Janet Jackson Appears on ‘Leno,’ Set to Release New Ballad

Jay Leno and Janet Jackson

Jay Leno played nice with his guest Janet Jackson on Thursday’s “Tonight Show,” which marked her first televised appearance to promote Why Did I Get Married Too?, in theaters April 2. The youngest Jackson chatted about the Oscars and Grammys, her upcoming book, how she channeled her emotions in the movie, and doling out advice to friends.

Janet also contributes to the Tyler Perry film’s soundtrack on the first single “Nothing.” The ballad, penned specifically for the comedy-drama, was co-produced by Jermaine Dupri and Bryan-Michael Cox, and will be available March 30 on iTunes.

“You haven’t heard Janet sound like this in a long time and I think the song is perfect for the movie,” says J.D., whose So So Def Records will release the soundtrack. “It’s a really good record.”

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  1. Janet Jackson

    She’s such an class act, her beauty an everlasting youthfulness are always amazing to see. I take my hat off to Leno for treating her with warmth and kindness. April 2.


  2. Andre Le Dale

    ^^^LMAO I forgot to change my name back from that Ludacris post where all the celebrities were talking about their accomplishments…


  3. Dawo

    Top Interview :) this is Janet=very Classy :) can NOT wait for the movie and single OMG


  4. davyd69

    omg its belong to usher that’s a stole


  5. Troy

    She’s such a classy and special lady. I’ve always loved her spirit and honesty. I think this movie is going to be great, I’ve seen several trailers and the emotion she put into this character is astounding. I cried just by watching this one clip, which says to me that the intensity of her delivery is exceptional. God Bless you Janet and your entire family.


  6. Giselle

    She’s so beautiful and a positive spirit. I’m sure this new movie will be #1. She deserves it.


  7. Harvey

    I love Janet!


  8. Quincy

    Such grace. So much class. Always, eloquent! This beautiful women has always given us her best! I pray and ask god to always keep you in his most perfect care. As I see he has and will always continue. You are a shining example of talent, style, grace, and dignity to us all. May god keep you and bless you always. Janet, you are in all of our hearts and mind forever. God bless you and the entire Jackson family. Our very own dynasty,and the first family of Music in the world.


  9. Whitney Houston

    Lucky ass.. I was murdering this trick back in the 80′s. Now her she’s more popular then me. Can a sista catch a break.


  10. hannah

    she’s beautiful, bless her. can’t wait to see her movie


  11. chadwick

    she is so fierce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love her beyond words u go janet!!!


  12. mrs.blossom

    Leno made Michael look like a pedophile on one of his shows, I can`t believe Janeth is going with the guy even in pics after what he did to her brother:(


  13. Nellieo

    Agreed Mrs. Blossom…I was so disappointed in Janet that she agreed to appear on Leno’s show after what he did to Michael Jackson. It was “jokes” like his that abounded in popular culture that made the general public think that it was a forgone conclusion that he was actually guilty of those heinous acts when in fact he was NOT…never was. It ruined Michael Jackson. Personally & professionally. He owes Michael’s kids a HUGE apology. I wonder how they feel seeing Aunt Janet cozying up with Leno in the name of marketing her latest movie.


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