Video: Drake Performs with Chris Brown

If Drake wasn’t enough, the ladies had even more reason to go wild when the hip-hop heartthrob brought out Chris Brown to perform his mixtape cut “A Night Off” at VCU’s Siegel Center in Richmond, Va., on Wednesday (Feb. 3). The hometown boy was welcomed with loud cheers.

Source: Rap Radar via On 221

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  1. Vinny

    Rihanna society? LMFAO!


  2. Urban Noize

    drake is always doing something epic. unity is whats important at the end of the day when it comes to this music. but chris was really goin in!


  3. tae

    omg rap-up i fucking love this site i come here 2 find two of my favorite male artist colobrate and my favorite female artist ciara yall stay with that exclusive shit


  4. dan

    they gotta make a song….it go number 1


  5. queen beyonce



  6. Ms. Linda

    thats how you do thats togetherness ups to you drake and we love you chris i know you’ll is going to stick together beleive this i have a grandson look just like chris that is why i blog on every thing because that could have been my grandson and i thought it was shameful that they did’nt try to show him better instead they try to destroy but guess what his adopted momo me wasn’t going to have it and guess what eric brother derrick looks just like drake they are from houston handsome i mean fine too momo Ms Linda


  7. tmj

    I think this sends a strong message that there are people in the music industry (even people with Jay-Z affiliations) still showing mad love to Chris Brown in spite of media tearing down this young man repetitively after a whole year after the incident.

    Now Chris Brown kind of shows up Drake in the performance but it’s because people don’t realize how thirsty fans are to see him perform. I know twitter will go CRAZZZZY during CB’s performance tomorrow during the Haiti S.O.S Relief Concert on BET. I’m “DVR”ing the show….


  8. missy

    wauw that was great:D go breezy and yes they must do a song together


  9. missy

    and oh. that boy chris can SING :D


  10. angela

    I know that Chris Brown was wrong: he was totally wrong. He made a mistake, but I sincerely hope that Chris Brown does not let this mistake define his life or his career. He made the wrong choice when he put your hands on Rihanna, and he is paying the consequences of that choice. Chris, move forward! Keep your head up. What happened happened, and I am not trying to minimize what happened, but you made a mistake, which we all make. Learn from it, and do not succumb to continiously looking out of the rearview mirror;( look out of the windshield. (forward). I love you!


  11. ellie

    When everything was said and done about the Chris/Rihanna incident, everybody took a stand and disliked Chris Brown. Yes, he was wrong. Dead wrong. no man should hit woman, regardless of the circumstances, he should just walk away. BUT, in my opinion, she is just as bad. Attention should have been been not only focused on men hitting women, but also on women slapping men. That is not right either. The media makes it seem like it is okay for a woman to slap around a man, but it is deathrow if a man hit a woman. CB, focus on your career, put God first, give thanks and go and volunteer to put in a few hours a week at domestic shelters. Turn that negative into a positive. The public’s perception of you will change: you were loved, and you still are loved.


  12. rachel

    @Ms. Linda, it’s funny you say you have a grandson that looks like Chris Brown, I feel that way about my 18 year old son, me, and alot of people where we live thinks the same about my son. My younger son is a big fan of Chris, I help him go on different sites for information about him. We frequent this site alot, because it seems as though this is the only site that has good info to report about him. Yes, what he did was wrong, but as a woman myself, I know how women tend to act towards a man when they suspect him of cheating, the first thing they are going to do is hit and more. I used to be the same way, it’s wrong. I am glad Drake showed maturity towards this young man, everybody makes mistakes, and I hope he has learned from his. I wish him well, and hope people will begin to put the past in the past, such as Drake.


  13. caroline

    Great performance from them both. Just glad to see Chris in concert somewhere!! Chris is so talented and his mixtape is awesome.


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