Kanye West Outshines King Tut’s Great-Grandmother

Kanye West

Kanye West visited the golden coffin of King Tut’s great-grandmother Tjuya at the “Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs” exhibition at the Discovery Times Square Exposition in New York City. Even the Egyptian pharaoh would have been impressed by the hip-hop king’s flashy Jacob & Co. Horus chain and four-finger pyramid ring, valued at $300,000.

According to Us Weekly, Kanye and girlfriend Amber Rose are taking a break. The model was seen making out with Reggie Bush over the Fourth of July weekend, but insiders say the former couple remains good friends.

The rapper has little time to devote to a relationship while he completes his new album, set to feature a collaboration with hip-hop hottie Nicki Minaj.

Photo credit: Jennifer Taylor

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  1. ...



  2. jk

    wtf is wrong with this guy?!


  3. Ok Ok

    Kanye thinks hes some kind of supernatural being, chill out homie u aint that good.


  4. mr

    the guy didnt even do anything but stand near a coffin with his 300,000 chain(prolly more than all of yall salaries combined) that he bought and earned and the haters come out in full effect…..smh juss keep hating cus yall have nuthin else important 2 do


  5. JhuntdaProdigy

    He rocking expensive jewelry up in a museum, whats wrong with that? Most rappers are seen rocking expensive jewelry in some ignorant place. All he did was pose for a picture, while the paparazzi stalked him into the museum, why yall making a big deal out it


  6. Tev

    Kanye chain is really dope if they sell fake ones im buying lol


  7. DIllon_68

    @mr, I agree, haters will jump at any oppurtunity.


  8. liz

    I love kanye but I don’t like the chain reminds me of the 90′s I wish he would just relax n enjoy making music. Maybe he should come back to chicago. We want the old kanye the one who cared about jesus, family, his momma n social issues I miss that kanye.


  9. 112

    Kanye can do what ever he wants


  10. Power

    @JhuntdaProdigy, The paparazzi did not chase him into a museum. This photo was taken by the people at the exhibition, hence he posed for it. Educate yourself before making foolish comments.


  11. kk

    if you don’t like this picture, then your not a true kanye fan. kanye his whole life has been over the top and this picture just personifies him


  12. xxx

    yeah, i dont like kanye
    why wear something that’s bigger than your head?

    honestly, i liked his music, but after recognizing what a big asshole he is, i stopped buying his shit


  13. fi

    I want to be rich and wear expensive clothes and go to weird places and look stupid.
    I promise i will forget my actual blessings like my talent and all pain in the world. I will look glamorous after breakfast and travel the world just to take cool pictures.
    People will love me and i will never die!


  14. Lebo(CaribbeanBoi)

    Do the dam thing Kanye


  15. PG

    Hahah, Illuminati to a NEXT level.


  16. rebel2society

    I don’t normally comment but people are judging some1 for what he possesses and what he’s potentially able to possess.

    None of which have anything to do with the GOOD music he drops whenever he decides to release albums. (808′s is an acquired taste, not mine, but I know too many people that like that album)

    Again no hate from me just my opinion.


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  18. Vell

    It’s funny that it’s a horus chain. Do your research people. He and I know something that you don’t. Open your eyes and know the truth!!!


  19. betti

    i like it …


  20. city

    really ye’s chain is symbolizing black jesus jesus died and now HORUS walks


  21. The Invisible Man

    *tear drop* it’s unpopular to like Kanye now so I’m going to post wild shit about Kanye even though his music probably made me feel good a year or two ago…fuck Kanye (until his next album)! I don’t like artistic statements at all!


  22. AJPONE

    July 8th, 2010 at 10:34 am

    Hahah, Illuminati to a NEXT level.

    ^^ LOL


  23. Kanye Did it BIG

    Kanye Did it BIG!!! Love it hahaha!


  24. maria

    he thinks he is like king tut lolol he is just a rapper he would be 1 of those hit wonders compare to the king who is unforgettable chill kayne


  25. Horus

    King Tuts DNA is a 99.6 percent match with Western European Y chromosomes.


  26. DermaPure Result

    DermaPure Result…

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  27. eurocentric bs

    yeah sure king tut was white….. -_- did you even look at his mom and grandma you dumb ass reject?


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