Bring Back Lauryn Hill for Haiti Benefit

Lauryn Hill has remained out of the spotlight for what seems like forever, but after watching this performance, we thought the “Hope for Haiti Now” benefit would be the perfect opportunity for the Grammy winner to get involved.

Wyclef Jean has put together a star-studded lineup for Friday’s telethon, but how incredible would it be to see his fellow Fugees member perform her version of Bob Marley and the Wailers’ “Redemption Song”? And not to mention, it would be for a great cause.

What do you think? If you agree, tweet this link with #hillforhaiti.

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    um Rihana took her spot!!


    cubevision Reply:, you are unwell, talentless rihanna could never replace lauryn hill


  2. bitchBOObYEq

    I totally agree!


  3. Electric Colors

    Rihanna is garbage.
    L-Boogie all day


  4. BringBackLauryn

    Aww man I hope Lauryn comes through for this soooo badly!! If she does I could see everything working out for her.. new record deal.. new music.. new tour.. possibly even another fugees reunion.. PLEASE SAVE THE MUSIC LAURYN!!!


  5. Lisa

    Yeah, it looks like Rihanna is singing that song instead. This performance makes me miss Lauryn so much.


  6. Giselle

    I agree! Even if she performed for 2 minutes it would make my year. I miss her.


  7. love bee

    lauren hill is actually scheduled to perform in new zealand for rugga muffin a reggae festival here this saturday 23rd jan so far wyclef has cancelled no word on lauren hill??? But she is scheduled to be in new zealand this weekend


  8. Urban Noize

    she never missed a step. she still has it, like she never left. one of the best female artist of this century, hands down.


    UserQQQQ Reply:

    @Urban Noize, “never missed a step”? what is that supposed to mean? that video is over three years old. it’s not as if this is a bathroom performance she just put up for fun and yet oh wow it’s amazing. This was way back when as it were.


  9. aricbw

    the atmosphere is right for Lauryn Hill to reclaim her throne.


  10. dropstep

    The truth is Lauryn is not well. And yes, its a shame. You can’t ask her to help others if she hasn’t fully helped herself. Rihanna’ version of Bob Marley’ ‘Redemption song’ was disgraceful. She sang it like it was a sex tinged pop ballad. That’s a roots reggae nyabingi song. Why the hell did I think maybe Rihanna could pull it off? How wrong I was. Anyway, Lauryn, music needs you, Haiti needs you but first and foremost your family needs you. Do what’s right!!!!!


  11. Juztoon

    Lauryn Hill is already in New Zealand to peform at tomorrow nights Reggae Festival ‘Ragga Muffin’. Can’t wait, it’s gonna be awesome.

    But yea, she’s already in the country, so pretty much confirms she’ll be performing tomorrow….Just not for Haiti. Sorry guys.


  12. Rosalind

    I just saw Mz Lauryn Hill live 2 days ago at Raggamuffin and I gotta say that she outpeformed everyone!! She sang some fugees hits and some of her own!! Ive been to many concerts including Ice cube and DMX but Lauryn is by far the better rapper!!

    She need to hook it up with some producers and drop an album because shes still got it and then some!! Search “LAURYN HILL 2010 RAGGAMUFFIN” on youtube!!



  13. flap

    lauryn hill definetly needs to record an album shes better than most of todays female singers shes a great mc and singer definetly needs to perform for haiti it was a shame she didnt but the show must go on without her


  14. itsbigmike

    Their is NOT a artist who can take her spot. She is the best that ever did it. Her voice moved me and her delivery was crazy. The music game is lacking one thing….. LAURYN HILL Peace and Love


  15. itsbigmike

    Lauryn HAS and will always be the BEST! I really miss her. She don’t owe anybody anything! She’s doing her and I’m not mad at that.


  16. letisha

    Lauryn hill love ya come back and outshine these amatures


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