On Set of Sean Kingston & Justin Bieber’s ‘Eenie Meenie’ Video

Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber

On the last Monday in March, Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber made a splash on set of their Ray Kay-directed video for “Eeenie Meenie.” The catchy pop tune about a girl who can’t make up her mind is the lead single from Kingston’s forthcoming album and also appears on Bieber’s recent release My World 2.0. The “Fire Burning” singer and teen sensation threw a pool party high above the Hollywood Hills and invited some of their closest friends.

Rap-Up.com crashed the shoot, where the buddies and soon-to-be tourmates fought with water guns, chased each other through the cliffside mansion, and posed for the occasional photo with their starstruck fans. All in a day’s work.

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  1. ImHighPrice

    Justin look so “Eenie Meenie” next to Sean big ass


  2. John

    @TmHighPrice yes but thats also becuse justin bieber is ‘EENIE MEENIE’ next to anyone


  3. Alive

    justins the bomb all you haters can die


  4. Trey



  5. JBiiebzx33

    i agree with @Alive haters go fall in a ditch


  6. LOL

    this is cute but im confused… where’s the hate @


  7. talya

    omg! i can’t wait to see the video clip, and i see jasmine villegas and christian beadles in there haha :) i love this song and i love justin! and sean kingston is cool too :) i can tell it’s going to be amazing just like the other 4 video clips that justin has done <3


  8. Aji

    I love you so much jb and i also lobve your songs. like Never Let You GO.<3


  9. marissa:D

    OMG can’t wait for that video
    jajaj love you justin bieber and sean kingston


  10. Megan luvs bieber

    I cant wait he is sooo fitt pwfahhh ! LOVEEIT ! i wish i was in his video :/ xx :D xx


  11. Blanca

    omg!!!!!!!! I cant wait t’ill eenie meenie video comes out!!! im a huge fan of justin bieber:) I love your songs justin!


  12. danka

    JUSTIN BIEBER :Hello justin I call danka aqueveque and am of chili wait that algun day you come to chili am your major admiradora always I am attentive to your new songs and videoes you are the singer mas prettily of the world I love you hope that you come to chili I that vendras I like all your songs specially baby(smock) love me and one steals(steal) I love you justin bieber forever your fans and admiradora dankaaqueveque of chili (rancagua)


  13. danka

    I love you justin am your fans number 1 and your great admiradora


  14. Liz

    I can’t wait for the video clip!
    yay! JASMINE VILLEGAS is in it! :D


  15. mariah valdez

    i love these videos i cant wait for new ones my favorite one is tina fey is hot for justin bieber on snl


  16. margaux

    hello i’m french i like justin bieber because he’s Justin Bieber is nice and he sings really well justin I love it


  17. Matthew C. Kriner

    will using justin bieber again…what wrong with me..haha~


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