Chris Brown Denied Entry Into Europe, Forced to Cancel Tour

Chris Brown

Chris Brown’s summer schedule has just cleared up. According to the R&B star, he’s been forced to pull the plug on his European tour.

The trek was to kick off on Wednesday, June 9, in Glasgow, U.K., but an apologetic Brown informed his fans on Twitter that it has since been scrapped. “SORRY to all the fans in europe!!! my tour is cancelled,” he tweeted.

He explained the reason behind the cancellation, citing his inability to gain entry into Europe. “Im pretty sure yall know. my entry was denied in your country. i love you.SORRY!!” he added. Brown’s status as a felon may have been the reason for the rejection of his visa.

The tweet, seen below, was later deleted without further explanation.

Chris Brown Tweet

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  1. WhatTheF



  2. LMAO



  3. BEE

    It’s looking more likely that his tour is cancelled due to poor ticket sales.that’s all!!! U suck!!! all country cant denied you its not true!!! u dont have any problkem for fashion week!!!!! SO THATS RIHANNA REIGN JUST WONT LET UP !!!!! CB U SUCK FOREVER !!! without rihanna u are no NOTHING !!!! u was more popular just because u was dating with superstar that’s all !!!! grafitti bog flop! we dont understand why u are nominated at bet awards !! we love USHER AND JASON DERULO!!!!! france dont like U!!! bye


  4. ItsOscarYO

    Lol. He’s always suspiciously deleting his tweets.


  5. coely

    I dont believe it truth how come hes denied lol in whole EUROPE ??? hahah theres like 40 countries.. & all of them !!! yee right


  6. kanye my man

    BIF FLOP THAT all !!!! team Rihanna <3


  7. Marie

    Please don’t make me cry :’(
    I refuse to believe this !!!


  8. kappy

    your all stupid he was not allowed to enter the E.U. the European Union…


  9. rhea20



  10. Kingston

    ^ so you’re calling chris stupid? he was the one who wrote that fool


  11. GangsterA

    Oh sad i still love chris yes he beat riri but everyone will have a bad time in this life and this is just chris turn i really love him and his music


  12. ***

    RiRi don’t have shit to do with this, if anything won’t let up, that Rihanna pity party reign just won’t let up! Yet yall stupid ass RiRi stans worry more about Chris Brown than you do her. And to @ Bee, he was a star before he got with Rihanna, they basically put them together to help her ass out, he is the reason why she is where she is, don’t get it twisted.


  13. Professor

    Kappy? I have never heard about such a thing “not allowed to enter the E.U. He’s not from Somalia right? U have no idea how big controversy would it be if guys from US were not allowed to enter Europe (but as far a im concerned, the other way round its fine–> e.g. I require visa).
    In fact, im sure he cancelled his tour because of poor ticket sales, which is a shame, since he’s one of the best R&B artists ever (my fav is r.kelly) and it will be difficult to find singers who can achieve as much as he did.

    And sorry for my English, Im Polish (btw it is in E.U. xD)


  14. Shaunie

    we just need to clear it all up because there is people like me who are travelling half way cross the country to see him and dont fancy getting there, then being stranded because i cant get picked up!


  15. EveryYearIsCiaras

    His career is f***ed up.
    Maybe if he takes a long break, hr maybe able to come back. And Europe loves Rihanna, Good Girl Gone Bad was certified 3x platinum by IFPI, but he hasnt had one certified by them.


  16. so funny

    You Rihanna stans seem more like stalkers than fans of her, yall eat, sleep and shit Chris. Despite what has happened, he is nominated for a BET Award because of the fact that maybe BET knows this young man is talented. Not everybody is still on that Chris/Rihanna mess, yall need to move the hell on.


  17. tell'em

    For one, Europe is not a “country.” He may have been denied to a few places but there has to be more to it and poor ticket sales seems to be it. He should do a smaller tour if anything.


  18. gab

    that sucks for him


  19. WhatTheF



  20. hmm

    ppl are so stupid…obviously his tour wasnt going through the whole of europe..just the main parts..and those main parts are all in the EU..European pretty sure u heard when snoop got banned from europe..all they have to do is revoke your entry..smh.


  21. hmm

    ppl are so stupid…obviously his tour wasnt going through the whole of europe..just the main parts..and those main parts are all in the EU..European pretty sure u heard when snoop got banned from europe..all they have to do is revoke your entry..smh…the same way the us wanted to ban that guy from iran from coming to the us..get ya facts straight ppl



    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am thrilled to see this little bitch struggle. His fans/friends have relentlessly dogged Rihanna, not so funny now is it??? Career Over. His PR team left it out in the dumpster, now the garbage truck is coming to pick it up. In drake’s voice “Its over”.

    Graffiti flopped horribly in Europe, now he can’t fill 2,000 seats??? DEATH at him using “europe” a CONTINENT as a country. EPIC FAIL


  23. sam

    You haters/RiRi stans are funny, you all check for Chris more than you do her. I can also see that you all are not quite bright either. You all are the main ones is the reason why come CB is still around, you all read up on him more than his own stans. I agree with the pity party reign, I believe that’s why you all stay on his site posting hate about him bringing up her. Everybody is checking and wanting America’s sweetheart, Sandra Bullock. If anybody seems to be mad, its the RiRi stans.


  24. ***

    @ SHOTS FIRED, you sound like a dumb ass uneducated hater. You can tell you and alot of the other haters don’t have much education at all. Instead of hating on him, go to school because sitting at home all day thinking about CB is not getting you all anywhere.


  25. Ankka

    he sees EUROPE as 1 country???? is he really that stupid or is he just pretending?? he should try it in Iran or Kazakhstan…. maybe they want him there hahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!! EPIC F-L-O-P


  26. baby tracy

    chris brown is very unfortunate! ever since the whole riri incident the press have stigmatised him. we all know he got punished. so many clebs have criminal records but it doesn’t prevent them from continuing in thier jobs. so why chris? its unfair and i hate rihanna for this. people ashouldn’t say she has nothing to do with this because she and her management clearly do! kmt. i’m stil a fan i got tickets to see him in london this weekend. too bad it’s cancelled. poor chris and his fans. i pray he gets back on his feet.


  27. That2

    That too, Rihanna is one big evil satanist only God can deal with that. Chris Brown needs 2 turn to gospel swear down.He may not get as far but he isnt gettin far nowaday anyway so Christ will be the way forward for him.


  28. dude

    You haters/RiRi stans are pathetic, whatever he does or say, yall find a reason to turn it into hate. Yall worry more about him than yall’s own lives! Say what you want to say, he must be doing something, yall check for him more than anything, sounds like yall need some serious help. Keep doing you CB, the haters worry bout you more than life itself.


  29. Cameo

    AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA YESSSS… this just turned my frown upside down

    That Rihanna reign just wont let up!

    Chris Brown- FLOP, FAIL… hahaha


  30. baby tracy

    its all well and good saying hater! rhi has nufin to do wiv me! lool! sum peeps r stupis. if u dont like cb they get off dis blog.i am supporter! haters r failures themselves! snm


  31. arie

    @ baby tracy, I agree with you, the haters stay constantly worried about Chris, they are really some pathetic individuals. Haters are failures, as you can see they have nothing going for themselves but hate. But what is so stupid on their part, Rihanna could care less about them hating on him because of her or for her, she is just laughing at their sorry asses, cause she ain’t going to give their broke asses any money. Hater, 24 hour job with no benefits.


  32. ***

    That pity party reign won’t let up! Everybody loves America’s sweetheart, Sandra Bullock!


  33. barbie

    I like both chris brown and rihanna. Rihanna has nothing to do with chris not allowed in EUROPE. People still be on this chris brown and rihanna mess. Do anybody know what really happened that night? NO. Chris brown has nothing to do with rihanna success the girl has made her way to the top. Chris brown still has a career for those who are aSsuming


  34. EveryYearIsCiaras

    really, this has nothing to do with the situation, its jealousy. People are jealous that he was making it, so they found a flaw, and now they overuse it. I am not a fan of Chris Brown (person), but i’m a fan of his music. Isn’t it the music you supposed to be listening to?


  35. Prtypoison

    You all need to grow up, many celebs are not able to enter into the UK, Martha Stuart isn’t allowed to enter the UK and Snoopdog just got reinstated. It happens all the time to many celebs who has a criminal record and they have to jump through hoops to get reinstated.


  36. JessJT

    Chris career is going anywhere.
    He has been in the U.S and Brazil touring everynite. Selling out venues… He has been performing everynight and doing a damn good job.
    Chris can sing and dance WAYYYY better than Rihanna.
    Im sure he isnt worrited about that cocaine-snorting bitch!


  37. @ barbie

    I’m not a big fan of Rihanna’s, even before the mess with her and Chris, but I’m a huge fan of he’s, I agree with you, no one knows what happened in that car, all this hate for him is so stupid, both are trying to move on, its sad that alot of these haters won’t do the same. And as long as Chris has fans, he has a career, it’s not up to you haters to say rather he does or not, stop trying to play God and move on.


  38. Stacey

    If it’s poor ticket sales why would he say he was “denied” – READ PPL smh


  39. dollars$$$

    @ Everyyearisciaras, you don’t know Chris Brown as a person, nobody does, how can you hate somebody you don’t know is what I don’t understand


  40. Really

    @ JessJT which venues is Chris selling out???? Nightclubs – lol.

    @ Stacey – of course its poor ticket sales. The boy was just in Europe for the fashion shows recently.

    The little boy is a liar and you idiots still haven’t realized it. LOL.


  41. Stephonne

    Why is everyone soooo cruel to this boy… No one no matter what they do deserves all the weight and negativity. THIS IS A PERSON. THIS IS A HUMAN BEING AND HIS LIFE. IT”S NOT FUNNY! Some of you are so ugly and inhumane that it is at times on this blog appalling. You could really drive someone to suicide and destruction. DISGUSTED.


  42. Joyams

    Hummm…Europe is not a country dude.
    I like his music tho. I agree that it’s because of poor tickets sales.


  43. EveryYearIsCiaras

    Let me rephrase it, I mean I don’t like what he did. I still like his music. Didn’t mean him as a person. Sorry if I phrased it wrong.


  44. fili

    its not poor ticket sales people thats bullshit everywhere i looked for tickets are sold out!!


  45. rox

    guys…when you’re on tour…artists have to apply for a Schengen Visa which allows you freedom of movement through the country if not you would have to apply for visas for each country he’s gonna do a show….he had to apply for a visa when he went to fashion week…which he got…he has to apply for a new one this time around because you get a limited time on work permits…especially for performing artists


  46. Zimma

    How’d he get in for fashion week then?
    Womp! and he IS selling out venues, like auditoriums for Elementary schools n all that ish.
    And nah, I don’t see this as no “Rhianna reign”
    Point blank, he messed up bad, and that ish is gna stay with him a long time. He’s pretty dumb if you ask me, he should have taken a longer break and tried to make it look like he was actually sorry for beatin a chick.


  47. dan

    all u rihanna fans are such ignorant fuckers…CB got WAYY for talent and deserves to perform in europe..GAY EUROPE fuck emm all


  48. summer

    I look at alot of these comments from supposed Chris haters, the more I read them, the more I don’t understand such hate for one young man. What are you getting out of it? I then you call his fans names @ really, honey I’m no idiot, and @Zimma, I don’t understand how you say he is dumb cause he didn’t take a break, alot of artists don”t take a break after they get in trouble what is the difference? Like it or not, Chris has fans and he has supporters and you all hate that. You all have serious issues and you all really need help.


  49. LoveRiRi

    @Bee : Shame on you when u say “We don’t like him in France”, LooL Really ?? I live there and people here are still the same love for CB !! Just because u don’t like him don’t mean it’s all the french people who don’t like him shmm !!
    @barbie : “Chris brown has nothing to do with rihanna success the girl has made her way to the top. Chris brown still has a career for those who are aSsuming”
    I agre with u 1oo%.. Even if I don’t like him the way I used to like him (I’m nOt a hater), I think CB it’s a good artist. I’m on #TeamRiRi But I wish him all the best..


  50. Layla

    Was I the only one bothered by him calling Europe a country instead of a continent?


  51. Chanel

    The only problem I have with this is…Europe is not a country :/


  52. manny man

    People (haters) yall need a hobbie CB is still my dude, the guy is talented. I think what yall hate the most is the fact that he is moving forward. Yall are the only ones that are stuck in the past, RiRi aint giving a damn bout yall hating on him, yall need to kick rocks or something. CB, you still my dude, Dueces and No.48 is the shit!


  53. mimi

    So the fuck what, he called Europe a damn country, it aint like alot of you are smart college professors, alot of you probobly didn’t even finish high school. Whatever he does or say, you people are going to find a reason to hate. If you don’t like him, why do you constantly look him up? You haters are some ridiculous individuals! I agree with whoever it was that said you haters eat, sleep, and shit Chris Brown, because you all do.


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  55. CB Lawste like Gnauze

    yet another loss, ahaha.


  56. chrissy

    you are really DUM for doing that to rihanna


  57. chrissy

    JK LOL


  58. Alive

    You Are Mostly Rihanna Fans On This Page I See And You Seem To Believe Something That Aint Real. You Saying The Millions Of People Who Like Him Arnt Fans, Chris Brown Could Not Get It Because Hes Been Arrested Before. Bullshiters Go Die Haters. “Im Gone” Like Drake, Lil Wayne, Swizz Beatz, Tyga, Bow Wow And Millions Of Fans. Im Gonna Stand By Him.


  59. latifaDubai

    WTF !!! DUMNT !!!!! CB Be Strong We Stil Love you , Hope if You Can Come to the “Midl Est” Once Cas u got Alots f fanz over Here xx Dumn I was flying to the UK !! I LOVE YOU CHRIS BRON xxx


  60. DAGangsta

    да балин… Крис Браун офигенный. Подумаешь, разок бабу за дело похуярил! жаль, что его карьера кончается вот так((((


  61. ponyo

    i wished this thing with ri ri never happened…chris u were too big…but u let anger get the best of u…..and i don’t believe u are sorry to this day… u only sorry u got caught


  62. poppa j

    So what if he lied about low ticket sales, with reactions like the one u people have posted im not suprised it just gives all you ammunition to do what u seem to be doing allot of.. Calling him a woman beater its strange though I ’ m s l i g h t l y c o n f u s e d t h o u g h wh y i s i t l i l W a y n e a n d t . i b o t h c a r r y a r o u n d g u n s y e t d o t g e t a b u s e , wh y i s i j a y z s t a b s h i s p r o d u c e r y e t g e t s c a l l e d t h e h i p h o p me s s i a h ? I s we a r o p e n y r m i n d s p e o p l e a n d a c t u a l l y r a t e h i s mu s i c h o n e s t l y i n s t e a d o f c o n s t a n l y s a y i n g wh a t p e o p l e a l r e a d y k n o w h a p p e n e d


  63. Lilah

    Oh puh-lease, give me a break. He deserves to be kept out, no one wants this wife beater in Europe. His voice and music is mediocre and if he was a normal guy, he wouldn’t get special treatment. He deserves the consequences, it’s not old news. A normal assault may get 3+ years, it’s barely been ONE.


  64. Kirresha

    Chrissy Brisss I love you so much I even got really early tickets for your tour, I dont like Rihanna anymore she just wont give up will she. I think that he is not a girl beater because he was pretty mad that day and he just needs forgiveness and then eveyrthing will be fine and people who dont like Chriss Brown you are crazy in that mind of yours!!!
    Love you Chrisssy


  65. You Know You’re Famous When You Get Banned « Reading & Writing Is For Dumb People

    [...] Brown, like it or not, is Hip Hop. Own it. Dude had a show planned in the UK, only to find out he’s banned, & can’t enter the country. How embarrassing. Meanwhile, back here in good ol’ New [...]

  66. Ms.Boop

    I think it is really sad that his career has to continue to suffer. He made a mistake, and so did she for that matter, but it has not affected her at all. I think if Chris Brown can not perform, show up at award shows or a concert, then neither should Rhianna.


  67. Alive



  68. chris kelly



  69. JanetFan

    @Alive he is not a woman beater?

    Then what do you call a person if they hit a woman (Rihanna)?


  70. JanetFan

    I’m not a hater, I actually used to be a fan but, he has millions of fans? Umm No

    How many copies did his last album sell?

    He couldn’t even sell out a 3,000 stadium in the Uk…

    So what? 3000 people don’t get too see him, so what? I doubt they even care that much


  71. Who Gonna Check Me Boo

    Most ppl deserves second chances, 
    but felons dont really get them….
    it is what it is….lol


  72. trey

    ….he sold about 300 000 copies, in the usa. nowadays its a HUGE deal
    plus go to see the pictures he did when he was at a rio concert the place was absolutely full and crazy BIG so dont tell me he cant do that shit u already know the reason : boycott

    come on “sing like me” is number one of the buzz single list….behind it : the top ten of the hot 100…. normal ? boycott once again, did a lot of places in november where his album wasnt, boycott, boycoted by radio station and televisions

    boycott only that


  73. rachel

    You haters/Rihanna stans are really some lost souls, I used to feel sorry for Chris because of all the hate, but I feel sorry for you haters. It is obvious that yall are so-called Rihanna stans, but you give Chris all of your energy. Rihanna is not caring about yall hating on him, she is probably laughing at yall stupid asses. Its’ not like she is saying “thank you fans for hating on Chris Brown on the behalf of me”, she aint saying anything. Yet the haters always want to throw out facts to make him look bad @JanetFan, when alot of times yall’s so called facts don’t even be correct. And if he is a woman beater, she is a man beater. And @Who Gonna Check Me Boo, felons get second, third, and fourth chances, T.I. Guccie Mane, Lil Wayne, I can go on. Yall are just straight up haters plane and simple with no purpose in life at all.


  74. **nah**

    I guess they think Chris Brown is going to bomb something or take some hostages and cut their heads off. It’s a very stupid reason, I think it is more to it than that. @rachel, well spoken, I agree with you 100% chic. I don’t understand the need to hate on celebs period, it ain’t like you know them or grew up with them, what is the need for it, it just lets you know, haters have alot of time on their hands, just taking up space.


  75. Who Gonna Check Me Boo

    @ Rachel he’s a felon … so get over
    it… and all the ppl you name are rappers, 
    who didnt have squeaky clean images
    to begin with.  Ppl are not hating they 
    just dont condone domestic violence.
    And if Rih is a man beater prove it, 
    but you cant..she has a clean record.
    I guess we should let all the felons
    out of jail, besides the rappers and
    support them huh?  And this is not
    his fan site, this is a blog, so if yall
    cant handle ppl options stay off rap-up
    and go to chris daily or something


  76. @Who Gonna Check Me Boo

    The no. 1 hater is back, yes people and mainly you are hating, funny how you say the haters don’t condon violence, she it is proven that she hit chris on numerous occasions, so yes she is a man beater as well. Yet you are the same one ready to beat up someone if they talk bad about riri hypocrite, it’s not her fan site either. I guess you be on chris daily and other sites hating there also. The fact is, @rachel made a very good point and the one after her. If you don’t like what his stans has to say, stay off rap and stop clicking on news about him.


  77. jayjay

    Cabt believe we allow extremists,rapists murderers in the country. We allow extremists who have plotted and been found guilty to remain In England.
    Yet a very talented man cant even cum stay a while and express himself through his music …Yeah he did a bad thing but come on he paid the price let it go we all deserve a second chance dont we?


  78. Paigekay

    Let him in England!!


  79. vicky.adiyo

    u suck get it right cuz no one like you any more ha ha ha ha ha


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