Video: Monica Gives a Tour of ATL


Monica takes us on a tour of her hometown of Atlanta for VEVO’s “Area Codes” series. Visit Dallas Austin’s DARP Studios where she got her start, Centennial Olympic Park where her sons play, and her favorite soul food restaurant Busy Bee Cafe. “Come to my area code 404 if you want some real Southern hospitality, some good food, some nice people, and a lot of talent. We got it all here in Atlanta,” says a proud Mo.

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  1. Diamond Girl

    Awww. I love that monica’s become so accessible..She is my biggest inspiration personally and musically..I would have “killed” to see her being captured out and about in the 90′s and I just love her and soak up everything she does. Still :) Thank you Monica!! Can’t wait to meet you..


  2. Dave

    I love Monica. I love her growth as a person & an artist. I love the fact that she’s so real & genuine, so humble to everything, & even when she makes mistakes, she admits it (like the one where she said something negative about Vivica A. Fox) & changes to improve upon that mistake. Monice is a true, classy, young woman. :)


  3. MiamiGurl920

    cute video, made atlanta look like a great place 2 live, monica is a genuine humble lady, i like monica, she is a SANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    I love the video of monica toring ATL. been there alot of times and i love it. Plan on moving there next year with my fam thats already there and friends. I love monica music and work that she has done for everybody. She is still standing and holding on strong. had to admit monica you is an angel to my eyes. you have wings that can lead you into the right directions as well as your fam and your sons. keep doing a good job monica and dont stop singing. praying to the day when i get to see you in person.


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