Kanye West Pops Up at Twitter Offices

Kanye West

Kanye West’s tour of Silicon Valley continued. After meeting with Facebook on Tuesday, the newest celebrity to join Twitter stopped by the micro-blogging service’s headquarters for a visit that included him rapping new material from his as-yet-untitled album. Watch his performance below.

Kanye seems to already be addicted to Twitter. He’s up to 135,000 followers in less than 12 hours and that number is climbing by the second. So far he’s discussed stuntin’ with BeyoncĂ© and Jay-Z, private jets, and jogging in Lanvin. What’s next?

“I admit my first watch was a Fossil, now I’m in the Louvre looking for fossils.”

“Lyrically can’t none of ya’ll murder ‘Ye ’cause ya’ll raps ain’t got no vertebrae/ And we all know the beats is like a mix between Fergie and Jesus.”

Source: Kanye Live and Jillian West

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  1. Jaelani



  2. you

    i am a guy, and kanye looks so hot, and i want to marry him…no homo


  3. J

    has anyone noticed that since he cut Amber loose he’s been normal…


  4. K4Kenzo

    yeah i’d marry kanye ..


  5. True Blue

    Anyone who would want marry Kanye is crazy.

    And before you call me a hater, I’m actually a fan of his, but not on a personal level.


  6. True Blue

    * Want TO marry Kanye.


  7. JustSayin

    yeah i noticed that to. good for him maybe now he can focus on givin us some dope music


  8. mr

    no one on these blogs know kanye on a personal level end of discussion


  9. you

    hahahaha i love how you can say semi-gay things, throw “no homo” at the end and nobody bats an eyelash whoooo!

    but seriously bromance on this guy.


  10. theresa_keys

    @J … i agree with you…. I think him not dating Amber is the best thing his done in a while


  11. theresa_keys

    This is the best promo a rapper can do….his album is definitly gonna be the best this year


  12. KNUCK

    Hmm.. very weird stopping by the biggest social networking sites’ headquarters.. I guess It’s a good move because those connections could get you exclusive ads, promos, etc.

    Anyway, I think he looks very nice and classic in that suit. I used to be a fan of his before he became so delusional.


  13. Jade

    Maybe I missed it but what is his twitter name?


  14. JhuntdaProdigy

    I just got back from a week long retreat, with no internet, and wasn’t expecting it, but am extremely happy to see Kanye cracking jokes, and out and about again, it’s about time! The album formally known as Good A$$ Job = Album of The Year FTW


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