Teairra Mari Offers Early Support for Collaborator Nicki Minaj

Teairra Mari and Nicki Minaj

Women can sometimes be catty beings, but not R&B vixen Teairra Mari. The Detroit gal has nothing but love for her “Automatic” collaborator Nicki Minaj.

In an industry where female rappers can barely be counted on two hands, Mari had little to choose from when deciding which femcee to feature on her Jackpot Music-produced record. Yet, the songstress looked to Minaj because she was a devout fan. “I got Nicki on the song because I liked her,” she admits to Rap-Up.com. “I followed her YouTube videos, so I knew what she was about. When I heard ‘Automatic,’ I thought Nicki Minaj.”

The song’s writer, Rico Love, was unaware of who the Young Money star was at the time. “He didn’t know who I was talking about,” she says. “He was like, ‘Who?’ I showed him her videos on YouTube.” Originally, Love opted for another rapper to be on the track. “At first he wanted to get Trina or Lil’ Kim,” Mari reveals. “I love Trina and I love Kim as well, but I thought we should get a fresh girl and Nicki Minaj is hot.”

While many artists later jumped on the Barbie bandwagon, Mari called on her talents before she was a hot commodity. “This was before anything was really popular,” she continues, “because she’s been releasing music.”

“Automatic” featuring Lil Wayne’s protégée will appear on Teairra Mari’s sophomore album, At That Point, slated for a June release.

–Georgette Cline

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  1. Terry-Andre

    “Dear Teairra why these bitchez so mad now? You know they went and put my flow up in the mad house” lol

    Fucks with the song, I had it on the podski since last march. Hope she makes a video for it.


  2. Terry-Andre

    “Dear Teairra why these Bitchez so mad now, You know they went and put my flow up in the mad house”

    I mess wit the song, Had it on the Podski since last march. I hope they make a video for it.
    Sponsor was cool, but I wanted Automatic


  3. Baron

    Is this the 4th or 5th single Teairra’s released for this album?


  4. davyd69

    i hope june 2010 is the finnaly release date for this at that point because so may pushed back its piss me off !!


  5. Terry-Andre

    @ Baron I think it’s the 4th, Hunt 4 u, Don’t make me cause a scene, Sponsor and Automatic. So yea 4.


  6. Carl

    I love them both I want Teairra’s albm sooooooo bad! I hope the release date sticks!


  7. Actually

    Sponsor is the official Second single. “Hunt 4 U” was just for promo.

    I think this is probably Nicki’s worst verse on that song


  8. will

    I think her album will be shelved because Sponsor is not doing well on the charts and i doubt her label will want to release another single after all 3 failed to do well on the charts. I think cause a scene was that monster single that could have been a top 10 hit but there was absolutely no promotion for it.


  9. Rhino

    ^Plus it got banned from BET for whatever reason…

    If June 2010 isn’t the EXACT MONTH this drops, she needs to ask for a release from her deal with Warner/Asylum-they don’t want her to succeed!


  10. Miss Boo

    (WILL) Clearly you don’t know how to read Charts ‘Sponsor’ is 25 on the urban Radio Chart & 45 and Climbing on the R&B Chart your dumbass don’t get it this is a summer song, watch and see :)!!!


  11. Kelly

    Is that Lil’ Kim? sorry thats Nicki Minaj.


  12. boom.VOO.POW

    How could Sponsor get banned on BET? Thats stupid! Anyways, Teairra was the 1st to have Nicki on a track and now all of a sudden ppl wanna put her on their records.


  13. will

    Sponsor is #45 on the r&b/hip hop charts u dumbass. That’s not even top 20 better yet top 10 so what are u saying. A label does not consider that a smash hit smh.


  14. sabrina

    I like Teairra, she really needs to drop that album because it’s only going to hurt her more. I heard on another site it’s going to drop in may.


  15. drtash

    oh wow she was a YOUTUBE DISCOVERY?? Guess this shows all those talented artists on youtube why they should never give up and keep them vids coming.It might just happen to you one day.HOWEVER, why is it all the talented artists are always being accompanied with crap management that don’t know what they’re doing and then the ones that don’t have any talent (I WON’T SAY NO NAMES!!) seem to have the best management. Makes no sense. I hope teairra’s album sees the light of day somehow, coz I loved the stuff that’s leaked so far.


  16. Rhino


    I was talking about the “Cause a Scene” video…

    Apparently BET overcensorship strikes again! (Maybe it was “Your ex-girl wanna flirt/Well she gonna get herself hurt”-though that verse was cut from the video version)


  17. boom.VOO.POW

    No she wasnt, Lil’ Wayne discovered her.





  19. missingBeyonce

    dont hate on nicki were is lil kim now love teairra and nici the video will Be hottttttttttttt


  20. Misty

    Luvs da song, as well as Sponsor and luv this girl already. It’s so sad that the music industry is shady as hell. Jay-z and his people of New York got 106 and park and BET eatin’ out his hand. The only one that accepted Teairra on BET to perform and share her story was Mo’nique. It’s soooo sad when you can’t even receive support from your own. The sponsor music video has BEEN out but 106 and park don’t wanna play it or have it on their voting list. They would be quick to show booty shakin’ tho.
    I’m rooting for her because she can SANG AND dance and we need that back in the entertainment world!


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