Video: Rihanna – ‘Te Amo’


Rihanna’s latest video for “Te Amo” takes place in a castle, but this is no ordinary fairy tale. Her Prince Charming happens to be a princess, who seduces Rihanna in the steamy love scenes. Filmed last month at the Castle of Vigny in the suburbs of Paris, director Anthony Mandler fulfills a male fantasy by pairing RiRi with a hot female co-star. Muy caliente!

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  1. Who Gonna Check Me Boo

    I love it …. Ahhh Sooki Sooki Now


  2. tzondo

    this is probably one of my fave rihanna songs and i just think the video doesnt compliment it well, i’m all for being different and original but i was just bored stiff… the song is chill and relaxed bit no matter how many quick cuts it had, this advert was still very boring IMO i respect if anyone disagrees but i know this is obv but i was hoping for a caribean vibe…


  3. Dillon_68

    Sexy video and it does kinda fit the song because she is talking about a girl anyways…

    “And she said Te Amo, then she put her hand around my waist…”


  4. Kabz

    Nice….i like i like i li-ike!


  5. shitface

    i nearly fell asleep watchin this


  6. Cassive

    The industry are recently really promoting this bisexual business. Hmm, what are they up to now?


  7. back2basics

    i like it


  8. JD

    I just dont get her now


  9. koky

    i gree with shitface…its kinda borin…nice song…but wack video


  10. Frenchie

    That hot female co-star named Laetitia CASTA, she’s a french top model/actress


  11. anonymous

    Yet AGAIN another video like all the rest. Sex, sex, sex, we’ve seen it. HOWEVER this time, “SAME” sex sex sex lol. – But really, I liked Rockstar. This, not so much :^/


  12. WhatTheF



  13. rhea



  14. LiuX

    This sucks!


  15. GangsterA

    I like the song and the vide a lil sluty but still cute way better than whore/pornstar


  16. liza

    Pathetic video and horrible singing!


  17. ChoChoMing

    A waste of 4 minutes


  18. RickyBobby

    YAWN… I fell asleep


  19. lmao



  20. JessJT

    Is she a new artist?


  21. rihanna!

    omg i absolutley loved it rihanna is the fucking shit soo hot and sexy loved the song loved the video even moreeee :-)

    rockstar 101 was amazing too i went to the rihanna last girl on earth tour at the 02 arena she was amazing rihanna is unstoppable :)


  22. long island

    this video doesnt match the song.

    she sings “you gotta watch your hands…” and “i dont love that way”.

    well apparently she does love that way (juding by the video itself).


  23. sly b.

    Stop comparing her to Gaga and Christina, if you don’t like her go follow them instead. I do not like the video, it doesnt match the song.


  24. Lil' Nello

    2 for 2 this week! A very dope song & video from Rihanna! Very erotic & sexy to it’s crazy how sexy she is & the other chick was pretty nice to! Anybody know her name? Rihanna looked killer nice in that red dress & the black dress to!


  25. 2011k

    i liked it; here’s a solution for all the haters: if you don’t like it, DON’T WATCH IT!!!


  26. mAz

    I was excepting for something sunnier, more colorful, latin meeting carribean….

    I’m tired of this dark ish….you can’t play the dark card on anything. It make no sense.


  27. hello

    this song screams for a great video and better storyline. i hate anthony madler video’s. this video is too dark. i like bright sunny colors like telephone video from gaga. now thats a great director.



    its cool, i like it! i wanted a better storyline but the coloring of the video makes up for the things it lacks! its visually STUNNING!


  29. LShea

    Reading the comments, I will do what some people don’t seem to have the sense to do: not watch it because it seems that it does not match the song and I will not like it, rather than watching and complaining. See how that works?


  30. Te Amo

    This is a leak. I hope that means the finished video will be.. completely different. I agree 100% with those who are disappointed with this video.
    For such a great song, it deserves a video to finish it off. I feel like the editing was a total mess of different 2-5 second clips played on shuffle. It has potential, with the footage that was filmed.. it just needs to be re-edited.
    The director didn’t succeed in trying to bring the hotness through into the video. I would have never thought, ever, that I would be as turned off as I was watching a girl-on-girl video with Rihanna.


  31. Giamma

    Two epic videos in less than one week!


  32. Rhino

    Watching “If It’s Lovin’ That You Want” and shaking my head at how much things have changed since she sold her soul.

    Big props to Teairra for saying NO to that same offer when it was made in late ’06 and staying true to herself!


  33. Mike

    Interesting video but it didn’t go with the song! I picture a video that takes place on the beach when the sun is going down or something like that. The whole vibe in this video is for lack of a better word, creepy, and to me the song is quite the opposite.


  34. Ron

    Steamy video!


  35. Diamond Girl

    I Was expecting, a sunset, islandic/tropical, sexual tension instead of all the interaction between the two females…that’s what made the song hot for me..The taboo kinda feeling..that’s what the song speaks of..Although, visually stunning, Rihanna is a undoubtedly a star. The Video is not true to the song..
    Still love Rihanna!!!


  36. alicias a homewrecka

    diamond girl I was thinking the same thing. Bring Caribbean to Latin flava together. although we have that already (haitians and dominicans) :)



    Very hot video.Steamy and sexy.Someone said she was 2 for 2 this week and they where right.Epic video.


  38. Miss Brown

    This video was sooooooooooooooo boring I nearly fell of the chair,…from sleeping all the way thru it,

    I was expecting better than this,

    More of a caribbean vibe with girls synchronising some Dancehall moves…but no! not Ri Ri, jus boring lesbian touching *Yawn*


  39. bodacious

    for all of you who have your ideas about how this video should have been done , just make your own and show us all what you got.


  40. bodacious

    hating on rihanna has gotten to be a full time job here lately, with no paid benefits.


  41. bodacious

    people please if a song is not my cup of tea and i am not loving the artist , with a sound mind you hit click and keep it moving. those of you who bashes rih all over the net don’t you know by now that rihanna have given all of you haters her third finger. some of you hates on her so hard that you would have thought that rihanna have killed your whole family and the 2 cats and 4 dogs , geez why so much hate you should be thrilled that rihanna is not waiting around on that once a month date with mr.welfare and his twin mr food stamps, hate all you want and for goodness sake please stay mad at rihanna for nothing that she has ever done to any of you. its the sos all over the net.she deserves the most hated on award for the last five years for having to go through all of the mess she has had commented aboyt her , all prefab lies why.


  42. Marie

    =/ Meh


  43. Timi

    i dont hate Rihanna but don’t like the video….


  44. Rhino

    For all you stans, I have something to tell you:

    Not all criticism is hate. In fact, it’s out of love that I’m expressing my desire for her to go back to her old form (pre-GGGB). Ask yourself: Is love just letting her keep the direction she’s going in so she’ll crash, burn, and end up dead at an early age? Or is it encouraging her to go back to her older, purer form so her quality of life will be better, the music output will be more positive, and she’ll live a long, happy life.

    My answers to the retorts:
    1. “You want her old stuff, buy her old album(s)”. Already copped ‘em when they dropped.
    2. “The old her was a constant flop-had she stuck to her old form, she’d be on E1 Music right now”. Oh really? Then how come “Pon De Replay,” “If It’s Lovin’ That You Want,” “SOS,” “We Ride,” and “Break Em Off” did so well on the charts?
    3. “She’s been in the game for about 7 years, you still expect her to sound like a teenager?” Not quite. But I do expect her to keep in mind the young females who see her as a role model.


  45. Mr. C.K. Inc

    I’ve loved this song since the first time I heard it. The video was great. I’m going to far deep into the video and everything else surrounding her but I do love her as artist willing to take chances. Go Riri!


  46. TeeTop

    “i was hoping for a caribean vibe…” YESSS!!! I wanted a beach sooo baaaad. The vid is sorta boring. ♥ the song very much.

    I knew Mandler was gonna aim for dramatic (as he’s done with just about every Rihanna vid he’s directed) so I wasn’t expecting the BEST VIDEO EVER.


  47. pms

    i like the song, and also the vid.
    i though rihanna will be telling a story about a couple, where the guy doesnt love the girl.

    but then CRASH, rihanna change all the meaning of the song, and tell us a story about a girl in love of her.

    i like that, maybe everyone spect another thing, but its cool, rihanna looks HOT stunning, and i like that, she always surprise us, not like lady gaga, we always knows lady gaga will suprise us… rihanna makes it different, like putting another meaning, or telling how to understand her meaning.

    i really like, i mean this is cool, in rs101 all the video is her looking fierce, and its also good. but i really prefier this.

    and i think people could be confused for her change, or i dont know. but we should be costumbrated, or tell me that rihanna its the same girl in sos, that in take a bow.
    shes always changing. and maybe people dont understand, or think she has no personality, i guess thats her personality, a changing personality.
    and i really like read msgs from notfans of rihanna, couse sometimes i saw things that i dont saw from rihanna. its cool, pls all u want write, put it right here.

    thnx rihanna.
    thnx guys…


  48. newii_babbii

    dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm is rihanna turnin bio or wat yu see this girl on her back kissin her neck wat da fuck it goin in the world


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