Album Cover: N.E.R.D. – ‘Nothing’


Pharrell adds a feather to his cap on the cover of N.E.R.D.’s fourth album Nothing, now due November 2. Wearing a combat helmet with red, white, and blue feathers stuck in the side, Skateboard P touts his profile in the photo shot by Terry Richardson. The band’s rock-rap effort has spawned the Nelly Furtado-assisted single “Hot-N-Fun” and follow-up “Party People.”

What do you think of Pharrell, Chad, and Shae’s cover artwork? Let us know below!

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  1. kyle

    ha! i’m likin this.


  2. UltraKid

    I dig it…it goes with the direction of the album which they spoke of in one of their interviews.


  3. dopecopsL

    Pharrell is dope


  4. Trey

    More like Pharrell’s album…lol still dope tho


  5. Keith

    it’s okay it’s Creative & more like art….I know the album is gone be great….they always create good sounds!


  6. Nanio

    could use…i dunno…the rest of the band members?


  7. Zay

    Their first album cover only had Shae on it as the main focus…there is nothing wrong with this cover.


  8. Keith

    You know If they not satisfied with this album cover….they will change it if they want too…..just think about how dope the songs gone be on the album….they do make goood music!


  9. 49ers160

    this is ridiculous


  10. Keith

    I believe this album cover represent the title of the album….let pharrell explain it all….he knows why he’s only artist on the cover….know what I’m saying….But I believe they wanted to something different with the cover…. As a matter fact If you look back at the first n.e.r.d. Album….you will only see one person on that cover!


  11. Dan King

    It’s Nice..)dk


  12. qsdasdas

    well, there times are over so i don’t mind the cover.


  13. Kyle

    I like this cover! I can’t wait for some new N.E.R.D music.


  14. D-Man

    This is gonna cause some controversy, thats for sure….. If Interscope is looking to break up a group, this is the best way to go!


  15. charlie

    im sure he knws what his doin any way it not abt the cover it abt the music


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