Video: Lady Gaga Makes ‘Oprah’ Debut

Lady Gaga and Oprah

Lady Gaga, who had to postpone her show at Purdue University last night due to exhaustion and dehydration, made her “Oprah Winfrey Show” debut on Friday’s live episode in Chicago. Catch her interview and performance below.

All proceeds from Gaga’s January 24 show at Radio City Music Hall will be donated to help victims of the Haiti earthquake.

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  1. bass_man

    Her expression in the first photo: priceless.


  2. bass_man

    but really. how many debut artists get to sit on that couch? I think Lady GaGa, even if she disappears by the end of the decade, has made a mark on pop culture.


  3. ...

    *blink blink*


  4. bijan

    I could care less about Gaga, she hasnt changed music, she hasnt changed fashion.


    Joyams Reply:

    @bijan, You left me speechless.


    100% Nikehead Reply:

    @bijan, um are we living on the same planet like seriously. 4 number one singles on her first album. 8 times platinum. Shes living her dream and making money and what are you doing with your life?



    loll i ♥ lady gaga !


  6. Joyams

    Finally a smart, creative, and gifted pop star.


  7. dr

    she is so right in evry way
    she is on a level that no square ass loser cud evr understand
    she will b remembered 4 all that she is
    she makes me want to do me even more. love u gaga


  8. NYC BOI



  9. Catie

    I think the windshield of the cab was supposed to smash or something.

    She seemed sad during the interview and performance, i think all this fame might be getting to her. She killed the performance though!


    dc84 Reply:

    @Catie, yeah i think so too! I think her smashing the windshield while singing was a bit of an oversight from a choreography standpoint

    She’s usually pretty mellow in interviews. I bet she’s tired from all of the touring and publicity she does too


  10. Kevin

    Did she get a nose job? Her nose was huge and hooked which is why she’d always hide behind big sunglasses. So her nose would look smaller by comparison and you wouldn’t notice the bump. Check the SNL Madonna fight if you don’t believe me. When she turns to kiss her you see how bad her profile is.


  11. Liss

    I’m actually starting to feel her after this..starting to get her


  12. queen beyonce

    wow shes so humble love it & its genuine!!! im for sure going to her concert when she comes to new zealand!


  13. mal

    loool shes so insane!


  14. Soulfeel

    Can’t wait for this album.


  15. NYC BOI



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