Eminem Kicks Off European Promo Tour


Eminem keeps his ear to the beat while leaving the Le Meurice hotel in Paris on Monday (May 31) during his European promo tour. The rapper reportedly checked into the hotel’s $17,000/night penthouse suite, where stars such as Beyoncé and Kanye West have also stayed.

A motorcade of four Mercedes-Benz limovans waited to transport him into the city, where he will appear on Skyrock FM on Tuesday to promote his new album Recovery. He is also set to perform on “Friday Night with Jonathan Ross” later in the week.

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  1. Juan

    Dang! Eminem always rolls deep! It’s incredible that despite all his money, he still dresses very humbly and hasn’t lost sight of where he came from. That’s honorable!


  2. Arshey

    Not to mention, how loyal he is to all of his friends! And yes, he is very humble! I have never heard one interview in which he’s said how good he is at rapping, even though he has every accolade to prove that he is.


  3. Merovingio Shear

    the best selling artist of the decade stays HUMBLE that’s class!! that’s the main proof of how good he is…Eminem is back and that’s so good!!


  4. TrShadyBettaComeOnline!

    Oh my gosh, he’s so humble and noble. What the fuck ever. Just drop your fuckin “Not Afraid” video, another single, hop on a plane to the mile high, and fuck the shit outta me. I’m sick of these games, Marshall. Your celibacy bullshit is stupid and sad. Go get laid already and then make Dre release Detox because at this point, my little cousins don’t even know who the fuck he is…


  5. Mitch 3k

    I bet the most expensive piece of his outfit is them overpriced beats by Dre headphones he rockin, lol

    I think thats the main reason I like this nigga so much tho, he got more money and sell more records then all these dudes and never throws it in peoples faces, thats class, regardless of how twisted his lyrics get he seems like a real down to earth cat and thats whats lacking in rap these days, Niggaz like Plies sell about 2% of the records Em sells and they run around bragging bout how rich they are, SMDH


  6. Ano

    Eminem is truly the best!!!!!


  7. ar4

    Hows is staying in a 17000 a night hotel, humble. I could go and finish my uni with that kind of money, and he goes and spends it on one night.


  8. Pinoy

    Em with the Dr.Dre headphones on.


  9. KMan

    Eminem is the best rapper alive

    recovery going to be amazing


  10. Fredric loves Katie

    Eminem is a total babe
    I’m gonna nail him.


  11. sam

    well its not like he can stay in a regular hotel. he needs sercurity and peace and quiet


  12. IrishJ1218

    He will sell 900k. First week


  13. Over

    I fancy drake selling more than him…
    …btw Em is only humble in front of the cameras


  14. Роман (RUS)

    Cool =)

    Уставший он =(


  15. JD

    Why does he always look so miserable? Damn at least wave or somethin. He looks like he doesnt even enjoy his music career anymore.


  16. Crazed

    Lookin Forward To Recovery, Isnt He Suspossed To Be On BBC Radio 1 Sometime?


  17. Toya

    Wonder what goes with that $17,000 price tag. I’m sure he’s not paying for that room if he’s doing a promo tour. Odds are Interscope is footing the bill. (No offense. Love Em but he will get whatever he wants from Interscope because he has brought in a lot of many for the company.) And I’m sure the penthouse suite was necessary to maintain everyone’s sanity. Don’t have to worry about people roaming the halls when you’re your only neighbor.

    The only thing I find funny about my favorite rapper is that he addresses like he’s going to walk around Detroit on a cool fall day. Doesn’t he ever get hot?


  18. Beth H

    You’d likely have the same expression if you’d just flown half way around the globe. He likely has a pretty bad case of jet lag! I know every time I have to fly to Europe or the UK it takes me at least 3 days to adjust.

    But he kinda been saying for a while now, he’s totally addicted to the music part of his career, he loves it and can’t leave it alone. But he’s miserable not having any freedom. He does have some insane fans, part of me feels really bad for him. Anyone ever visited his facebook, myspace and website and read the messages he gets from fans. Its unlike anything I ever seen for any other Artist. It’s like they lose they total control over their faculties, and dignity, to the point of being creepy! “omg Em I love you SO F**King much please please tell me how I can meet you!” -to “omg Em I’ve loved for so long I WILL do whatever it takes, I promise We Will meet soon!” to “U are my KING, my world, Please let me give you head.” “Please have sex with me” to getting threats, to people begging him to help them career wise! The overwhelming majority are just normal fans, but just a few can make someones life miserable. It only one took one to end John Lennon’s life. Think about it, the dude has to rely on someone else to get him anything, and to do anything outside his home / studio. Em Likely hasn’t seen the inside of a mall, or electronics store, played with his kids at the park, nothing in years… I’d be pretty effin miserable too. But the other side of me, also thinks it’s his own fault cause of where he chooses to live. Other than the convenience of living close to work, there’s another reason most celebs live in L.A. Because celebs are like white on rice, their so common here no one gives a crap anymore, and pretty much everyone knows they don’t want anyone bothering them, so people generally don’t. Not to mention everyone here is so self absorbed, and doped up on prozac they don’t usually notice who’s around them… So if he really wanted more freedom he’d move some place where he more accepted as just another celeb… But he’s totally committed to saying in Detroit. So….


  19. Bogey from J-town R.I

    lmao em isnt back he just comes out wit a album every 6 months, dont get me wrong em is a beast and he shoulkd do tht he just has 2 rap how he did in like 01 he got bad


  20. Gordon B.

    And you know he hasn’t paid for the headphones, in fact he is probably getting paid to wear them.
    And yeah he NEEDS to have that suite because he needs the security, fans are crazy – almost on the level with MJ.
    He never really like being famous, that’s why he lives in Detroit because no press can be arsed to hang around there.


  21. Antmysta

    I wonder what he is listening too. Do you think its the Recovery CD?


  22. Роман (RUS)

    I dream what Eminem arranged a tour on Russia… welcome to Russia


  23. Аня

    Роман) поддерживаю) оч-оч хочу чтоб Эминем в Москве выступил


  24. The French Man

    I listen Eminem on Skyrock,Eminem is too delirious


  25. max

    i love you


  26. Роман (RUS)

    Анна, пишите: 438-641-190 =)


  27. erzana



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