Usher, Ciara, & Justin Bieber Take the Lead

Ciara and Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber gets all the girls. The teen sensation’s newest crush, Ciara, posed with him on the red carpet at the inaugural World Leadership Awards presented by Usher’s New Look Foundation in Atlanta on Friday (Aug. 6).

All three stars took the stage at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre to honor former President Bill Clinton with the Service Legacy Award. Ciara and Usher dueted on John Lennon’s “Imagine,” and Bieber was presented with the Global Youth Leadership Award.

“Tonight was sooo much fun performing,” tweeted Ciara. “Both Usher and Justin bieber rocked the show! Today was all about positive energy and love!”

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  1. Shayla

    Justin knows wasup! They both look nice, and Ci is working it OUT



    ciara looks sexy! justin is always koo too! i bet they murked the stage wish i was there! #teamciara u can her on the stage all day dnt u kno she go haaaard! haha


  3. keemsti

    Ciara is the BEST i wish i coulda wnt to see her :( ill just wait forher tour! :)

    Basic Instinct October 5th!


  4. Robjr Loves Ciara

    Ciara slays!!!!! Bitch you mad ??


  5. CiaraGotTheMoves

    they look like brother and sister awww :)


  6. WOW

    she looks flawless


  7. Ciara4evaeva

    Ciara looks beautiful Luv Her, Justin Looks cute he is a player Lol


  8. Ricanaire



  9. Ricanaire

    i always knew Justin Bieber was G A Y!!! He Love Men :P


  10. cici

    ciara looks like justins trophy wife lol


  11. cici

    @Ricanaire please go play with the other dogs at sandra rose,rap up is not for people of your capacity


  12. chris

    ciara and justin look great


  13. WhatTheF



  14. 92Hope4HIPHOP

    when i first saw this i swore his arm was photoshopped around her waist


  15. cici

    This WhatTheF person is a rihanna fan, hes forever posting hate comments on ciara and chris brown posts, shame what a loser :]


  16. Swtnythng

    @Cici It’s just mad that Rihfunds tour is not selling!!!!


  17. double c

    do you seriously have anything better than to cane on a blog site and hate. news flash GET A LIFE!!


  18. haaaaaaa

    oh my i had a flash back it thought that was bow wow lmao


  19. Trey



  20. younging

    is that really his hand (around her waist)? I don’t know what exactly…but something just looks wrong O_o



    LMAO at ppl saying Justin’s hand looks photoshopped!!


  22. CiaraGotTheMoves

    these no life haters be showing up early these b*tches been fans smh


  23. CiaraMedlies

    YAY!! CIARA!!


  24. bijan

    only in the us do you see such a mixture of pop music and politics… kind of pathetic. for once can we just keep them separate? we all know cc, usher, and justin have no idea what the hell they are doing there.


  25. LShea

    I want that dress that Ciara’s wearing!

    @Bijan – I don’t know if you realized this, but in the U.S. most regular people have very little or no interest in politics, except to complain. So if it was a positive experience and the even was “to honor former President Bill Clinton with the Service Legacy Award”, as was stated, what’s to complain about? Why do so many (not all) Americans complain about EVERYTHING?! I do not understand this. Complainer culture, I guess. Smh Did it every occur to you that they maybe DO know something about politics? Grab a random person off the street and ask them some questions. Come on, now.


  26. LShea

    “the event”, I meant, not “the even”


  27. lol umm..


    Philanthropy and politics aren’t exactly linearly related. There are dignitaries of the political world there because one needs that support in order to get the help to the youth, whom USHER’S non-profit organization (I guess you missed that bit) is aimed at. However, that does not mean all involved are there to speak about the economic crisis, goals of one political party or another, nor are they there to talk about the tax payers money or bail outs. Clearly you do not participate in any charities or volunteer work, as you would know nearly all non-profit organizations attempting to make a difference network with political figures and policy makers. These people are those who help secure the organization exposure, money needed to achieve its cause, and then some. Justin Bieber and Ciara, and Usher — who is the FOUNDER of the organization mind you — were there to help secure tickets from the public. The money of which, went to funding Haiti relief. Now, what the hell are you doing for the disadvantaged people in our world???


  28. lol umm..


    Not even complainers at that.. IGNORANT complainers. I guess he missed the caption where the event was hosted by USHER’S New Look. The World Leadership Awards are the first HIS organization put together. SMH, I cannot stand ignorant criticizers.


  29. alans



  30. Stacy

    Ciara looks gorgeous. Kudos to Usher on his foundation. Good job!


  31. @jayabelardiza10

    ciara has a 23 inch waist in shape Wit a pretty Face like she says in Ride song, for that idiot who said ” j.b. arm must be photoshopped around her waist” what a clown Ciara is the shit!


  32. emiralde

    hi justin your a good singer


  33. maiby

    eusou brasilera porisso nao sei falar ingleis amovc justin bieber


  34. king

    rihanna is better dan all of dem


  35. damaris

    Hello justin bieber is super beautifully aria of everything for conoserle but lamentably I live very far from live in chili
    But equal siguo being a fans justin’s club bieber here in my country


  36. Fan Ov A Fan

    love ciara :D so glad shes doing her thing

    hate justin bieber so glad people still hate her… i mean him (:

    say what ever u want i know imma anti-beiber fan… so what im proud :D


  37. Msryryangel

    dont hate on jbieber!!!


  38. giuliaa

    ustin Your in all the videos than salts are the mas nice follows asi


  39. Fan Ov A Fan

    Not my fault his songs are lame :/


  40. karciaa

    ja tak też chce :(


  41. Jonte

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Ciara the most beautiful and sexy woman in the universe. I almost go insane watching sexy pictures of the goddess. Get down on your knees and worship Ciara guys. Ohhhhhh I love to see the tall goddess towering over little guys.


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