Alicia Keys & Beyoncé to Shoot Video in Brazil

Alicia Keys and Beyoncé

Beyoncé’s Brazilian fans will have more than a ticket to remind them that the superstar visited their country. The singer will reportedly shoot a video for her collaboration with Alicia Keys next week in the South American nation.

Keys will arrive in Brazil next week to film the video for “Put It in a Love Song” on Tuesday, February 9, in Rio de Janeiro, reports Brazilian newspaper O Dia. Beyoncé is currently playing shows in Brazil as part of her I Am… world tour.

According to the paper, the clip will be shot against the backdrop of Rio’s landscape, including a slum, a school, and the Sambadrome where Carnival parades are held. The two divas will be outfitted in Carnival-inspired costumes, including Swarovski headwear.

Rio has provided the backdrop for other notable videos such as Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t Care About Us,” directed by Spike Lee, and Snoop Dogg and Pharrell’s collaboration “Beautiful.”

“Put It in a Love Song” is the third single from Keys’ fourth album The Element of Freedom, which is currently No. 11 on the Billboard 200.

Source: Made in Brazil

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  1. Mikey Martini

    I’m so excited. It sounds really sexy, this may get people into the song more. I can’t wait ;)
    P.S. I can’t wait for the “Telephone” video & Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” video. I will be buying them on iTunes.


  2. AAA

    I shoot I can’t wait


  3. MaZ

    Sounds Hot! I’m wondering who will produce it?


  4. The Truth

    Can’t wait to see the Carnival themed video. Rihanna should have done this a while ago since this is her culture. I love how they wrote Beyonce’s Brazilian fans like Alicia Keys has no Brazilian fans.


  5. mrstackhouse

    Well Beyonce is selling out Stadiums in Brazil yesterday she performed for 90,000! I can’t wait to see the video though I love the song! I think after this single Alicia should put out “Unthinkable”.


  6. Vinny

    Brazil loves Beyoncé!


  7. Ana

    Brazil LOVES Alicia Keys! Beyonce is only a featuring of “Put it in a love song” video.


  8. nana

    the song is pure crapppp beyonce is a sellout ho alicia is a homewrecker


  9. Dblack

    The time was come.
    Beyonce and Alicia, my divas in my wonderful city.
    I cant wait for this video.
    Brazil loves Beyonce!


  10. Magver21BR

    BRAZIL loves all the black people, and beutiful artists in the world!
    Beyonce and Alicia, and all them are welcome here….
    Yesterday i was in the show….Beyonce is so perfect, so simple!Im a fan a long time ago…we wait this show almost 10 years….. I/WE love HER….
    We cant wait Alicia here in Brazil…..She´s so talented, i love her…and YES she has a lot of fans here, including me!
    sorry 4 my english!

    Hugs to all from Brazil!


  11. dayday

    We all love Beyonce and she is an incredable woman. People jst hate on her because she is more popular and more talented than their favorite artist ( count her grammy’s 16 ). I also love Alicia Keys too but know one comes close to Queen Bee. No doubt ” Put it in a Love Song ” and ” Telephone ” videos are going to be amazing.


  12. thay

    They’re so beautiful. I love alicia!


  13. nayia

    beyonce saying she p u know what i mean but she not she got people to do it for her she is crazy and fake opps did i say that yes she is fake two faceed she wak and she cant dance and u know how she faking in put my love on top she dancing at the end and in party so buooggiinngg


  14. nayia

    beyonce is fakeing cause when she was in loove on top and party and countdown she was danceing so she fakeing


  15. nayia

    her p u know what i mean


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