Video: Alexis Jordan – ‘Happiness’

Alexis Jordan

StarRoc/Roc Nation’s newest star, 18-year-old singer Alexis Jordan, invites us into her colorful world in the video for the first single from her debut album, coming this fall. “Happiness” is just around the corner.

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  1. ...

    Roc Nation has been signing some very random artists other than J.Cole. I think they are trying to find the next Rihanna, but so far unsuccessful. This girl can sing, but the video was dumb, the dancing awkward, and the song is not memorable.


  2. VaunTV

    Alexis can sing, i dont know WHY there taking her in this direction musically, like WTF?!?! If she’s gonna do dance, do it better. Its not horrible, but it doesnt say Hit at all IMO.

    The video is cute tho.


  3. Sabrina

    I agree with both of you. They are trying to find the next Rihanna and that is not saying much. She can sing but this song and video is wack.


  4. britt

    hell naw son…this is nothin like what we use to from her…the video threw things off….ALEXIS PLEASE DONT LET THEM STEER YOU IN THIS DIRECTION!


  5. The Convo Piece

    Complete garbage.


  6. UltraKid

    This girl sounds nothing like Rihanna and Roc Nation(Jay-Z) let’s his artist do whatever they want so if it comes off as Rihanna like then it’s really not his fault.


  7. c.j

    who in hell wants to be that goat sounding riherp please …………the girl has talent.


  8. anonymous

    Go Alexis! Do your thing honey.


  9. sagb

    the video is cool the song is ehh


  10. jean

    In my opinion,this girl with some support and with the time,she will do something important in the future.We dont’t have to persist in saying that she ‘s a failure…wait guy!


  11. LaMont

    Not bad! It’s something diffrent!


  12. Jeffery J-Boe

    I Love The Song “Happiness”, and The Video Was Alright, and I Don’t Know Why People Are Trying To Compare Her To Rihanna When She Sings Better, and The Video Concept Was Her Ideal, So People Need To Stop With The Negativity… If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say, Then Don’t Say It… Alexis Jordan For 2010.


  13. Meow

    sound like something you’ll hear at clothing store (H&M,GUESS, HOLLISTER etc.)


  14. Kelly

    lol get her back in the lab and try another formula cuz this AINT it. it sounds like she might actually have a good voice. i dunno never heard anything else from her. but. this song. just aint it. BYE GIRL


  15. unknown

    this is great why are people hatng if she had a song called bootypop orsomething while would be like dats my jam lls this song is hot this video is hot she hot and she is gonna be big trust me :)


  16. Harvey

    Megan Rochell?


  17. Nesha

    basically they were stupid for letting Teairra Mari go because this video had me yawning


  18. LShea

    this is great why are people hatng if she had a song called bootypop orsomething while would be like dats my jam


    ^ That’s the truth, right there!


  19. teeesha

    Girl this aint a hit. better make sure ur second single dont flop too or they gon drop yo ass.


  20. Ebony

    I like the song and the concept of the video… But it feels like it’s missing something… It’s close though.


  21. xSALZx

    and her record company should have given her a better first single. when it was Rihanna they gave her ‘pon de replay’ and that went straight to number 1! not to sure about this song, it’s not even international so people down in the UK haven’t heard this song and don’t even noe who alexis jordan is


  22. santoin5

    shes better then that slut RIHANNA


  23. J. Vee

    Alexis can blow Rihanna, Ciara and most other young R&B
    singer off the planet. She has an incredible voice and this is a good first single. The “Mmm, mmm, mmm” part is deceptively
    catchy. When this becomes the summer anthem that most industry insiders think it will, a lot of bloggers will be forced to eat their words.


  24. Alana

    This is fresh!
    people open your eyes and think out of the box. its sad how people cant see something special until it blows up and the whole world is on it. Wake up people!


  25. Vince

    people, i live in africa, n i think this song and da vid is hot. Yeah, itz fresh n different. Alexis is also hot!


  26. Vince

    lol, yeah, da ”mmm, mmm, mmm” part is very catchy!


  27. Ebonie

    I think Alexis has the whole package.The song is cute for her age.And she respects her self as a lady.Rihanna have crazy wild good songs but shes over rated taking off her clothes.Alexis has a powerful voice a triple threat give her some time shes going to kill it.Rihanna dont have the pipes she have but rihanna has a look that what sales.Alexis is a little Alicia Keys you go girl hope to see my self out there soon to.


  28. Egoblitz

    >May 21st, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    >I like the song and the concept of the video… But it >feels like it’s missing something… It’s close though.
    not missing anything, song has 2 hooks…


  29. dior

    um i think that the song and the video is great she is dope and i think that she will go far


  30. jaz

    we all have our opinions and personnally i loved the song from the start she sound unique and i dont think it is a bad video or song considering it is her first single.


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