What’s on Nicki Minaj’s iPod?

Nicki Minaj

When she’s not popping up on records by everyone from M.I.A. to Trey Songz, Nicki Minaj is busy recording her debut album Pink Friday. So what does the Harajuku Barbie listen to during her downtime? Entertainment Weekly reveals the fierce females and familiar faces that make up her iPod playlist.

Drake – “Find Your Love”
I love the entire album, but “Find Your Love” is like a movie. It reminds you of something, but you kind of don’t know what.

Lil Wayne – Rebirth
I’m [a guest performer] on that one. And I just like that he was able to cross over into rock/pop a little bit. I’m a fan of when people do what you don’t expect.

Mariah Carey
I always have Mariah for when I just feel like curling up in bed. On her last album, it’s “H.A.T.E.U.”

Beyoncé – “Poison”
When I tell you it gives me life, like, it gives me life. Her voice is effortless. It’s badass, like, “I know I’m the best.” I love the melody, I love the cadence. It’s playful, but it’s just so in-your-face. It’s dope and it’s creative.

Rihanna – Good Girl Gone Bad
I love “Sell Me Candy.” That’s one of my freakin’ favorites. Timbaland produced. I love that and “Rehab.”

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  1. Dizzle

    :O wasnt expecting those songs lol gotta love her yo! swear down :) hope she does somthing with rihanna dats a deffo number 1 :D x


  2. Jaye

    I love this chick!!


  3. B!tch I'm Special

    Everyone love queen Rihanna. I she the tranny ciara did not make the cut. No one check for the reject. Her entertain card was revoke time to be Rihanna cheographer or Beyonce back up dancer. She’ll make more money than sell 5000 records


  4. DruChaos



  5. Tluvri

    Punch for riri nicki and dead why was ciara name brought up shade for no reason smdh



    u cant possibly own a ipod and not have a rihanna track on there, atleast one.! nice list though, im hope nicki makes rihannas new album the video would be crazy!


  7. math_

    wow @ Poison

    Nicki & Bey <3



    CLEARLY Beyonce was EXTRA praised…Even to the part of her vocal talent…THE QUEEN.


  9. lillt

    Queen Beyonce. I knew it.


  10. WhatTheF

    I know that copy catter loved Queen Rihanna!



  11. Bey_York

    Ummm why r Rihforehead stans calling her a queen? Beyonce is clearly the queen! get it right! she praised beyonce more like everyone in hollywood does!! haha :p


  12. JDR

    Rihanna’s music is good but she’s no queen and stop hating on ciara she doing her thing..EVERYBODY loves at least one beyonce song i mean c’mon shes the best


  13. Rihanna is the BEST



  14. Steve

    I want a collabo with Nicki/Rihanna and Nicki/Beyonce. and @WhatTheF how are you gonna diss her but then use her qoute, thats wack.


  15. Sunday macauley

    Nickimi, is a gud choice,rihanna is my girl her music is my ringtone but 4 queenship beyonce is stil on top.i need collabo with rihanna.


  16. lance

    @steve i no i just relized @whatthef dissed nicki then used her quote she says all the time that means that @whatthef #beenafan of nicki if she no what she be saying


  17. ...

    i hate celebrity ipod lists because it’s always the same pattern. they pick songs from people they work with, people on their label, from the most popular people out, or from themselves.



  18. WhatTheF

    @Steve and how can Nicki Micopycat diss Queen Bee in her tracks, but then copy her? And I never said I don’t like her, I’m just stating facts. She is a copycat.



  19. nilo

    oh yeah “sell me candy” is my shxt… i see the beyweave stans are getting upset with the riri stans

    #stay pressed


  20. Shakera

    Sell Me Candy is my shit!


  21. JayCred

    Aw she likes H.A.T.E.U., I listen to that occasionally every night before I go to sleep, real relaxing.


  22. JDR

    @nilo why would beyonce stans be upset..nicki clearly says that bey’s voice was effortless have u ever heard anyone say rihanna’s voice was effortless……think not


  23. hunter

    yeah she ptaised queen bey more than everyone that”s because she loves beyonce roc nation and young money


  24. mike jr

    well she did say on bet that she loves beyonce and she wold love to right for her beyonce is still on top she won best r&b artist last night at the 2010 teen choice awards beat out usher,alicia keys, rihanna ,and trey songz so what do that tell ya bey is still da best and her album came out in 2008 dat girl is bad and oh yea congralations to queen bey just in case yall haven”t heard about it yet but it was on the e!news last night that mrs.carter is worth more than $430 million woman from all of her concerts and everything if you don”t believe me watch cnn or the e1news 2nite cause they were the ones who let it the truth out go bey!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  25. catrina

    yea i seen that on beyonceworld.net nickiminj and beyonce collaboration will be nothing but powerful i love them



    She Listens To Some Good Music Especially Rihanna & Drake The Two Make Music But Also Poetic In What They Try To Express


  27. nilo


    I AM SOOOO SORRY…i didnt knoe i was talkin to u… clumsy me…


  28. peace&music

    find your love is my sooong!


  29. ponyo

    what can i say i love em all now u guys need to stop all this hating and start telling the truth


  30. Phoenix_Wright

    SELL ME CANDY!!!! I still play that song even though I thought the rest of the album was kinda bleah.

    expected a longer list of songs -__- lol


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    [...] Rihanna – Good Girl Gone Bad “I love “Sell Me Candy.” That’s one of my freakin’ favorites. Timbaland produced. I love that and “Rehab.” Read the rest of Nicki’s Ipod list here. [...]

  32. des

    nicki go hard bro


  33. king

    love rihanna is the she fukin dis game up fuk gaga


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