Album Cover: Janelle Monáe – ‘The ArchAndroid’

The ArchAndroid

All bow in the presence of Janelle Monáe. The alien princess rules the cover of her full-length debut album The ArchAndroid, in stores May 18. Janelle will open on select dates of Erykah Badu’s “Out My Mind, Just In Time” summer tour and play Lilith Fair in Atlanta on August 8.

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  1. BlackNLatin

    I like the cover


  2. Kyle

    Now this album cover is SICK. Amazon just posted the tracklisting as well. I am prediciting that this might be my favorite album of the year. Janelle is truely ONE OF A KIND.


  3. mrstackhouse



  4. partTiMELuVa

    Reminds me of erykah’s & kelis covers.


  5. partTiMELuVa

    as for the tracklisting, why isn’t “Tightrope” on it?


  6. javonscott

    where is “cold war” & “tightrope”.


  7. Binky;)

    lol she looks like uh Jamaican power-ranger. But all jokes aside, she’s beautiful and talented and has allot of energy in her performance’s, this picture doesn’t really do anything 4 me but cant wait to here the music =).


  8. g3

    album cover is amazing


  9. EPIC!

    This album cover is fkn EPIC!!!! So original. Here we have an album cover that actually goes with the music of the album. Not many artists can pull that off but Miss Monae has done just that. This is why she is the most underrated artist in the world.


  10. apple pie loose

    The word Epic is so overused. The cover is decent and I wouldnt say shes underrated because this is her 1st ALBUM. She haven’t done anything yet in the game to even say that she is.


  11. BOW DOWN

    We need another single from her before tha album drops. A video and song that will just set off the album and do well on the charts. Janelle Monae is way too talented to have very little promotion. Bow down and give this woman the royal treatment. Diddy dont fuck this up cause we all know u have a history of tarnishing your artists careers.


  12. drtash

    LOVE THE COVER…so unique. But nowadays noone values uniqueness anymore. I doubt she’ll sell because no one likes original artists these days unless they’re following popular trends.Sad but true.
    @bow down OH NO she’s on bad boy????OH GOD!! She might as well find another label coz diddy will find another way to screw this up like his last group of artists (e.g. danity kane and that other group what was their name again?LOL)


  13. WhatTheF

    She straight jacked Erykah


  14. Ghetto Fab

    She looks a bit like Lauryn Hill. I like this girl and will continue to support her. She brings something different to the game especially when it comes to black female singers. Its important that we have diversity. Not every black woman needs to be in coochie cutters girating her ass and wig on the stage. This woman is creative and talented in her own right and needs to be respected. I bet if she was white this would be another story….


  15. WOWzers

    I am in love with this women…saw her live a few weeks ago in ATL and left truly inspired as if I had witnessed something special first hand before anyone else did she is an amazing artist to say the least and a beautiful women


  16. LShea

    Thank you for this! this woman is truly amazing. For people who are not fans of hers or aren’t interested in becoming fans (i.e. “haters”) please don’t bother to comment. You waste your time. Go back to your mindless music a la most of the pop music out now. In ways, it’s good that she’s not bigger, otherwise they’d soon start trying to put the shackles on her. That would be a shame. Lots of folks don’t like when people are true to themselves and creative against the mainstream. Sad but true. We should support our own regardless.

    @drtrash – She’s not just Bad Boy records – she’s collaborating with her own label (which she co-founded). The name escapes me right now.


  17. okanomodé

    @LShea – her label is called The Wondaland Arts Society. let us all pray that Diddy gives her the promotion this project deserves. judging from what she’s done already independently, she won’t be derailed regardless. she’s managed to tour with Erykah already, & the Queen Mother Miss Grace Jones.


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