Album Snippets: Monica – ‘Still Standing’

Still Standing

Listen to 30-second snippets from Monica’s Still Standing prior to its March 23rd release. The R&B songstress’ sixth studio album features the Jazmine Sullivan-penned “Everything to Me,” plus contributions from Ludacris, Jim Jonsin, Bryan-Michael Cox, Polow Da Don, Missy Elliott, and more.

1. “Still Standing” feat. Ludacris
2. “One in a Lifetime”
3. “Stay or Go”
4. “Everything to Me”
5. “If You Were My Man”
6. “Mirror”
7. “Here I Am”
8. “Superman”
9. “Love All Over Me”
10. “Believing in Me”
11. “Blackberry”

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  1. Terrell Johnson

    This album sounds classic. Two artists that I love to see back up in the reigns is Monica and Brandy. Great voice Monica has I hope people wake up on this one.


  2. Kyle

    This album sounds on point. I will be BUYING this.





  4. DJInVincible74

    What a snoozer. Not a single uptempo song on the album. I can see this one doing well on Urban Adult Contemporary but not anywhere else beyond the first single. Monica is still young enough to attract today’s youth. I don’t think this CD will complete that task very well.


  5. Still standing in stores March 23rd

    This morning i was playing Monica’s Dont Take It Personal off Miss Thang and it brings back so many good memories, 90′s were the best. Still Standing is gonna be a bangin album im feeling most of the snippets. Here I Am needs to be a single that song is a definate HIT.


  6. Miss Thang

    Dont take it Personal will forever remain Monicas best song ever, Nothing will beat that song.


  7. Chet

    snooze fest. i understand that she’s trying to keep it grown and sexy but there is nothing that catches me.


  8. dogg pound

    yoooo!! dan dis gal is hottt!!!
    she can be my wify any time


  9. The Great Gatsby

    be glad when BRANDY ALBUM DROP….Glad to see Brandy and MONICA making a comeback hope they both do well…real music



    “Still Standing” feat. Ludacris goes soo HARD!


  11. Harvey

    I like how If You Were My Man sounds. I’m really only feeling that and Everything To Me and that’s largely due to the samples. Here I Am, Love All Over Me and ESPECIALLY Blackberry sounds promising as well.


  12. VitalizeEnt

    still standing bumps hard. agreed it’s a little slow for what people are on. this could easily be a whitney houston album… so monica will be missing a huge market. i don’t think she needs party music… but just a little more groove music. why i love you so much, don’t take it personal. they weren’t necessarily upbeat but you could still rock to it. but if this is where she’s at artistically, more power to her. i’ll still love her lol


  13. Jeffery J-Boe

    Monica Is The Truth On This Album, I Just Really Wished That She Had Co-Wrote Or Wrote These Songs… Instead Of Letting Other People Write Songs For Her… And What Happened To Another Brandy, & Monica Collaboration, and Keyshia Cole… I Guess On The Next Album, But I Really Liked: “One In A Lifetime”, “Stay Or Go”, and “Believing In Me” The Most Out Of All Her Songs… Monica For 2010.


  14. crunkpoet

    who cares if its no uptempo..? she isnt tryin to party….trying to bring singing back! love it!


  15. fi

    Sing it Mo, sing it!


  16. i love her shes a great artist Melissa

    Ilove her she’s a great artist.I have loved her since the 90s! Keep it up Monica!


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