Mary J. Blige and Jennifer Hudson Power Walk with Oprah

Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Hudson, and Oprah

Mary J. Blige and Jennifer Hudson joined Oprah Winfrey in New York City on Mother’s Day to cut the ribbon to signal the start of the Live Your Best Life Walk. The Oscar-winning mother sang “Happy Birthday” to the media queen in honor of O, the Oprah Magazine‘s 10th anniversary.

“Spending my first Mother’s Day at the Live Your Best Life Walk is a really fun experience to encourage others to get moving and help support the benefiting charities,” said Hudson, whose new album is due in September.

Mary J. Blige, Oprah, and Jennifer Hudson Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Hudson, and Oprah Mary J. Blige and Oprah

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  1. Super Unimportant

    What you might NOT see in the picture of Oprah walking, are the 10 women she said would walk WITH her if they were the top ten fundraisers. Those women were kept away from the “VIPs”, treated like crap and worse, Oprah raced off in a waiting golf cart literally 60 seconds after the ribbon cutting and 30 seconds after getting her picture with her two celebrity friends.

    Live your Best life……Next time ladies!


  2. norma

    Big ups to the wonderful ladies for being as caring and given as they truely are. I have nothing but love for each and everyone who made the walk. Maybe next time I could join the walk in honor of the many charities of choice. Jhud looks as gorgeous as ever.


  3. Trey

    GOOD JOB :]


  4. pooncy

    This was a highly ineffective and disorganized event. We were tortured by being made to wait for the very late Oprah to arrive. for hours in 35 degree waether. It was freezing out and most of the walkers had arrived well before 7 am AS required in our “Live your Best Life” weekend planners. Oprah spent much more onthe AV equipment (that never worked btw) than was probably raised for the walkathon. I am so disgusted by her propoganda, self promoting, extravangaza this weekend. I can’t believe with all the money spent on this event, the walkers were not even offered a cup of coffeee to warm up.
    Saturday at Javits was just as badly organized as well. Who was in charge? They need to be fired.


  5. Pooncy

    The walkathon was a et down and lame. We froze out there for hours due to lack of organization by the lame event company Oprah hired. The AV equipment did not work and the frozen crowds boo-ed! Why couldnt we be offered coffee at least?
    The most hurtful part was they barely ackowledged Mother’s Day through the O magazine festivities. Classy Oprah!


  6. Giselle

    Great cause and message.


  7. Rosaleen

    Why is that BAD people with BAD intentions (Oprah) ALWAYS have to find a way to make GOOD PEOPLE with GOOD INTENTIONS (Jennifer Hudson and 97% of the other walkers) look BAD to cover up themselves?.


  8. Missingbeyonce

    Wow that just amazing keep the good work ladies


  9. boom.BOOM.P0W

    From the comments above, Oprah treated them terrible. Thats awful :-(


  10. D.M.

    I was there. Mary J did do the whole walk. I think Jennifer Hudson did too. The event was badly organized. After promoting that the top donors would walk with Oprah, Oprah didn’t walk. It was cold. Those who did not arrive early probably never saw a celebrity except on a television monitor. However, Mary J walked and seemed friendly. Dr. Oz was super friendly, and he walked the whole way in shorts.



    My 3 friends and I were there too from cold Minneapolis… but we have never been as cold as we were while waiting for OPRAH down by the Hudson River! Oprah was the reason that brought us to NYC, but she does not deserve the credit for our fun time in NYC! OPRAH was a disappointment, but the city never disappoints!!!


  12. wrong info

    MJ walked to the end of the first block/across main street. A sleek black Maybach pulled up and she got in. Jennifer Hudson left before that. NO ONE can blame them.

    Both were lovely and delightful, but JHud was very shaken up, honestly, she’s a new mommy w/ a baby son at home, you think she wants to be trampled by 20K people running to get a glimpse of them? or the Paps?

    MJBlidge? Tough, smart woman, she wasn’t shaken or it didn’t show, she was cool. Talked, personable, but no, she did not finish the walk.

    Dr. Oz–yes, from what I saw he did, but back in the pack away from the chaos of the ones trying to push to see oprah.

    Bad manners on the part of the running “walkers”, worse manners by the paparazzi but NO BLAME or shame for Oprah, MJ or JHUD, all tried their best and were as sweet, real and nice as anyone could ask for.


  13. wrong info

    just because they were on stage at the finish line, doesn’t mean they got there on foot!


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