Jazmine Sullivan Done Busting Windows

Jazmine Sullivan

Jazmine Sullivan may have thought that bustin’ windows was the sweetest revenge on her debut album Fearless, but she’s putting down the crowbar on her sophomore album Love Me Back, due this fall.

While backstage at KMEL Summer Jam in Oakland, Calif., this past weekend, Sullivan told radio personality D.C. that’s she’s done fighting.

“I was a little angry on the first album, busting windows and things,” said the 23-year-old songstress. “I’m not quite as angry on this one. You see a different side of relationships, the more loving side.”

Though she’s given up doing damage to her man’s belongings, that doesn’t mean she’s going to let him slide. “I definitely will still get you. I got a song called ’10 Seconds,’ and I feel like I’ve grown a little bit. The first album I was just busting windows out, but this time I’mma give you 10 seconds to get away,” she laughed.

Aside from chasing down her man, the Philly native is gearing up to hit the road with Mary J. Blige, kicking off a tour on Oct. 2 in Atlanta. The video for her first single, “Holding You Down (Goin’ in Circles),” premiered last week.

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  1. Dawo

    Jazmine is my Top Favorite Artist,I Love her Music and I love her :) The New Rnb Hip Hop Queen :) bust your windows is my all time favourite=I Love it,and cant STOP listening to this Song :)

    a real TALENT :)


  2. damn

    darn! i kinda liked the angry side to jazzy on her first album, lol. the music should still be 100 as always so im not goin complain tho!


  3. damn

    oh but the 10 seconds song sounds hot as hell!


  4. ponyo

    she look a little like nicki minaj


  5. Becca


    yes! Jazmine is amazing! my fave right now along with Janelle Monae


  6. Dee O.

    lol, I absolutely LOVE Jazmine Sullivan! Whether she is busting windows or going around & around in circles, she is absolutely beautiful and her voice is one of the best that I have heard in a VERY long time :)


  7. Cameraman

    Why do you keep saying “this fall?” Her website announced the new release date: NOVEMBER 2 (Election Day, aka “the day we get the keys back”)

    After I go vote, I’m picking up a couple copies!


  8. Jazz

    ^ Umm… November is the fall. weren’t you the fool who said it was coming in October? You were wrong!


  9. Rhino


    I got that info from Amazon.com. Apparently I was wrong.

    Her official website says November 2. So why doesn’t Rap-Up just say that?


  10. Jazz

    @Rhino, The last time I checked, November was in the fall. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets pushed.


  11. Cameraman


    WE F*CKING KNOW NOVEMBER IS IN THE FALL!!!! What we were asking was why Rap-Up doesn’t just say November 2 (it says so on the official website)


  12. Kyle

    Regardless if she’s pissed off or not, I know she will deliver!!! I seriously can’t wait for this album. And yes, November 2nd is the new confirmed date and it is technically a “Fall” release.


  13. Darksongbird

    New date is November 30th. I’m pretty sure that’s the final date and they won’t change it. But who knows? We’ve been waiting this long….


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