if i’m wrong, but i just remember family affair, be without you and one…those were her big singles

    just fine was not a big single either, or? and growing pains sold very well!

    there are a few artist, where you’re just going to buy the album and not the singles


  10. Burbliop

    yeahhhh can’t wait for this
    album will be huge !!!!!!!!!


  11. T

    Actually, “Just Fine” was a pretty big single. The single sold over 500,000 in the United States alone and over 700,000 worldwide.

    Mary will go platinum and there will be a radio hit somewhere on the cd; she always has one.


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