First Look at Rihanna’s ‘Only Girl’ Video


Rihanna has a ball on set of the music video for her new hit single “Only Girl (In the World).” After filming her theatrical debut Battleship in Hawaii, the Bajan songstress tweeted a pic from the set, spinning a shawl around herself while giant balloons fall from the sky onto the surrounding field.

“What up #RihannaNavy I’ve been busy being the ‘Only Girl In the World’ wanna see more?!?!” tweeted the red-haired singer.

“Only Girl,” which currently sits at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100, is the lead single off her fifth album Loud, dropping November 16.

UPDATE: Click below to watch some fan-filmed footage of RiRi dancing in the streets of New York City while shooting another video, reportedly for the song “What’s My Name.”

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  1. WhatTheF



  2. Curtis



  3. king

    rihanna is the best ever


  4. YouAlreadyknow

    Man, I hate that hair…


  5. Droppin Bombs

    Awesome looking already. The Queen just keeps on bringing it. Love the hair.


  6. Phoenix_Wright

    Looks like fun! hope it makes the song more enjoyable.
    She need new hair though. The weave look stiff like they gave her the cheap ones.


  7. king

    i cant wait for dis video


  8. Giamma



  9. suttin called love


    bUT I PRaY DAt dA vID IS hoT, cUZ I hEArD DAt mANdLeR IS dOIn iT…SMH



    Im Not A Big Fan Of Her Hair, But The Video Looks Amazing


  11. Lisa

    I don’t like long hair on her or red hair, but she’s still a bad bitch!





  13. q

    No one does it like ri love her voice,personality, and style


  14. 2XCL

    I wish she would ditch the clown hair already and go for a more natural look.


  15. tee

    lol shes a mess


  16. JD

    Now she’s doing the double single like ciara lol desperate ho lol


  17. JhuntdaProdigy

    Hair regardless, she’s hot and in only girl there will apparently be scenes where she’s in bra & panties YAY! lol, yeah I know, I sound like a perv…


  18. ponyo

    riri looks great and she rocks that red hair to perfection…just my opinion


  19. PRESSED?

    this is shaping up to be a really big era for her, they are really on point with everything dis era.!


  20. bajan

    fucking love her!!!!!!!!!!!!


  21. meme

    dies @JD

    Chile anyone who wants a career would not do anything like ciara. And as a matter of fact Beyonce/destiny’s child was the first to duo first singles.

    And rihanna did Russian/wait ur turn before ciara did the 2 singles. Get a life


  22. risguy

    Cannot. wait. for dis song


  23. carlos



  24. king

    rihanna is hot and sheis comin for blood with dis new album bye gaga


  25. wedo

    this is like the third video she made…she should actually wait n see which songs fans really like instead of putting out bad songs like russian roulette….


  26. king

    look wedo y the fuk u ppl all ways want to say something out of the way if u have nothing good to say dont say nothing at all


  27. bab boy

    Mi well want to see deh video yah


  28. king

    yea done know rihanna gon run dis town


  29. Jay

    I will be picking up her album Nov 16


  30. Diamond

    She looks like Ronald McDonald with that hair – DefJam please pay her to go Barbados image, and sing R&B again.


  31. king

    Diamond u is a hater


  32. Dondee

    Riri ur hott!!;)


  33. sheryl

    love her but need to work on live performances she seems like a fun person she youngand out there I say do you riri you only live once


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