Sneak Peek: Trey Songz – ‘Bottoms Up’

Trey Songz

Trey Songz steps outside the box in the teaser for “Bottoms Up,” the first single from his new album Passion, Pain & Pleasure. Director Anthony Mandler (Rihanna, Jay-Z) provides the dark, carnival-esque visuals to the club record, while Nicki Minaj raps like Anna Nicole Smith.

“‘Bottoms Up,’ I feel, is a very creative video. [It's] different from the norm, different than what I feel is expected of me and anything I’ve shot for that matter,” Trey told MTV News. “It’s as if I’m walking through some kind of funhouse, filled with women and different seductive things.”

Watch the first minute from “Bottoms Up” below.

Source: YouHeardThatNew via ThisIsRnB

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  1. theresa_keys

    song sucks


  2. Holly

    I really love this song and think that Trey and Nicki work well together …… i’m definitely buying his new album :)

    ‘Bottoms Up’ does sound like the second part of ‘Say Aah’ and the video kinda reminds me of Drake’s ‘Over’ video too :S


  3. Jooly

    Not what I expected. Looks disappointing. And I still think he’s on the DL…lol


  4. k4Kenzo

    wack song and vid looks even worse .. he deffo on the DL @ jooly


  5. Bucky'

    Okay not what i thought is would be,..Umm Trey come on do betta! but Still Love/Hate The Song !


  6. Rhino

    (puts “Gotta Make It” on repeat and shakes head at how far he’s regressed since then)


  7. Will

    I already know the videos gonna suck Anthony Mandler directed it and all his videos never make a statement. #imjustsayin


  8. MEME

    wow @ #1 2 comment. Drake Over was the first song that came to mind when i started watchin


  9. sashaj

    it looks sort of like the Little Freak video ironically


  10. bryan

    this song is the shit


  11. Rawr



  12. Rawr

    Wtf where did that pic come from?


  13. Maxi Lopez

    hate all the fuk yal want this song’s stil gonna be overly bumpin in the club and onething for sure shawties will pop lock and drop to it…mayne after all its just about feelin good and havin fun so stfu and gtfo with ur ignorant comments! Trey and Nicki are quite awesome and very talented aswel compared to you hopless losers lowlife enemies of progress fuks that have absolutely nothing to do than sitting the whole day in their


  14. Station



  15. Maxi Lopez

    -in their filthy mommas ass basement talking garbbage stuff about ppl’s life and career…pathetic ass muthafkaz


  16. lova lova

    looks like a combination between disturbia and say aaah


  17. Rhino

    @Maxi Lopez:

    “Gotta Make It” was a CLASSIC. So was “Gotta Go,” “Wonder Woman,” and “Can’t Help But Wait.”

    I think it was when he dropped “Ready” that it all fell apart. So tell us again why we’re not allowed to prefer his older stuff? And it’s not “hating” (most overused word). It’s expressing our rightful opinion.


  18. GeeGee

    This song ain’t working for me.



    ccan’t wait to see NICKI in da vid


  20. AshiaSongz

    wtf WRONG wit yall people this songz is the shit ugh HATERS THATS SAD BRUH BRUH.! ugh and DL on wht tHAT hE seXY.? caUSE tash sholl aint a secreat if u dont like the songz why tthe hell yall listening to it i was looking foward to this show ugh haters but u gotta love em anyway LOVE THIS SONGZ.!


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