Review Roundup: Lil Wayne – ‘Rebirth’


After a year of delays, Lil Wayne finally makes the transition to rock star on Rebirth, his seventh studio album, in stores today. Did the critics embrace Weezy’s foray into rock or did it hit rock bottom? Find out below.

Rolling Stone: Wayne growls like an Auto-Tuned Kid Rock on the swaggering “American Star.” But the hyperclever Wayne we know is missing in action on the anguished chest-thumper “Runnin’.” He stretches his croak past the breaking point on “I’ll Die for You,” like some 21st-century version of Trans-era Neil Young: a vocally challenged genius stuck in limbo. 2.5 out of 5

Entertainment Weekly: A nimble, almost balletic rapper on countless mixtapes, singles, and Billboard-topping collaborations, the 27-year-old comes across both muddled and belligerent on the much-delayed, extensively leaked Rebirth. D+

USA Today: Rebirth‘s screaming guitars and extensive use of Auto-Tune can’t mask his bad singing and even worse lyrics. Unlike Kanye West’s pop vocal foray, 808s & Heartbreak—which many hip-hop fans greeted with raised eyebrows—Rebirth is neither well-conceived nor artfully delivered. 2 out of 4

The New York Times: What makes the album interesting, though not exactly good, is how it reveals a rapper’s view of rock. For Lil Wayne rock is bombast and cliché in which high-school traumas are avenged, heaven and hell are frequently invoked, and existential predicaments are taken seriously.

Chicago Tribune: Rebirth doesn’t swing, it staggers, and Wayne’s bullfrog rasp is distorted by Auto-Tune, apparently to mask the fact that he can’t sing. … This rivals the worst career misstep by a major artist in recent memory. 1 out of 4

The Washington Post: Worse than how it sounds, though, is what it does: It takes the best, and certainly the most self-affirming, rapper in the world and unmoors him, reduces him to an uncertain-sounding amateur on Van Halen karaoke night.

Rap-Up’s Favorite Tracks: “Prom Queen,” “On Fire,” “Drop the World”

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  1. Joyams

    They are hard on him… I liked it even if it’s obviously not legendary like the carter III.


  2. jigantos

    agree with the reviews, rebirth was an experiment gone wrong, the only song i liked was drop the world and this was only because it was more hip hop than rock and eminem had a verse on it.
    @Joyams, the carter III was great but not legendary, but i guess it is about personal opinion


  3. emil Carter 3 wasn’t even close to being legendary. OT, this is a pretty decent album.


    G Reply:

    the Carter 3 was the best rap album besides Notorious B.I.G.’s Life After Death. get s life dude


    ... Reply:

    @G, what are you, about 14? nice musical taste.


    jigantos Reply:

    @G, haha, that made me laugh, im from the uk and i think i know more about REAL hip hop than you


    EMJAY Reply:

    @G, dude, people in india know more about hiphop than you
    none of waynes albums would be in the top 100 (maybe C2)
    Best rap album of all-time = Paid In Full, Eric B. & Rakim
    i bet you havent heard their names.


    Dayna Reply:

    You sound like a dam fool, Where you been? under a rock? We can all agree that Rebirth was’nt that good and honestly I think I wasted my money. All the Carter Albums where in the top 100′s you dont kno wtf you talkin about. The radio stations kept songs from these albums in havey rotation and in Getto’s EVERY WHERE thats all you heard.


  4. Lesamy

    They are to hard on him !! I love Weezy !! Each song of him is good !!


  5. Dillon_68

    I like Wayne too, but no, they WERENT hard on him. Only about 5 songs on this album are even worth listening to. I liked the effort, but it wasn’t that great.


  6. holla

    tha carter three was more than legendary


  7. holla

    i kinda agree with u on rebirth though. it was an experiment that went wrong. i did like Drop the World, Runnin, and One Way Trip


  8. cream

    i am the biggest lil wayne fan ever. i listen to him 24/7. but this album was not that good. i only really liked 5 songs. the rest of it was bad. i could barley hear the singing in half the more thing… the cater 3 is legendary.


  9. javonscott

    it was a good


  10. emil

    @G, no u get a life. You need to listen to more hip hop if you really think that.


  11. crackcocaine

    This album deserved more than 2 stars or 2 points, they went way too hard on him


  12. JMB

    @ cream.
    if you really are the biggest fan then you’d know that CIII isn’t legendary
    tha Carter II IS LEGENDARY
    no lie
    and he is the best
    but C3 aint his best


  13. Mzibito

    I wonder why em had to involve himself in such a bullshit album, well probably coz weezy is 1 of d best ryt now, well as always eminem ftd song is d best of d album

    wayne stick to hip hop, lolipop was great play around those lines


  14. jamesdhockett

    I don’t care what anyone says.. Drop the World & Runnin are masterpieces.


  15. GeeMan

    Sorry but this recent effort is a little weak especially after the quality of albums like tha Carter2&3. This was a step back.


  16. Catie



  17. Ant'tonio

    My Favorite Songs Are Da Da Da, On Fire, Prom Queen, Drop The World


  18. bass_man

    that’s embarrassing…


  19. HumanitySector

    damn, almost as bad as Chris Brown’s album


    112 Reply:

    @HumanitySector, Chris browns album wasnt bad at all it was clearly already decided on before he even released it that they would give it a bad review


  20. Dayna

    I only like (knock out) and (Drop the world)
    I have knock on replay now lol


  21. Ym...

    for a rock album of a rapper is good… but the tracks that are very sick are drop the world runnin and paradice… carter IV will do more than 1 mil in first week!


  22. bOOS

    sorry to say….the album stunk bad!!! overkill of the autotune!!! even the riffs were off!!!
    Stick to rap yes.


  23. cassie

    The only way you can like lil wayne ablum rebirth is if u like rock… if you dont like rock u aint gone like the ablum because lil wayne rebirth ablum is mostly a rock ablum he was try something new


  24. weekly

    its young mula baybe yeah!!! god damn as fu^;ckin GOOD IN rap as in rockkkk da guy iz a devil for surrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre


  25. Louis

    I agree it’s not the greatest album. However, most who are not well versed in all types of music, only hip hop, it’s understandable. People are bashing his lyrics because it’s a rock album? Put the lyrics with hip hop beats in the background and people would be singing a different tune. Did Weezy all of a sudden lose his lyrics because it’s a rock album? No he didn’t.


  26. cbsgirl

    i love him and rebirth it’s amazing, and the carter 3 is legendary weezy is the best. although there were some songs i didn’t find catchy right away after you listen to the lyrics there the best. WAYNNEEEEE <3. 5 out of 5


  27. klarlog

    4.5 out of 10 British rap is miles better.the only good american rappers are jay z , eminem and lil wayne but relapse and rebirth are both dreadful the blueprint 3 is a masterpiece


  28. Lovetto

    carter III is ok. to call it legendary shows that you lack a versatile view of hiphop.

    i dont know how people can mention legends, and not mention tech n9ne. is everyone around here mainstream style biting whores?


  29. rock fan

    Reviewers just want to justify their jobs, and keep wasting bandwidth with bunk articles like this.

    This is easily the best rock cd in ten years, and will sell and sell and sell as word spreads from rock fan to rock fan. Watch the sales numbers a year from now and this reviewer will have moved on to another target.


  30. Ace

    This album was pretty good. Of course if your more enclined to listening to hip hop then you would see otherwise. This was pretty good for a rock album. Btw there’s only like 11 songs on the album. If your able to like at least 5 songs then that’s good enough to say that the album is decent. I’ll admit the lyrics weren’t that great but this Is lil Wayne here what did you expect him I sing about? Over all I thought the album was pretty good.


  31. Trell Brown

    At5 least he did do a remix of Amy Holland’s “She’s On Fire”….that how you can find original classic songs that rappers ruin……Although i hate rap and hip hop with a passion, this album is pretty damn decent. Wayne did sorta good with Amy Holland’s song.


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