Angie Martinez Interviews Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, & Trey Songz

Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, and Trey Songz

Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, and Trey Songz stopped by Hot 97 to chat with Angie Martinez on her radio show Wednesday (Jan. 13). The “Mob Squad” will be traveling across the country next month for The Blueprint 3 tour. They discuss a joint album, the devil-worshipping rumors facing Jay-Z, and who makes the most money on the road. Listen below.

Part 1 – On what it’s like to perform at Madison Square Garden.

Part 2 – On how they split the touring money, Jay-Z’s devil-worshipping rumors and his religious views, and Jeezy squashing beef with Gucci Mane.

Part 3 – On how they decide whose set Rihanna appears during, how they travel, and a “Mob Squad” album?

Part 4 – On Jeezy’s holiday donations and Thug Motivation 103. Plus, Trey talks Toni Braxton and his Grammy nomination.

Part 5 – On dating, Birdman’s claim that Lil Wayne is richer and a better lyricist than Jay-Z, creating a legacy with the BP3 tour, and Jay’s “I Wanna Rock (Remix)” with Snoop Dogg.

Part 6 – On raising money for Haiti and Jay’s play “Fela!”

Audio via Angie Martinez

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  1. shelby

    That interview is so good. Thanks Rap-UP!

    Jay got a good sense of humor. LOVE IT!


  2. mike



  3. Winn

    Love always – this is gna be WILD!


  4. airwavekilla

    Look on Jeezy cloths they have 666 on them Look at the 8 its not a snowman nor a 8. its 666.


  5. ubetteagota F*k life.Rihannya



  6. T

    oh lawd, Jay tryna recruit Trey to be a part of his “clan”? good for Trey, sick of Jay, don’t like Jeezy!


  7. trey fans

    very nice


  8. Tyler

    im so glad that trey said yes to his blueprint3 tour too bad im not going if i wasthis will be the frist time seeing trey in person love you trey


  9. Wisdom

    Love Jay, the intelligence, the humor, personality, and swag. If he can remain more Brooklyn then Hollywood he will always remain attractive and dynamic. Gotta keep a little hood in it. I know he had more women than a average man could think about. We watched a young rapper from NY Projects evolve, emerge and really grow into a real Man. Thats all right! He defined his life to suit him and accepts the haters while doing so he’s moving on to the next one love it. Stay humble Jay so you never seem fony to people. So far so good. Follow the Blueprint it might lead you.


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