Video: Janet Jackson – ‘Nothing’

Janet Jackson

Less is more in the video for Janet Jackson’s ballad “Nothing,” the theme from Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too?, in theaters Friday. The Tim Palen-directed clip features interspersed scenes from the comedy-drama, in which Janet reprises her role as psychologist Patricia Agnew.

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  1. Bitchplease

    Very very simple but yet smooth and creative.


  2. B

    Simple. Janet is soooo pretty!!!!


  3. kekeluvsu

    Awww Janet. That was simple yet good. I am to excited to see this movie tomorrow. It has been getting a lot of great reviews. I hope it’s better then the first one. I will def. give my take on it once I see it.


  4. ash jones

    i like the video. its so beautiful and underestimated that you love the song even more. i would have never thought about going to watch the film but now i want to watch part 1 and 2.!!!


  5. Trey



  6. kEY

    wow,i love that song and video, dont know when the movie will come out in london but i will be one of the first to go see that, much luv to DAMITA JO


  7. part

    OMG I LOVE THIS …its makes me want to see this movie SOOOOO bad and the song is so mellow… just make everything quite around u…..bravo janet and tyler for movie….her performance looks spatacular


  8. myalilbro

    omg how beautyful


  9. kinda

    i hope so that this song will be played by mtv and the radiostations alot. this is a beauitiful song and janet deserve to be high in the charts again. i hope alot of request this song.


  10. mike

    It’s very simple and I Like it !


  11. l0ve

    She looks scary in that first picture. Is the video scary? Can someone tell me? I don’t want to play it b4 i know.


  12. Part

    Lol no not scary


  13. Ghetto Fab

    I love this. It’s sweet, honets, and all the things we love about Janet Jackson She’s giving me 90′s Janet all over again and I’m loving it! Reminding me of the good ole days lol. Only one critique I have about the video is that I’m not crazy about the hair. But if anyone can pull it off its Janet Jackson.

    P.S. I hear now that she’s headlining the Essence Music Festival that the tickets sales are soaring. Welcome back Miss Jackson.


  14. Runninblader

    Nice video, love the song takes me back to Poetic Justice and the Again song.


  15. fi

    it is scary to squeeze yourself in a horrible costume and corset with a bad wig!
    Janet please …we don’t need a whitney style comeback
    which is none!
    girl…wait a couple of years …do some acting, knitting or whatever and come back with a worthy project!


  16. chris daniels

    Hay Janet i have always been one of your biggest fans since One Love . And lets watie awile and this new song of yours tells me that I can always Trust in you to bring us the good stuff that i know you can do. keep up the good work miss thang .much love .


  17. ugh

    this song and video did nothing, nothing, nothing to me. we need the janet with her natural hair and insane dancing. she is a performer and not a “singer”.


  18. joe

    crazy wig and nothing new. Sorry. This is bad.


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