Toni Braxton Casts Mo’Nique for Album

Toni Braxton and Mo'Nique

Toni Braxton has enlisted some of entertainment’s biggest stars for her new album including Trey Songz, Robin Thicke, and Usher, and now she’s rounding out the prestigious list with an Oscar nominee.

Comedian-turned-actress Mo’Nique, who is up for an Academy Award for her role in Precious, makes a cameo on Braxton’s sixth studio album. “She does a monologue on one of my songs,” the R&B diva exclusively tells The track was inspired by Oran “Juice” Jones’ 1986 hit “The Rain.”

“It’s about this relationship where this guy finds out his girl is cheating on him. We do a song, it doesn’t sound anything like that, but it’s the reverse of a guy who gets busted cheating. [Mo'Nique] does this whole monologue and it’s really funny and comedic.”

The Grammy winner reached out to the Golden Globe winner, who happily obliged. “She said, ‘Oh my God, I’d love to do it.’ I’ve always been a fan of hers and we’re both from Maryland. I love her.”

The winning combination can be heard on Pulse, due May 4. Until then, the “Un-Break My Heart” singer is rooting for her friend at next month’s Oscar ceremony. “We’re great friends, she’s really cool. I’m really excited for her about her Oscar.”

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  1. Lindsay

    Oh toni, please come with it on this album. I’m such a fan but her last few albums have been kinda so so; but I still rock out to “The Heat” from time to time!


  2. drtash

    Cosign with lindsay. Her last record libra wasn’t that great, but I LOVE heat too. I hope she brings it with this album and gives us some real music. I can’t wait to hear the first single.


  3. Jay

    Love Toni love Monique. Can’t wait to see Toni on the Monique show. Can’t wait for May 4th! NO MORE LEAKS!!!


  4. SoIcan'tthinkofaname

    @Lindsay, it’s late because of major leaking. They were pretty good though, especially “Rewind That”.


  5. cp2006

    i love songs like this!!


  6. Tyler

    Toni is really bringing it with this album and I am so excited!!! Go Toni and I will be the first one at the store on May 4th lol:)


  7. Fritzma

    Go Toni, Can’t Wait..May 4..please come faster…Pulse…


  8. rod grey

    i cant wait for may 4.. i know this album will b super great,,,
    i cant wait for the tracklisting
    love u toni


  9. Uchman4real

    Toni braxton is such a great singer. I have loved her from the day one she started singing. Her sultry voice is just great.


  10. Uchman4real

    Mo’ is sucha great actress and comedian too. I love her. I pray she wins Oscar.


  11. MickinVa

    Toni, God Blessed you with all you have and now that you have gotten things in your life on track and your health in check, We are Blessed by God to still have you able to kick a album like “Pulse”!! The album is tight and OMG.. “Pulse”, “Hands Tied”, “Caught” w/ Mo’Nique and My total Favorite, “Woman”. All I can say is thank you for speaking so many words I have tried and NEED to speak myself!! Thank you So very Much. With your faith You will achieve all there is. God Bless you and your family!


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