Jay-Z Kicks Off ‘BP3’ Tour with Trey Songz and Young Jeezy


The BankAtlantic Center was renamed Jay-Z Center on Saturday night (Feb. 20) as the Roc star took over Sunrise, Fla., for the first stop on the second leg of his North American Blueprint 3 tour.

Trey Songz warmed up the packed arena with his smooth R&B jams before handing it off to Hov, who spewed mostly new material including “Run This Town,” “Already Home,” and “Empire State of Mind” with Roc Nation songstress Bridget Kelly.

Midway through the show, Young Jeezy joined Jay for “Real As It Gets,” before delivering his own set. Mr. Carter, rocking his signature all-black look, returned to the stage with more classics from his expansive catalog, reminding hip-hop fans why he’s one of the best that ever did it.

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  1. King Truth

    That’s 100! A Hit


  2. Who's gonna Run this town 2night

    Jay and Trey is definitely a cool collabo!


  3. dareybutter

    I knew yall could do it! I want to catch the show in Chicago so bad!


  4. gbutler

    Must be the most boring show ever.
    Jay Z is an old man and can’t move.
    This tour is making him look kinda ridiculous.

    Treys songz is not a perfomer.He can sings but he has no charisma.

    jeezy is not a rapper but a socialite.


  5. SayasIPlease

    First of all I would like to say::: ???!!!???HATERZ EVERY WHERE WE GO???!!!??? Who ever the FUCK lil ass gbutler is… Truly yo’ MOTHER MUST DIDN’T TEACH you ANY MANNERS…lmfao.-. Oh, soOo you MAD ’cause you COULDN’T afford to spend $100+ dollars on a ticket, better yet I think the lowest was like thirty-seven??? or maybe because you a FAKE AZZ WANNA*BE??? Which 1? I wish Hov~Trigga~ Young could SPIT(on yo’ ass)ha.ha.ha a line or two or three better yet??? about *HATERZ* just for NIGGAZ like you…PEACE.-.


  6. imaz_Rock_this_shit_like_Fashion

    i just ordered my tickets yesterday for $203 a piece and i think its guna be well worth it. ive always wanted to go to one of his concerts cuz hes my favorite rapper. and trey and jeezy joining the tour only makes it better. so, with that being said gbutler u can shut the hell up. i understand everyone has their own opinion but you just dont make sense cuz jay-z is the best, trey can definetly sing, and jeezy IS a rapper. you stupid!


  7. Hova hovito

    Jay-Z is the best.
    #gbutler what an asss. You’ve never seen jay live. Hes amazing in concert and gives 110%.


  8. infamouscl1

    hoooooov BP3′ was on a huNERD degreees celsius so i kan only antipate him to take that huNERD TO A 2-huNERD DEGREES up in the tour…….. ol haters kan get infected wit aids after sucking on a penisssss…………….


  9. bodacious

    haters everywhere you go . and they are on their jobs 24/7 and it’s sad but it’s true.!!!!!!


  10. Catie

    I’ll be there on March 11th, i can’t wait.


  11. mypeeples

    I am excited about the concert…I am attending the show Sunday in N.C… You got Trey, Jay and Young…the only thing left to do after the tour is cut a track or two together.


  12. james

    im just waiting for march 18th when they hit the chi-town on my birthday and got my tickets already so im so ready to get in with them let’s get it.


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