Video: N.E.R.D. and Ciara Bring the Heat

Pharrell and Ciara

Ciara added some fuel to N.E.R.D.’s fire by joining them for a sizzling performance of “Hot-N-Fun.” The pre-taped piece aired during the VMAs as part of an ad spot for Chevrolet.

“I’ve known Pharrell for a while,” shared CiCi. “He’s such a cool person, but all of them together are so dope and so talented.”

Watch as Pharrell cozies up to Ciara at the Chevy drive-in.

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  1. Hold up!

    It’s Short!! But she slayed as usual!


  2. DJ Fresh

    That was pretty good performance but too short. Sidebar : Pharell and Cici would actually make a couple lol


  3. ciarastanforever

    Watch the haters come rollin!!!! Even though she performed for like 40secs SHE STILL SLAYED!!!! #TEAMCIARA!!!! REQUEST SPEECHLESS GIMME DAT


  4. FACT

    Was it Ciara’s intention to sound like ‘MINNIE MOUSE’ on the track or is that just a coincidence?


  5. GeeGee

    LOL @ FACT. Sorry if you expected CiCi to do a much better job at high-pitched vocals. Nelly Furtado and Ciara don’t sound the same, so you can’t expect Ciara to sound just like Furtado.

    And plus I expected their performance to be longer. What a shame.


  6. FACT

    @GeeGee That’s kool, wasn’t expecting Ciara to sound like Furtado. Just thought performing with N.E.R.D you had to BRING IT.
    Right now somebody at DISNEY is accusing Ciara of swagga jackin, for biting ‘MINNIE’S STYLE’.


  7. Sara

    Pharrell might wanna consider standing on a box if his gonna perform with Ciara again. Got himself lookin like a army green OOMPA LOOMPA.


  8. redbone22

    @ FACT shut the fuck up, da song sucks anyway. she sounds as she wants, like it or not, then WHAT??? noone cares abt what u think, poor thing…
    tell nerd n their white folk songs to move to disney, since dats the place u lyin


  9. Nicole

    @Sara Pharrell and Ciara are actually the same height she just got them high shoes on. They are both 5’9 ( Pharrell)

    I thought it was to short of a performance. Ciara should of sat this one out. Her voice didn’t match leave it to Pharrell next Ciara oh wait this was a one time thing lol.


  10. Kyle

    Well their performance wasn’t actually supposed to be part of the main show, it was intended to be more of a quick promo shot for Chevorlet cars. For being so short I thought it was a good performance. I wish Ciara was originally on “Hot & Fun.” It’s a fun song. Speaking of N.E.R.D(who I LOVE), when is that damn album DROPPING!?


  11. josh

    @Redbone22 The song dosen’t suck, & all race’s listen to N.E.R.D not just white folk’s. And everyone’s entittled to have an opinion.
    I agree with @Nicole Ciara’s vocal’s didn’t match.


  12. meme

    i feel bad for ciara. she is truely a d-lister. I wonder if she will ever get to have a real performance at any other award show other than the BET. Damn BET dont even call her anymore


  13. Mario

    lmao @meme d-lister? d-lister dnt sit frontrow @ music awards d listers dnt get pad 300k 2 perform on another continent, d-listers dnt get invited 2 perfform in a 1million dollar ad for chevy oops u 2 busy hating and not doin research and far as im concerned N.E.R.D cudve picked any chick in tha world but they chose Ciara as far im concerned D-listers dnt get blogged about on tha daily


  14. Terri

    @Mario Ciara IS a D-lister, she’s certainly not a A-lister, she’s holding on to her so called career by a thread.
    And the reason why ppl talk about her on blogs is bcoz everyone agree’s she dosen’t have enough talent to be there.
    Yeah N.E.R.D cld’ve picked anyone girl round the world, but like Ciara said she’s been FRIEND’S with them for yrs now so that aint got nothing to do with her being talented.
    And appearing in a car commercial does not make her a success.


  15. CORONA

    I LOVE THIS SONG . <3 <3 <3


  16. Just accept it

    Mtv didnt even invite ciara to perform, Pharrell did. What a shame. BET nor MTV thinks this chick is relevant in the music industry anymore after fantasy flop. And its true Ciara is hanging on to her career by a thread because if Basic instinct flops thats a wrap folks. Fans and stans wish her luck.


  17. CandyCoated

    I knew the haters would eventually stroll through……..

    Ciara is NOT a D-Lister Lol!

    Sure Fantasy Ride may have sold poorly and affected her status. But all artist have bad times, especially now with how the economy is. Back on Topic. Fantasy Ride may have “Flopped” sales wise but so many Amazing things came out of that Era. “Love Sex Magic” and “Takin Back My Love” were her Biggest International Hits and “Never Ever” was an urban hit and “Go Girl” did very well in Japan. She got endorsements, tours, performed at award shows, become muses for top fashion designers, increased her international status, and an array of other great things. When People look at Fantasy Ride they automatically think negatively based on the sales but fail to or don’t care to look at all the other positives listed above. The only reason Fantasy Ride didn’t sell well was because of the change she made in music, she went full blown pop and her core urban fans didn’t like it.

    She’ll be fine because she’s getting back up from her fall. Basic Instinct will do well. “Ride” was intended to reclaim her urban core and become an urban hit and it did. “Speechless” is doing well on the radio and once the video drops it’ll become another urban hit. “Gimmie Dat” will smash internationally once the video drops. The song has the perfect formula for a hit in today’s market and with her hardcore amazing dancing in the video it’ll be over! Mark My Words.


  18. carlo

    Fuck that haterz yall act because one album did bad she a flop come on now start thinking more. well dont care wat yall say but fantasy ride was the shit and i liked that album alot one of her best and cant wait for basic instinct. HER MUSIC IS ALWAYS LIKE FRESH AIR> LUV U CICI AND KEEP DOING UR THING U GOT WAT IT TAKES AND SING GREAT AND DANCES EXCELLENT HATERZ STAY MAD!


  19. carlo



  20. filisha

    love ciara she rocks at all times keep it moving girl.


  21. Mike

    Lol You Ciara stan’s can stay deluded.


  22. daone



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